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Medical expenses

I am married in community of property. My wife and I had a baby in February. There were quite a few accounts we had to pay cash. The medical aid is in my wife's name. Are we able to claim the medical expenses we paid out of our own pocket after February but the accounts are in February. Also can I claim some of the medical expenses we paid out for the birth of my son instead of my wife claiming as I am not on the medical aid and do not have any medical expenses. I paid the amounts as my wife had...

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Its on my pay as a normal deduction, but shows as capped on the year to date totals (R810) why?

I have been paying R2687. 00per month, for medical how much is the tax rebate on this, I am 61yrs old

Medical expenses paid cash

Im permanently disabled and get an income continuation benefit every month from an insurance company. I asked the doctor to complete a ITR-DD confirmation of diagnosis of disability form. Will I then be able to claim medical expenses paid by myself at 100%??

Medical query for tax purposes.

My child has been diagnosed with ADD and dyslexia. We have spent a fortune on assessments and therapies not covered by the medical aid. I had to pay these. My partner pays the medical aid. Last year we were on a medical aid that didn't cover these expenses and they have accumulated. Do I send you the total of the therapies and diagnostics?

Commission Earner - what can I claim for tax purposes?

I am a commission earner and familiar with submitting returns for petrol expenditure, medical aid and RA contributions. The only other expense that I have not claimed for is the use of my cell phone, which is used in majority for work purposes. The question is how do I prove, if audited, the allocation of phone calls that have been used for work purposes; or do I just apportion my monthly subscription fee, say R2000. 00 x0. 50 = R1,000. I just don't want to find myself in the predicament were I ...

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If a tax medical certificate has written claims not recovered from the scheme, what does it mean?

My employer is paying R 750 @ discovery medical scheme for me every month,I nearly had also 11 month without using it or going to the doctor,so my question is can I claim something @ SARS when's the tax medical certificate return from discovery or I can't claim do to I kept on paying without using it. And when does SARS open this year for submission of IRP5

Is our tax situation too complex to use the TaxTim service?

I am looking at using this service for my husband and I. My husband owns his own company (where he gets paid a salary and pays UIF PAYE) and is due for a medical aid benefit reduction, I also get paid by his company (also paying UIF and PAYE), but over and above this, we also earn extra rental income, one house is in my name, one in my husband and one in both our names. Would your system be able to assist us to submit our personal tax returns, or is this too complicated?

Benefits tax - am I a normal taxpayer?

Good day, I am on a government contract and don't pay any pension fund and medical aid. I only pay UIF and PAYE. Do I fall under the same tax bracket as a permanent employee? Will I maybe get a tax return because I don't have the abovementioned benefits

Percentages medical aid which gets me refund from SARS?

GOOD day please explain which percentage I will get back say for instance they indicate a amount of R5000 not covered by medical aid.

Why tax should be done?

I've just started my first official Job last month. What do I need to do to prep for my next tax return. How does it work and what is the benefits? Im CLUELESS

Disability medical expenses for tax purposes?

My daughter is disabled ( Cerebral Palsy ) What documents do I need to claim for her. Can I claim back for her special school ect.

What is medical credit for tax purposes?

What is medical credit and how does it work?

How to handle medical aid contributions paid by companys for ex employees(over 65).

I am a pensioner, over 65, and my ex company contributes 50% of subscription to my medical aid. In response to my query to them if they would issue me with an IRP5 certificate covering their portion for me to declare as income I received this reply: Company medical aid contributions paid to ex employees will not be regarded as income in the hands of the ex employees and confirmed to me that medical aid contributions paid to former employees will not be taxed. There is therefore no need to issue ...

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Claim for disabled person in my tax return?

I have a son who is disabled and want to know what and how I can claim for his medical expenses. He was born with brain damage, nystagmus and epilepsy.

Med deductons

I am 78 years old I paid R27000. 00 medical for the year what can I deduct from my income

Do I have to wait for my IRP5 from my employer?

Do I have to wait for my IRP5 before I can fill in the details?

Tax on extra income

I am a widower earning a monthly salary of R5500 p/m and have a fixed widow's pension - R5500. 00 p/m. Every year I get taxed and have to pay back - Is there any way I am doing something wrong that they tax me to pay back - R10000. 00 per year on assessment?

Deduction for SARS tax returns?

For my deductions what documents do I need to have all ready

medical aid contributions
RA/provident fund contributions
invoices for any Cell/laptop/equipment required for work that was not remunerated back to me

and what else ?

If I take medical aid how much will my tax reduce?

How much do you reduce on tax if a person has medical aid?

On R1100 tax deductiong every month how much SARS can refund me?

If I have R1100 tax on my salary every month, don't have medical aid or other deduction how much can I get when I submit my tax and return?

Pensioner, 67y of age-i.t.o 2015 tax year- Calaculation of med aid contributions and deductions?

I am 67 years of age and a pensioner. In terms of the 2015 tax year how is the deduction in terms of Medical Aid contributions been calculated. Example:
Annual contributions to my medical aid fund = R24,000
Med expenses (Dr precriptions) paid out of my pocket = R2000
Previously in terms of my age above 65y, I have deducted my med. Contributions premiums, as well as my med expenses paid out of my pocket(prescriptions) as well as med expenses paid by myself and reflected on my medic...

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The formula or method used

Who to calculate medical aid tax paid by the business for the 67years old employee. If the business pay R2000 per month.

What will my tax be?


What is the impact of the tax credit in a case where the employer pays 50% of the monthly medical co

What is the impact of the tax credit in a case where the employer pays 50% of the monthly medical contribution and the employee pays 50% of the medical aid contribution?

Approved I'll health retirement

If I am going on early I'll health retirement and I am disabled, is my lumpsum still taxable?
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