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Must employer refund tax to me?

Employer deducted tax from my month's pay as if I had worked only one week instead of four. Must the employer refund the over-deducted tax to me?

I will not earn above the tax threshold this year as I am now a full-time student, so how do I get my money back?

Can I claim back the tax paid on my late mother's retirement fund?

After my death claim on my mothers provident & pension fund, is the tax paid claimable?

Can I dispute a claim from a few years back?

I believe I qualified for a exemption on my tax a few years ago (around 2011/2012) - out the country for more than 183 days with one trip more than 60 consecutive days all for work purposes. My tax consultant at the time said he submitted all the documents, but when I went to SARS they said they had not recieved them. I handed them in at SARS and they requested further information which I submitted. They then requested further information which I then got so frustrated I decided to give up on th...

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SA pension taxed in Mauritius

According to the SARS website if you are a resident of Mauritius you can apply for a directive to have your income from a South African pension to be taxed in Mauritius provided you supply proof of being a registered tax payer in Mauritius (part of the DTA agreement). Please can you confirm this as the difference in tax rates between the 2 countries is huge.

Earning R1339.56 and pay tax of R685 every week

I'm earning R1339. 56 per week so that they deduct 685 every week - is that normal?

tax liability on a small business income

My turnover for my small business was R2 610 525
my loss after expenses was -R793 994
how much tax must I pay?

tax liability

Is it possible to pay 25% TAX on a R8 500 salary when you are not employed on a permanent basis as yet?

I haven't received my refund for 2014

My original 2014 assessment showed a refund due but it was never made. How do I go about requesting SARS for the refund?

Medical deductions

I am not the policy holder or on the policy as the dependent, however I pay for the contributions in full from my bank account. It is my parents medical aid policy. Can I claim from SARS for this expenditure? If yes, what information would I need to support this claim from SARS?

Forex trader tax allowable deductions

I want to become a Forex Trader and would like you to advise me on how do I go about? (do I need to form some sort of form from SARS for tax or the money/profit that I will be receiving from overseas would be already taxed and if so what is the name or type of that Tax)

tax refund and deductions

Hi I have never submitted anything for tax so need to find out if there is something to claim I've been full time employed from 2007 and never submitted anything should I have done and what is the procedures, I do pay tax on my payslip and pay half of my medical fund?

Source Code Travel Allowance

Can a company included both tax codes 3701 and 3702 on the IRP5? How will this affect the tax payable on the income?

Foreign employment income

Please advise the tax application on the following

1. SA residents living and working in South Africa for a overseas company. 2. Receiving a salary from the overseas company-paid in ZAR to the employees. 3. Should the foreign company deduct PAYE or should the employee be responsible for it when
submitting their Income Tax in SA.

Tax due on ccma award

Hi there I am due to receive R97000 from my ex employer for unfair dismissal was awarded from the CCMA how much tax would one pay on this amount thank you in advance.

Club membership costs tax deductible?

As a director of a company can I claim golf or boating membership fees as a tax deduction?

Delay of payment of tax refund for 2015

I submitted my tax return to SARS via SARS eFiling for 2015 on time. The Tax Calculator indicated that the amount of R7584. 18 was due to me. This was confirmed by the SARS Notice of Assessment dated 2 February 2016. I quote from the correspondence as part of the Notice of Assessment: Your assessment has been concluded and reflects an amount refundable to you of R -7584. 18. Please note that this amount only reflects your income tax assessment and does not reflect tax payable under any previous assessment or any other balances on your account. The current balance on your assessed account is R -7729. 80. ((I am unsure of the full meaning of this))...

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PAYE unaccounted for

I've been working for a company for the past 2 and a half years. I've been paid a monthly salary of R6500 before deductions. I was recently asked by our company's HR assistant, for my tax number. I was under the impression that I'd already been registered - on my payslip it states that I've been paying R45 tax. I contacted SARS gave in my details and they informed me that I wasn't registered. I've asked the HR assistant what the PAYE was and she mentioned it was R7000. I'm just really concerned ...

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How much will my tax refund be?

Joe turned 65 in June 2015. He earned R240 000. 00 during tax year, and there was no other deductions from salary. He contributed R6 000. 00 during the year to private medical aid. And R30 000. 00 of other medical expenses. What is the amount he can claim on his tax return.?

Can I claim for my own training costs?

If I was un-employed for a specific tax year, and attended various technical courses, at approved Training Centres affiliated with Merseta, for artisan courses, can I claim a certain percentage for the costs of these training courses?
That is to say, I paid for these courses, and invested with my own money?

How to treat NHS contributions made in UK on my SA tax return

I was employed in the UK for 3 months during the 2016 tax year and had to tax return to SA for personal reasons. I do meet the physical presence tests for purposes of being taxed in SA on my income received in the UK. But, my question is whether I can take the NHS contributions made in the UK as an additional foreign tax credit against my taxable income when doing my 2016 SARS tax return? Both tax and NHS amounts were deducted from my UK salary but I haven't been able to claim back anything from...

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Tax on initial lump sum payment upon early retirement

How much of R220 000. 00 is paid as lump sum on retirement at the age of 55?
Is the lump sum tax deductable?

Does SARS pay interest on refunds due?

Interest payable on refunds:

I objected against admin penalties incorrectly charged and I am due a refund of R18,000
I objected against a incorrect tax assessment medical expenses not allowed refund of R9,261
I overpaid assessed tax by R7,000

Will SARS pay interest on these amounts owing to me? The admin penalties was initially taken from a refund due to me so they had already been paid.

deductions on salary increase

My company would like to offer me an increase. I have the choice of a straight bump-up or I can choose if there are specific benefits I would like that will have a benefit for me (additional money in pocket) and that will be beneficial for them (perhaps less tax they need to pay). I earn a straight salary without any travel allowance or any other benefits that is deducted. Please advise on what would be the best for me and for them?

Tax on a sole proprietor

I have just opened a sole proprietor in my name. My questions is probably one of the most common ones but I would love to receive a clear answer. I would like to know:
~How much Tax would I pay on my sole proprietor income?
~Is it Tier related?
~Or is it the same Tax doesn't matter how little or much my sole proprietor earns?
~Can I claim this tax back?
~And final question How does my own income apart from the sole proprietor effect the taxes?

Independant Contractor - deductions

Can I, as an independant contractor, pay my unemployed spouse a minimum wage salary and deduct this from my monthly taxable income? I do have a payrol service provider and get issued a payslip with my income, travel allowence, UIF, medical aid and Tax after the deductions from them on a monthly basis.
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