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I submitted my tax claim for 2015 on SARS and made a mistake the first time (not adding medical aid tax amount) and requested a correction ( added the tax amount ) but then I was under audit so today 30 days later I receive a phone call from SARS asking me to submit my tax clearance breakdown certificate, the only problem I have now is that I didn't even know you should claim the slips because they are added in to the tax clearance breakdown certificate. Now what will happen?

the la...

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No travel allowance tax claim help

I am using my vehicle for business purposes and I kept a Skytrax logbook. I traveled about 40% of my KM's for business. I do not have a travel allowance and my commission was less than 50% of my income. Can I still claim my travel expenses? My Employer is not willing to amend the IRP5 to include a travel allowance. I still feel that I am out of pocket and I was not advised by my Employer when I started that I should structure my salary with a travel allowance. Please advise if there is a way...

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Medical refund from SARS - made a mistake?

Good day, I submitted my tax return on Saturday only to find out on Monday that I left out some medical stuff I need to claim for, can I resubmit my tax return after I already got a refund from SARS?

Travel expenses claim?

I have done freelance consultancy work for 2 companies over a period of 3 months. The other months of the tax year I have been in fixed employment at a companies deducting PAYE with no travel allowance. Have not kept details of fuel and vehicle expenses. Can I claim a travelling expense for the 3 months based on kilometers driven ito the fixed cost and variable cost travel allowance method? If not what method should I use for travel expenses as a deduction against the production of the consultan...

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Depreciation for SARS.

I have used TaxTim to calculate my depreciation. SARS is now looking for supporting documentation. What do I need to submit?

Fleet Cards

How should employer tax work on the following:

Employee uses a company fleet card for fuel cost. Example of the July:
July Fleet Card Balance of statement R3 500
Travel claim (1 000 km @ R2. 05 p/km) R2 050
Deduction from employee for private use of fleet card R1 450 (R3 500 - 2 050)

Under which IRP 5 code should the travel claim be?
Should it be 3702 because the employee pays back the private use of the fleet card therefore there is no fringe benefit.

How is it possible that I have never received a tax refund since 2005?

How is it possible that I have never received a tax refund since 2005?. I employed by a corporate (approx 40 000. 00 employees) that pays my tax for me.

What will my perk tax be?

how do i determine perk tax on a vehicle of R250 000

Pension and maintenance

Hi, if I receive maintenance for 7 months do I declare this on my tax return as income
and if I drew a lump sum out of my pension of R480000-00 is this taxed and under what section on tax return

Thank u

What other documents are needed to hand in with IRP5 at branch or efiling?

Hi, what other documents is requiered at the SARS branch whith my IRP5? And do I need it for SARS eFiling as well? Thanks

Take home amount after tax

Hello Tim. My lik brother got a job that willl give him about 20 000 commission without basic. He needs to know how much he takes home after tax

Incorrect year on tax directive is stopping processing of tax return

Momentum paid out a small pension surplus to me in April 2015 (falls in the 2016 tax year) but dated the tax directive for the 2014 tax year, SARS are refusing to process my tax return due to the income not appearing on my IRP5. Can the directive be amended or is there any other solution available?

Audit taking forever - now escalated ?

Hi guys, I submitted my tax return on the 1st July. My tax return was assessed and it was shown that a payout was due but I was selected for an Audit. After waiting 31 days I phoned and they acknowledged that this had taken longer than the stipulated time and escalated my query... I was told this could take a further 21 days???

Are we really at the mercy of the system or is there any other recourse we can take? (straight forward tax return - no vehicle allowance etc. )

Salary 10 000 + 2000 fuel allowance - tax?

If I receive a monthly salary of R10000 and a fuel allowance of R2000 - how much will I clear

Am I and independent Contractor or a Bookkeeper for tax purposes; can I deduct a pc course as an exp

I am a bookkeeper for 2 entities with the same directors, but different company and tax numbers. I invoice a fixed fee per month, but split it based on the pro-rate turnover per entity. I work form my study although I also do visit their office especially certain periods during the month - ie mid-month for invoicing and month end to balance the books. Question: Does this mean I am an Independent Contractor? Is this applicable for the 80/20 split as an independent contractor? Do they have to deduct tax from me on a monthly basis?...

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How to declare foreign income?

Hi, I have a small website that generates some commission from clicks on advertisements. I get paid in USD and GBP. The money is wired from Germany directly to my personal bank account and converted into ZAR. I don't own a formal business and it is relatively small amounts that are transferred. I also have a property that generates rental income. How do I go about declaring the income properly on my tax returns?

Are vehicle repayments tax deductable for a sole-proprietor?

I am a sole proprietor in a health profession. I have an office, but I see a lot of clients at their homes or primary residence. I need a car to conduct my business, and have just bought a new car. What are the tax implications of this? Can I deduct the repayments and insurance premium as a business expense?

Home expenses when working from home and commission is less than 50 % of income

If you earn a fixed salary and commission from the same employer and the commission is less than 50 % of the salary, can a deduction for home office space be utilised?
The employer confirms in writing that the employee works from home only and the employee incurred expenses to set up and amintian the home office. The salary was structured in a way to also include a Travel allowance and full logbook detail is being kept

How do commission earners get taxed?

I earn a basic salary and earn commission every month. How do I know what percentage of my commission earnings will have to go to tax? I find it difficult to manage my expenses as I never know what percentage of my money will have to go towards tax. Are you able to tell me what these percentages are based on how much one would earn?

Travel/vehicle allowance not stated on my IRP5 by employer

My previous employer never put a travel/car allowance on my IRP5 thought I travelled more than 40000km for them in 11 months. Can this be corrected? Unfortunately the consultant who did my returns for me already submitted without informing me before submitting about this issue. What can I do?

If one changes employment do they have to do 2 sets of submissions?

I have changed Employment in November 2014. I left my previous employer end of Oct 2015 amd joined the current one in Nov 2015. I was on Travel allowance on my previous job and i'm now on a car allowance benefit. How do I go about in completing my SARS eFilling? do I need to have 2 set off IRP5's?

Pension payout problem?

Please assist me, I received a pension pay-out in March this year that will fall under the 2016 tax year. But when I do my 2015 tax return the amount comes that I was taxed on comes up in the calculation
'' Retirement fund lump sum withdrawal benefit tax liability'' I owe SARS over R300 000. 00. How can this be am I doing something wrong

Can I correct an already sumbitted tax return?

I submitted my tax and was told how much of a R,,,, amount I will be getting back(great news). However straight after I submitted I realized there is a stack of receipts at home for medical bills that I did not enter. Is it too late to correct the already submitted tax return?

How long will it take to get assessed and refunded( it will definitely be more than the R,,, amount they gave me today). How long do I have to make a correction if I can?

House/car repayment - tax benefits

Are there any tax benefits when you are paying off a bond, car or any property?
Does that affect the person who is paying the loan or the person receiving payment, or both? As far as disclosing this on the tax return as a deduction or otherwise.

Once off amount for Tax?

If I get a lump sum of R110 000 how much tax will I pay? How do I pay the tax only next year or can I pay it when I get it?
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