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Tax for multiple income

How will I be taxed on my income if I have two jobs with two different companies? My second job will only be part time for - 6 months.

Request for documentation for RFC

I filed my tax return and it was selected for verification. I then submitted the documents for review and noticed that I had made a mistake on my tax return. I filed a request for correction and then got a notice that I needed to submit supporting documents as the information on my tax return did not match their records. Is this normal when submitting a request for correction or am I being audited?

ITSA requested shows a refund, will I get a refund?

My SARS status is tax return assessed, and my SARS eFiling status correction filed. Therefore I requested a ITSA on 02. 02. 16, which shows a refund, but also shows selected for audit YES. Does this mean that I will get a refund or not please?

If our company makes a yearly loss of R9233899.00 . how is the tax refund is calculated?

If our company makes a yearly loss of R9233899. 00
how is the tax refund is calculated?

Deduction of finance charges from rental income.

I have a question relating to rental income from investment property in my personal name. Very simple put, I have R 1000 000 available on my primary residence bond - I would like to utilize this to acquire a rent producing flat. Will I be able to deduct the finance charges incurred on the R 1000 000 from the rental income to reduce my taxable rental income?

Do SARS offer payment plans?

Do SARS have a payment option, I have been informed that I owe them an amount from 1999 and the interest is now more than what the original amount was. I cannot pay it all at once, so do they have payment options

What does a "manual audit" mean, what does it entail and why would I be trasnferred to it?

I have submitted my tax return and was triggered for audit verification. I missed the first deadline to submit and then received a final demand letter. I submitted all the supporting documents on the final due date. I have called 3 weeks later and they say I have been transferred to a manual audit. I was not informed that my audit was being transferred to "manual", which I don't know what it means. What does a manual audit mean and why have they transferred me to it?

Incorrect logbook information

I just want to find out with regards to car allowances. I switched employment in June 2014 and did not have access to my kilometers claimed at my previous employer. I started working at my previous employer again in January of this year and found my old information. It seems like I might have submitted incorrect information on half of the year for car allowance. I am currently being audited manually, and do not know what to do, please advise?

What are the penalties and interests paid for provisional tax?

What are the penalties and interests paid for provisional tax?

ITA34 - Where's my 'Letter containing further instructions'?

After submitting my ITR12, I received an ITA34 in which 'a letter containing further instructions' is mentioned. "Please note, however, that the information provided by you in your income tax return does not match the information in the possession of SARS or your tax return has been selected for verification. Attached you will find a letter containing further instructions for you to resolve this. Please note that any refund which may be due will be withheld pending finalisation of this matter. According to the information you declared in your income tax return, you were liable to pay provisional tax for this year of assessment...

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1. penalty - delayed return. 2. submit returns for previous years 3. community of property/customery

1. What is the penalty for delayed tax return submission?
2. Can you still submit tax returns for previous tax years which were never submitted?
3. What effect does married in community of property or customary law

Monthly provisional tax payment and foreign exempt income

Context: I am paid by a foreign employer in USD and will be processing tax payments in my own capacity. I understand from previous questions that I should register as a Provisional Tax Payer. I have two questions:
1) Is it possible to make monthly payments to SARS instead of at the 2 periods in time? If yes, how?
2) I will likely have to work outside the country for period of 183 days/ 61 days continuously - how do I go about getting the refund/ processing my tax given this?

Query re first time tax for new small unregistered business

I left a permanent job and started a freelance design business in July 2015. My Personal income tax for last year is up to date. I need to start paying tax on my business but have no idea how this works. I am using my personal bank account to receive payments from clients for design services. I am not yet breaking even and can barely pay my bills. I am not making a profit yet. I have no idea how tax works. I need help and wondered if signing up to TaxTim would be the way to go? I would need to b...

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What return must I submit?

I owned a business for portion of the year and made drawings from the business. Then I leased out my business for the remainder of the year and received rental. Do I fill out an ITR12 tax return. If not, what form do I complete?

Does tax threshold still apply to me at age 78. I understood that I shouldnt pay tax at all

Thanks for helping with my tax return! I expected to get a bigger refund. I am 78 and understood that any tax paid would be refunded in full, but am told there is still a tax threshold?

Fringe benefit tax on fuel card

We receive a fuel benefit which is indicated as an income ( this in my mind will put me into the next bracket ). I am taxed on the higher income, then the very same amount that has been used for fuel is shown as a deduction. I don't understand this can you please explain. I don't see the benefit of a fuel card.

Penalty for late payment of vat

What is the penalty for late payment of vat?

Delay in finalisation of my return

I submitted my 2015 tax return in November 2015 with supporting documents, and to date it is still in audit with no queries raised. Who do I complain about the delay in my finalisation of my tax return? Could the delay be due to the fact that monies are owed to me.

Query on payment of uif

Do foreigners pay UIF and if so do they benefit

Refund and auditing outcome

I initially filled for my tax returns for 2015 and I was told that I had two outstanding years I have to filled and until I do, i'm not going to receive my refund and I was told that i've been selected for an audit as it's mostly the case for foreign contract workers. So within, two weeks, I submitted the remaining two outstanding years at a SARS office at Richardsbay. I received my ITA34 alright for both years just like the earlier one. So in total, I was due for about R13700 refund pending the...

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Am I eligible for 2nd one third tax free payment?

I was retrenched at age 54. One third tax free amount paid out to me. Started working again for another company after 4years. A contribution towards a provident fund was paid in by new company when I started work again after 4years. I am now 69 years of age and retire by end March 2016. Will I be entitled for another one third tax free payment?

How to practically offset an assessed loss

Hi Tim, I owe SARS R240,000 for income tax year 2012. However, when I checked my compliance, I had not submitted an income tax return for 2011. So I submitted this and obtained an assessed loss of more than R1m. How do I practically use this assessed loss of 2011 to get rid of the 2012 debt of R240k on SARS SARS eFiling

Does a dormant cc count in generating my personal ITR12?

If I am a member of a close corporation that has ceased trading (I receive no income from the cc) prior to the year of assessment, should I still enter "Y" in my personal ITR12 (in which case a "Statement of Local Assets and Liabilities" section is added to the form. Or can I enter "N"?

Outstanding returns

I have outstanding tax returns for tax years 2013, 2014 & 2015 and have IT88 deductions for the periods, how do I reconcile all outstanding tax returns and will the IT88 amounts be considered should there a "Due by you" amount or credited if there is a "Due to you" amount on completion of the assessments. Are you able to assist in getting all these tax returns completed.

Supporting Documents - link missing.

Hi, SARS ask for supporting documents, but when I open my ITR12 in the history, there is not a tab for submitting documents like you explain. Where must I upload this documents now?
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