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Are already retrieved ITR12s a problem when you take over the submission?

I retrieved and started filling out my own ITR12 tax return on SARS eFiling, but haven't yet filled in any data. I am about to submit through your system, Will that be okay?

May I claim for travel from my home office to my office?

May I claim for travel from my home office to my office?

Is this a valid VAT vendor?

I have a client who refuses to send me his tax certificate, can you help me check if he is a valid VAT vendor please?

Tax records/proof of income and paye for the last 13 years

We are in the process of migrating and my wife requires her tax history as proof of work experience. Our tax consultant at the time has lost all of the data. Is there a way to retrieve this info dating back to 2004? Do you offer this service? Thanks in advance.

Commission tax?

If I earn commission, can I claim back personal expenses too such as rental of my flat even if I dont work from home?

Non-resident tax

I would like to ask if the following person is taxable in SA:

A German citizen worked in SA from November 2015 to January 2017. He is employed by a German company and his salary was paid into a German bank account in Euro's. The German company deducted monthly tax from his earnings up to December 2015 and then instructed him to start paying tax is SA. He registered for tax with SARS in January 2017 and received a tax number. He worked for a sister company of the German company in ...

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Can you check if I owe SARS?

I am an employee and have been working for 6 years. I have however never submitted my tax returns, can I still submit them and will I get a refund?

Can I deduct 27.5% retirement fund contribution from my gross income?

As a sole proprietor can I deduct 27. 5% retirement fund contributions from my total income before expenses? I render a professional service.

UK pounds income, how do I declare it?

I earn my salary in UK pounds< can you tell me how I'd declare this please?

Capital gains in provisional tax returns

Must capital gains from an investment portfolio be included in the Turnover amount for provisional tax returns 1 and 2?

Where can I get my tax number?

I need my tax number, can you tell me who else can help me other than SARS as I am unable to call them now?

Tax certificate for 2016

I need my 2016 medical tax certificate please, can you help?

Do I have any returns outstanding with SARS?

I need to know if my tax affairs are in order, I am however not yet registered on your system, can you still check this for me?

Tax on an offshore shares trading account

Do I pay capital gains on an offshore shares trading account? I have a shares account in the US.

Do I qualify for a medical tax credit?

Do I still qualify for a medical tax credit if I am on my mother's medical aid?

What sort of taxpayer am I & where do I start with submitting for tax?

I started my own photography business in July 2016 as have registered my business as a private company, and registered for Tax. I earn most of my income from clients overseas & get paid into my PayPal account, but do have South African clients who pay by EFT. I am terribly confused abut how should pay tax on my income, hope you can help?

Can I claim the VAT on my purchases?

I have my own salon and wanted to know if I can claim back the VAT I paid on products I bought for the salon? I am not a registered VAT vendor.

Dormant company tax return

Do you have a different price if I want to submit a dormant company's return?

Claim tax on training from employer

My company is sending me on a payroll course, can I claim back the amount I had to pay for text books and traveling to and from campus?

How much tax is payable upon resignation?

If I resign at the end of september, how much tax will I pay if my pension amounts to R740000,00?

Business Relations

If I am in business with a foreign company, do I have to pay tax in South Africa and abroad?

Personal details - current or historical?

When requesting a correction of a historical return, do I use the personal details (address etc. ) which applied during the year of assessment, or update to reflect the current details?

I am worried that this will trigger additional adminstrative procedures (validation of details etc. ), which is difficult as I now reside overseas.

Is TaxTim right for a film director that earns fees and profit share on each job?

I am a film director and only get paid per job. Some years I earn a lot, others, less. And I have lots of deductions. Can TaxTim work with me to help me do what I need?

Negative amount on my SARS statement

Must admit I dont understand tax. I now have a negitive amount on the statement of accounts balance. What does it mean?

How can I get proof of residence?

I went to SARS to register for a tax number. I was told that I need to bring in a certified copy of my ID, proof of my address, proof of my income and banking details. I am unable to take a proof of address as I dont own the house I stay in.
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