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Medical Posts in Tax Q&A

Should there be amounts for source codes 4005 and 4006 if there are no employer contributions?

I pay my own medical aid premiums every month, as well as contributing to my own retirement annuity. However, on my IRP5 from a former employer I do have amounts for source codes 4005 and 4006. I only worked for this particular employer for just over two months, and it appears that the full amounts for my medical aid and RA are included in this section of my IRP5.

Is this an error? To be clear: the employer did not make ANY contribution to my medical aid or retirement annuity. And if ...

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Hearing disability - dependent on husband

I am hard of hearing and have completed the SARS disability form with my doctors help. When I was working I was registered with a disability but now I am not working is it possible for me to
be listed as a dependent on my husband as he supports me?

Medical contribution 4005 but my employer doesn't pay

Good day
My employer doesn't contribute to my medical aid, however under code 4005 on my IRP5 my medical contributions I paid in my personal capacity are shown. Is this correct? If not can I change it myself on IRP5 to R0 when doing my return and put that figure that appeared under 4005 to 4040?
Many thanks

GAP cover premiums are not allowed to be included under "not paid by medical Aid"

According to most other sites, GAP cover premiums are not allowed to be included under "not paid by medical aid"?

Do I need to fill out tax returns as a non-resident of South Africa? Left 8 years ago.

I am South African and for the past 8 years have lived abroad (UAE). I recently bought a holiday property in South Africa and thus found my tax number. Do I need to fill out tax returns? How do I declare medical aid and all those forms and numbers I am being asked for when I do not work or earn a salary in South Africa?

Previous years medical claims that were not paid by my medical aid.


Can I claim previous years 'claims that were not paid by my medical aid' on this years tax return or what is the correct process?

I forgot to include those on previous years returns.

Medical aid tax rebates - Employer pays half directly into my account

My company offers to pay 50% of my medical aid contribution. This money is paid directly to me (included in my salary into my bank acc). The amount is indicated separately as "MEDICAL AID" on my payslip. I therefore pay the full amount of the monthly cost to my medical aid every month from my bank account. On my IRP5, my employer indicates their 50% contribution under Deduction code "4005" even though they do not pay the Medical aid provider directly.

My question is:

A) Should this amount be listed under "4005" (According to SARS there should be no amount under 4005 if the employee pays the medical aid personally) ...

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Says I don't have to submit a tax return because I earn under R350 000

Says I don't have to submit a tax return because I earn under R350 000. Is this true? Why has SARS changed their mind?

Medical Expenses for Tax Return

I was on maternity leave for 4 months last year, I only joined a medical aid in August and baby was only covered from October. My whole pregnancy was paid for cash ( +- R60 000 ) I have calculated my return and it is not what I was hoping for. How does medical expenses paid cash work out?

Deduct medical expense

Can I deduct medical expense I paid myself if don't have medical aid?

Documents required for tax returns at SARS

What do I carry along when I am going to SARS?

I was medical boarded for 11 months and survived with disability grant

I was medical boarded for 11 months. Do I need pay tax whilst depending on grant? Will taxman compensate me during this difficult time?

RA contribution refunds

I have done a calculation of my assessment. I was under the impression I will get all my RA contributions back as a refund but I did not. Is this correct? And my extra medical expenses, where do they go?

Will it be better to pay my own medical aid contributions?

Currently my employer pays for medical aid contribution. Will it be more tax beneficial for me to move from the group and pay it individually? I noticed SARS pays a monthly fee per dependant. Please advise, thank you.

Tax on Medical Aid

I currently work for a company where the medical aid is paid in full by the business, however my tax is killing my net. I work on a gross of R29 537. 08 PM but only net R20 042. 21 which means I am paying almost R10000 a month in tax. According to my company, they say nothing can be done to reduce the monthly tax as it would be unlawful. I want to find out if that is true or if anything can be done to help the situation?

Amount that didn't cover by medical aid?

I have a huge amount that didn't cover by the medical aid. And I only paid quarter of that money, when doing eFiling must I put whole amount that didn't cover by medical aid or the one that a manage to pay.

Sars Disablity and Threshold

I earned R254000 for the 2014-2015 tax year. My son is "disabled" and I am able to claim for qualifying disability expenditure. I see now that you need not submit a return if you earn least than 350000 for the year, however, as I am to receive a refund due to my son's status I want to submit. Why is sars doing this? As to avoid paying refunds to us lower echelon tax payers?


I have resigned from a job "A" and started a new job at "B", things did not work out as planned at "B" and I ended up returning to my old job at "A" after 6 months, I now have 3 IRP5's for tax year 14/15. Does SARS combine all (gross non retirement income) and (paye) tax from all 3 IRP5's and calculate a return amount from the totals. In other words " reflects on IRP5 non retirement income paye paid

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Can I claim a rebate here?

I personally pay the 100% contribution for my wife and two kids to be on medial aid. She is the primary member. I do not belong to any medical aid. Can I claim a rebate.

Medical out of pocket expenses?

I don't belong to a medical aid but I paid out of my own pocket the amount of R2200 for year 2014/2015. Can I claim this money back?

Can I claim tax back on medical expenses if im not on a med scheme?

Can I claim tax back if I don't belong to Medical aid scheme. I paid over 10000 for my son when he broke his leg.

What should I pay on PAYE ?

I earned R408330. 00 for the year. My wife pays the medical aid. I have 2 kids. I use some of my own equipment for work purposes. I have a endowment policy for R1100. 00 pm some medicine I pay cash. I also contributed to UIF R3569. 00


SARS Website quotes the following as an explanation for Medical Tax Credits in 2015 : "An individual who is 65 and older, or if that person, his or her spouse or child is a person with a disability, 33. 3% of qualifying medical expenses paid and borne by the individual and an amount by which medical scheme contributions paid by the individual exceed 3 times the medical scheme fees tax credits for the tax year" My annual medical aid contribution is R11 684 My Tax Credit is for myself and my wif...

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Medical tax credits?

I am aged 70 retired but working again,, earn less than R11K a month, pay my own medical aid for myself and spouse. . Have no company perks. . Have always got my full paye refunded to me each year. However. I do not understand how the medical credit will affect the situation as from this year? I do not have the tax deduction of R257 for myself and the same amount for my wife as I pay our contributions by debit order each month. Would I still be refunded by SARS, or how does the medical tax credi...

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Is IVF treatment tax deductible since Medical Aids do not cover this?

Medical Aids do not pay for Fertilisation clinics. If one has paid large amounts to a fertilisation clinic can this be included in amounts not paid for by your medical scheme?
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