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How do I claim my travel expenses against my allowance?

I'm a commission earner, started on the 1st December 2015. I have been using my car which I bought in July. I had a log book but some of my petrol receipts have faded a bit. When I started working as a commission earner my km where 6780, at the end of Feb they were 16956

I want to claim for travel allowance, should I use the deemed cost or the actual cost.

Turnover tax, can one claimable expenses prior to the tax calculation?

What expenses can be claimed before u calculate the tax payable on company that is registered for Turnover tax?

Additional income, and when do I register for Provisional tax?

If I do freelance work and get paid via Paypal what are the tax implications of withdrawing the funds into an FNB account, this would be a second source of income

Sequestration and Business Vehicles

If I have been declared insolvent, can I still make claims against the business use of a vehicle if not registered in my name? For example, I make use of a vehicle registered in someone else's name, but I still make the payments as I am the driver of the vehicle for business purposes. Also, what if exemption was granted and I kept my vehicle, will I then still be allowed to claim against the use of my vehicle used for business even if I am sequestrated?

Documents needed for home office deductions

I have recently started a new job which is contracted as home based. What documents should I start collecting / saving to ensure that I am able to write off expenses incurred on my home office etc?

Do you submit to SARS on clients behalf?

Do you provide a service, whereby you do the submissions on my behalf, like what my broker does?

International transfers and disability income taxed in the UK

I am living abroad and get a disability income from Discovery Life every month paid into my South African account. If I want to transfer the money over a UK bank account, how do I do it? Also, are there tax implications in the UK then as well as South Africa when bringing it in?

Non-Pensionable income

May you please advise what is a non-pensionable allowance and how does it work.

I pay rent monthly, can I claim a portion back from SARS?

If I am renting out a flat, can I claim a portion of what I pay back from SARS?

Tax implications of UIF benefits

I retired at age 65 during the course of the 2016 tax year. I claimed UIF retirement benefits which I received monthly (part in 2016 tax year and part in 2017 tax year). Will this UIF retirement benefit impact on my annual taxable income? Will I be receiving an IRP5 or IT3a from the UIF?

Is it allowable to claim coffee, tea and filtered water for business purposes in a private company?

To what extent can one deduct coffee, tea and filtered water for business purposes (operating as a private company)? I am fully aware that input tax cannot be claimed on these expenses. Will one however be able to deduct for income tax purposes under Section 11(a) if the purpose of buying the coffee, tea and water is to consume during business hours?

Rental Income on room rented at Primary Residence

You speak about rental income earned on a second property, and expenses (interest, electricity, etc) that can be deducted from the income. Does the same apply to a primary residence owned by the taxpayer where additional income is generated eg. By renting out a room in the property?

What is UIF

Is UDF the same as tax?? and if not do you know what the diff is??

Do we record the VAT inclusive amount in our books of accounts?

Do we record a Vat inclusive amount in the purchase account? e.g.. Purchased equipment for R108 300(inclusive of VAT) on credit, or do we just record the amount exclusive of VAT.

Am i due for a tax refund?

I want to know if SARS owes me money

Tax calculation

Tax applicable to monthly salary R29,024. 00 for a period from 3rd Nov'15 to 29th Feb'16

Car allowance calculation

How is the car allowance calculated if the car cost the business R165 000 (excluding VAT) when it was bought last year (tax year ending 28 Feb 2015) Purchase price did not included a maintenance plan and the employer expected him to use the car equally for business and private. Monthly value of the use of the car for tax is 3. 5% of VAT inclusive cost of the car.

Can I claim for medical expenses?

Went on early pension at age 55 December 2014 after working for 27 years at the Goverment. Receive every month a pension amount. Can I still claim medical costs paid by me.

Can I get a tax refund?

In 2014 I was working on campus, and I recently found my payslip from 2014 December showing that I had earned a gross payment of 6540, whereas I only got paid 4340 in my bank account... Could this mean I was taxed? and is it still possible to get refunded?

How much tax for R100,000 sign up bonus?

I joined a company which agreed a sign up bonus of R200 000 of which 50% (R100,000) would be paid in first month. And this sign up bonus is taxable, so how much tax would be deducted on my first payment of R100,000?

Does SARS have a right to deduct from my salary for SARS debt related to previous employment?

Does SARS have the right to take money from my current employer for my previous employer SARS debt?

provisional tax due

I am now an au pair. Dont know if I need to pay tax. I am getting a monthly salary of R7000. However if the family go on holiday I do not get paid. I also do not get paid on a specific day. Will be before or just after the last day of the month. What must I do?

Estate duty and tax on a property held within a company

What taxes are due on a property owned by an individual when the person dies?
What taxes are due on a property owned by a company when a shareholder dies?

How to claim your vat if you are unemployed

I'm a female 20 years of age, married and currently unemployed.
I want to know how to claim my vat from my grocery slips shopping slips etc.. Would you be able to help me?

SARS has not paid my refund due since 2013

SARS has still not paid me my credit since 2013 and also not the credit built up for the following years. They do add interest to the outstanding balance but do not give any reasons why they do not pay out the credit despite all our requests. What could be the reason for this and what other avenues can we try to expedite this problem?
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