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TAx number, where do I get it?

I lost my tax number, are you perhaps able to get it from SARS on my behalf?

Which package to sign up for

We are starting a new pty ltd and will be employed by the company as directors, should we sign up for SMART or ULTRA package, the company turnover is more than R1m pa, what company package do you have?

Medical aid contribution

I pay my medical aid via my employer but they dont help me with the contribution. They do give me a medical tax credit every month, is this the right way to do it or should my medical aid only show on my tax return?

Tax on severance package

I am about to take the voluntary retrenchment package and wanted to know if I will be taxed on my last salary along with my leave days and severance package?

Transfer a tuck shop in my name

I am buying a tuck shop but need to know how I can register it in my name, its a sole proprietor.

Can I estimate my own tax

I'm a freelancer, and I've been putting 25% aside for tax as I used to pay this amount of tax when I worked as an employee. Can I keep doing this as I am still earning the same gross amount each year?

Tax due on resignation benefit

My total resignation benefit is R666 120.00 what will be my payout after tax?
I'm 41 yrs old

Donation to household family

Is monetary gifts to a spouse and kids a deductible expense and how much is allowed per year

Donation to family members

I gave my mother and sister R25000 each, can I deduct it as an expense against my income and how much donations tax should I pay on it?

Tax on donation

if I donate my clothes, and I get paid for it, can I claim a tax deduction for the expense?

Add app to current profile

How do I get the app for the daily log book if I am registered with TaxTim?

CGT Calcualtion for Primary residence

CGT Primary Residence with a home office

Base Cost R3m
Proceeds R7m
I use 33. 33% of my primary residence exclusively for trade/business. I have claimed these expenses for the past 4 years when doing my IT12. I have owned the primary residence for 11 years. How do a calculate the CGT taking into account 7 of the 11 years were 100% primary residence

Can I resubmit my IRP6?

I submitted my IRP6, but I think the tax payment is too high? I feel I missed something. I did this at a SARS office. Is it possible to amend the IRP6 figure before I pay? And if so, how?

No refund received

SARS have not refunded me since I submitted my return 6 months ago, can I go into their branch and query this if I submitted my return on eFiling?

SARS requirements for a logbook

How detailed is my logbook supposed to be?

Is a monetary donation to my unemployed spouse tax deductible

My husband is 61 years old and unemployed, I support him while I am full time employed. Is this contribution tax deductible?

Money gift to friends, tax requirements

If I make money selling my book (I pay my normal tax on the income) and then want to give cash gifts of R50 000 each to 6 of my friends who need the financial help, do they have to pay tax on the received amount or do I have to pay extra tax on the money I give away?

Tax for non executive directors

How does tax on non executive directors works?

Do I have to pay additional tax for deducting my car from my salary before tax?

How does deducting your vehicle from your gross salary affect your tax. The vehicle purchased is for personal use however we have the option of deducting it directly from our salaries before tax.

How long before I get my funds owed to me by SARS

SARS used my pension lump sum to pay my administration penalties balance. I have however since this submitted the returns and SARS now owe me an amount. Do you perhaps know how long this could take, as I called them yesterday and they said that all queries on my account was finally resolved.

eFiling says my return have not been submitted

I submitted my tax return at the SARS office in October but eFiling keeps telling me that my return is outstanding. Do you know if I need to submit via eFiling again?

Never filed a return, can I still do it now?

I have been employed for 3 years and my employer deducted tax from my income. They however never gave me an IRP5 and I have no proof of the income I earned from them as they issued electronic payslips and I never printed it.
2 Months ago they closed their doors and all employees was left stranded, can I perhaps still claim the tax I paid back from SARS if they over taxed me?

Does it apply to international income/work done?

Does it apply to international income/work done?

This query relates to question 4654 "Did you work for only part of the %season% tax year and not the full 12 months?" in the Periods not working section.

When will the 2017 tax season start?

To avoid any penalties, when will the 2017 tax submission open (ie. From March 2016- Feb 2017? When will we be able to submit our documents for the next tax season?

How do I prove my income?

If SARS needs me to prove my income, can I send them my bank statements if I dont have any other proof?
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