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REIT treatment and provisional tax

I received a REIT dividend source code 4238 on my unit trust IT3B it is very little only R30. Are Reits exempt? Also I read the ITR12 handbook and they suggest I put it under other income/accruals 4214 code with description "income from a REIT". Is this right?

I'm worried they will make me a provisional tax payer due to this extra and only R30 that dosent come from my employment income or local exempt dividends, interest. I dont really want the extra admin issues due to this small amo...

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Temporary break in rental income

I have a property that I rent out. Every year on my tax return, I declare the income I received, and also include related expenses (ie, interest on loan, levies, rates, etc)

I would like to know the following - there were 2 months when the property was not let out (I was finding new tenants at the time). Can I include the expenses for those 2 months thereby reducing my profit, or can I only include expenses for the months when the property had tenants and I was receiving an income?

How to declare Taxable Local Dividends (code 4238) on tax return

I would like to know where on my tax return (ITR12) should I declare the taxable local dividends (4238). It is from the income tax certificate I received for my unit trusts. The code wasn't on last year's certificate. Both the relevant questions are ticked yes (i. E. 'Did you receive income from interest (local and foreign) and / or taxable foreign dividends?' and 'Did you receive exempt local / and or foreign dividend income?') There is, however, no code 4238 on the inco...

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Rental income at a loss


I have a apartment that I rent out. The rental income is R5000 which is R350 less that the total expenses
Levies R680
Rates & Taxes R270
Agent Commision R400
Home Loan Interest R4000

Can this loss be deducted from my annual salaried income, and how do I do this ?

Casual laborer question?

I am wondering if you can help me, I have been a casual laborer from October 2013 until the beginning of June 2015. I just got a sms saying that A penalty assessment notice has been issued on SARS eFiling for me, I have been earning less than R1500 a month from October 2013 until August 2015,then I was paid R3000 a month but only for four months and I have not been paid a salary from December until June 2015 I would get about R300 a week from my employer and sometimes I wouldn't get any money so...

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Are pensioners over 75 years still liable for provisional tax?

If you are over 75 years of age must you still submit provisional tax returns despite your income being over the tax ceiling and your interest earnings over R30,000?

IT3b - tax refund

How does IT3b from banks affect my returns especially when I have a debit interest?

Personal Tax Return with employer provided vehicle?

I am interested in using your services to help me file my return, but I'm not too sure if mine can be done online as per your services or if I will have to go in to see a tax consultant. The complexity lies in that fact that I have a company vehicle, not a car allowance. On my tax return it is represented as code 3802. Is this something that your services cater to?

Does paying bond, cars, etc fall under investment certificates?


I would like clarity on the information available on your website pasted below

• Get your Interest and Investment certificates from the bank and financial houses (IT3b and IT3c) These should have been sent already. Does paying bond, cars, etc fall under the above bullet point?

Tax on income property mortgage restructuring

I have an income property with a bond of R600k outstanding. I want to switch it to another bank to access R200k equity. I will then have a bond of R800k. This will cost me R30k in legal fees. How do I calculate the interest and fees cost deduction on my next return? Do I use the entire R800k's interest or am I only allowed to deduct 75% (R600/R800k) or should I do a manual sum in excel? Can I deduct the fees or do I keep that for the capital gains sum when I sell? Also do I need to pay income ta...

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Rental income, less deductions less than cap, must I register for Provisional Tax

I receive a salary and I recently started renting out my flat (which I resided in as primary residence, until September 2014, rented out since October 2014). I received a Rental income of R40000 for the 2014-15 tax year, the property is still under bond and there was maintenance costs etc. . Which means im still making a "loss" . (i. E. Rental Income of R40000, deductions of R50000, nett -R10000)

1. Must I still register for Provisional Tax?
2. If 1, am I late for Feb, Aug Provisional tax payment deadlines?...

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Declaration of interest on fixed deposits for provisional taxpayers?

I read your earlier reply to a question on income tax on fixed deposits. However, I am a provisional tax payer and my question is, when do I declare the interest earned on a 12 month F D when the inception and maturity dates do not coincide with the tax year?

Married ICP (should we not be taxed as a couple i.s.o.a single person)?

My wife and I are married In Community Of Property (Feb 1977). She stopped work 2002. Why do I still pay so much tax. My income is from my pension (Investment) and I do odd jobs throughout the year. My wife has no income. Should'nt we be taxed as a couple (2 People) instead of me being taxed as a single person? I submit my Tax Return on E-Filing.

Tax implications of trading Equity, Bonds, Derivatives, Money Market and Forex.

What are the Tax implications of trading the following asset classes Equity, Bonds, Derivatives, Money Market and Forex.

Late Dependent benefit on UIF

Our brother passed away last year March and he had 2 children. We didnt knw that we could have claimed depengent benifit on his UIF. Can we still claim it? And can we appoint someone to claim it on our behalf.

Tax return filling requirements for non resident with SA bank interest income?

Tim, I am (i) a foreign national (ii) non-resident in SA for tax purposes (physical presence test) and (iii) will likely spend more than 183 days in SA in the tax year 2015/16. My only SA source income is interest income from a bank, which is unlikely to exceed R40-50. 000. Do I need to register with SARS and file an income tax return for the tax year 2015/16 under those circumstances?

Tax due on secondary income

I currently work a 6 hour day for a company. Tax and UIF deducted and I do receive an IRP5. I want to do extra work. That is work for a different company a few hours a day. Will work approximately 10 to 15 hours a week. They do not want to register me on their payroll. Do I invoice them for service and declare my extra income on my tax return? Will I then become a provisional tax payer?

Can I claim for my financing costs (interest on my car finance) and depreciation on my vehicle?

I receive a car allowance and can claim for official kilometers traveled with my private car. Can I claim for my financing costs (interest on my car finance) and depreciation on my vehicle?

Do you need to fill in IT144 if you are making a donation of R100,000 or less to your child?

I and my husband both want to give each of our children (who are both under 18 and not earning any salary or interest) R100,000 each. Will we need to fill in a form IT144 for the donation even though it is at the limit where no tax is payable? Must we declare it on our provisional tax forms?

Wear and Tear Tax deduction on personal/work Laptop

I am a full time employed software engineer. I am looking at buying an Apple MacBook Pro Retina priced at R28000, from FNB for R1200 per month over 24 months. This purchase is in part for my work and in part for personal work. How do I determine if I qualify for the "Wear and Tear" tax deduction and for how much I will I qualify? Do I submit this with my annual personal tax?

From www. Taxim. Com [https://www. Taxtim. Com/za/help/definition/wear-and-tear] I calculated:

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Tax on Fixed Deposits

I am currently saving for a house, so I am investing in a 3 month Fixed Deposit (I want to avoid equity risk for now). I earn approximately 6% pa. What is the limit of Interest Earn that is exempt from tax? If I change the investment term to 1 year, starting 01 June 2015, the investment matures on the 01 June 2016. Do I pay tax on these returns in the 2015 tax year?

Tax residency

In answer to a question I asked a few months ago regarding tax residency, you told me if I was relocating to RSA that I could delay becoming a tax resident of RSA for something like five years. I have permanent residency. Could you direct me to the relevant SARS literature. Thanks


Payment due to me as a refund from SARS

I received an sms, submitting my returns manually at the SARS branch,stating a negative balance due to me and 2 dates for payments. Late in the evening I received an sms about bank details verification. . . I havn't verified because the day I did my returns I was in the branch and handed the said documents(which were returned to me). The 1st payment date is today, must I wait for payment or is there anything I need to do before payment is made?

Investing money at the bank and earning interest and the tax implications thereof?

I want to set up an investment at the bank and earn interest on a monthly basis on it. I did some research and I found that I need to register for Provisional Tax at SARS in order to do this. I found out that 2-3 times per annum I would be required to make a payment to SARS on the interest I earn. My question is: Firstly, I would like to budget so I would like to know what percentage will SARS deduct monthly on my interest earned,and secondly,will they tax me monthly in this case or 2-3 times pe...

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