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Out of Pocket Medical Expenses

My Mom is in her late 80s and stays in her own suite in a retirement home and during the day she is independent. However at night she gets confused and therefore stays in the clinic section of the retirement home where she is monitored by qualified nursing sisters or staff nurses. The charge for the overnight stay in the clinic is added to her monthly account. As she is being looked after by qualified nurses at night can she claim this amount as an out of pocket medical expense?

Can I claim allowable medical expenses for my children that I dit not personally pay? My wife paid

Can I claim allowable medical expenses that my spouse paid for our kids on my tax return or should she claim it on hers?

SARS refunds then reverses transaction and sets a new refund date. Help?

I submitted my tax return via efiling on 01 July. I was as per usual selected for audit. I received an initial assessment and upon submitting my supporting documents they obviously decided to disallow some of my medical expenses.

They then issued a revised assessment which reflected R5500 lower owing to me. I called the call centre and was told that my file was finalised and I could expect a refund date by yesterday 06/07/15.

I drew a statement of account yesterday and it showed a refund date of today 7th...

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Disability definition - monthly disability income for cancer

If you are receiving a monthly disability income due to medical boarding because of cancer, is this considered as disability according to SARS?

Med aid gap cover on tax return?

I have gap cover for medical aid can I add it on tax return?

I am under the R350 000 threshold but still submitted my 2015 Tax return, will I still get my money?

I submitted my Tax return on the 01/07/2015. I am under the R350 000 threshold, so should I have not submitted it, will it now interfere with me getting my money?

The only expense I claim from is Medical aid. I have submitted it to SARS but I still have not received my Tax return, I haven't received any further correspondence from SARS saying I need to submit any forms and there are no discrepancies, I am owed money.

How do I incorporate use of rental car on tax return?

My employer-provided vehicle had to go for major repairs (gone for 2 months plus). During this time my employer rented a car for me, with which I did some business km's. How do I incorporate this scenario on my tax return?

Medical refund for 69 year old

I am 69 years old and paid over R32,000 in medical aid expenses. How much of this can I expect to get back?

Supporting documents for tax return - don't have medical receipts


I have been selected to provide supporting documentation relating to my personal tax return, I accidentally submitted my return twice and now I have to provide the documents. I only have my IRP5 and medical tax certificates available which I used to complete my return but I do not have any receipts available that I saved for medical expenses paid from my own pocket.

Would this be a problem if I only then submit what I have available?

Where to enter medical costs incurred which does not reflect on IRP5

On my Irp5 I have R5,911 under source code 4116 for medical scheme fees tax credit! I however have paid cash for some visits and this does not reflect as these were doctors not affiliated to medical schemes! How do I go about adding the amounts I spent and where do I add them and which source codes to use?

Diabetes claim

My son has Type 1 diabetes and I was told a last year you can claim a % of his food back. Do you know how this is possible?

He is listed with a disability on my husbands tax.

Why did SARS not return my medical spending?

I paid almost R3000 towards medicines, apart from my MSA. Why has SARS not returned this amount? Can you please check?

What is source code 4005 for?

What does source code 4005 refer to?

Should there be amounts for source codes 4005 and 4006 if there are no employer contributions?

I pay my own medical aid premiums every month, as well as contributing to my own retirement annuity. However, on my IRP5 from a former employer I do have amounts for source codes 4005 and 4006. I only worked for this particular employer for just over two months, and it appears that the full amounts for my medical aid and RA are included in this section of my IRP5.

Is this an error? To be clear: the employer did not make ANY contribution to my medical aid or retirement annuity. And if ...

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Hearing disability - dependent on husband

I am hard of hearing and have completed the SARS disability form with my doctors help. When I was working I was registered with a disability but now I am not working is it possible for me to
be listed as a dependent on my husband as he supports me?

Medical contribution 4005 but my employer doesn't pay

Good day
My employer doesn't contribute to my medical aid, however under code 4005 on my IRP5 my medical contributions I paid in my personal capacity are shown. Is this correct? If not can I change it myself on IRP5 to R0 when doing my return and put that figure that appeared under 4005 to 4040?
Many thanks

GAP cover premiums are not allowed to be included under "not paid by medical Aid"

According to most other sites, GAP cover premiums are not allowed to be included under "not paid by medical aid"?

Do I need to fill out tax returns as a non-resident of South Africa? Left 8 years ago.

I am South African and for the past 8 years have lived abroad (UAE). I recently bought a holiday property in South Africa and thus found my tax number. Do I need to fill out tax returns? How do I declare medical aid and all those forms and numbers I am being asked for when I do not work or earn a salary in South Africa?

Previous years medical claims that were not paid by my medical aid.


Can I claim previous years 'claims that were not paid by my medical aid' on this years tax return or what is the correct process?

I forgot to include those on previous years returns.

Medical aid tax rebates - Employer pays half directly into my account

My company offers to pay 50% of my medical aid contribution. This money is paid directly to me (included in my salary into my bank acc). The amount is indicated separately as "MEDICAL AID" on my payslip. I therefore pay the full amount of the monthly cost to my medical aid every month from my bank account. On my IRP5, my employer indicates their 50% contribution under Deduction code "4005" even though they do not pay the Medical aid provider directly.

My question is:

A) Should this amount be listed under "4005" (According to SARS there should be no amount under 4005 if the employee pays the medical aid personally) ...

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Says I don't have to submit a tax return because I earn under R350 000

Says I don't have to submit a tax return because I earn under R350 000. Is this true? Why has SARS changed their mind?

Medical Expenses for Tax Return

I was on maternity leave for 4 months last year, I only joined a medical aid in August and baby was only covered from October. My whole pregnancy was paid for cash ( +- R60 000 ) I have calculated my return and it is not what I was hoping for. How does medical expenses paid cash work out?

Deduct medical expense

Can I deduct medical expense I paid myself if don't have medical aid?

Documents required for tax returns at SARS

What do I carry along when I am going to SARS?

I was medical boarded for 11 months and survived with disability grant

I was medical boarded for 11 months. Do I need pay tax whilst depending on grant? Will taxman compensate me during this difficult time?
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