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Am I able to claim additional medical expenses?

Hello - I am 52 years old - I have a medical aid - a discovery coastal saver - essentially a hospital plan with a portion of my my premiums going into a savings account every month. I understand that I get a rebate based on my premiums paid. I am trying to understand what constitutes a qualifying medical expense. If money is taken form my medical savings account (which is effectively my money) do these expenses count as "qualifying" - my accountant has told me that only if I spend more than a c...

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Medical aid gap cover

What about medical aid gap cover, can I add this to my total for the tax year? I. E. Adding it to the total of what I paid for during the tax year on my medical aid.

Maximum tax deductible contribution towards a RA

I am trying to work out the maximum tax deductible contribution to a Retirement Annuity. Person earns R1 000 000 of which 75% is pensionable. Total contributions to pension fund is 13%. He made a capital gain of selling shares at R150 000, received rental income of R180 000 with R50 000 deductible expenses. I'm confused on how to work out this question. It states that max deduction for a RA is 15% of non-pensionable income. I get R250 000 R150 000 R130 000 = R530 000 x 15% = R79 500. However...

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No payslips, no proof of PAYE being withheld

Good evening, My fiance has been employed by a small business as from the 1st of February 2015. His employer does not provide him with payslip nor did they provide him with an IRP5 when we needed to do his tax submission. When we submitted his tax returns for tax period 1st of March 2014 to 28th of Feb 2015 we had submitted the month of Feb 2015 blank and only stipulating the company's name. As another tax period is coming up, and no payslips can be provided to SARS, what does my fiance do. I wa...

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Am I required to pay tax?

Need to now if I must pay tax. I earn about R6000 but my employer deduct about R141,16 for Uif so that leaves me with R5,858

Medical aid cover in relation to out of pocket medical expenses

Is it more beneficial to have a medical aid that covers less so your medical expenses (not covered by the medical aid) that qualifies for a tax return would be more therefore your tax return would be more?

Increasing rental property loan to reduce home loan?

Is it possible to take some equity out of our rental property by increasing our loan on that property to put against our home loan and would the increase in interest on our rental property loan still all be tax deductible?

Can I deduct the commission earned by the attorney on a deposit?

We bought a house and gave a large cash deposit to the attorney to hold. The transfer of the house took a while so the interest accrued amounted to some R65000. However, the attorney took as a commission about R10,000. Both amounts are shown on the IT3b. SARS included the total interest on my tax return but disallowed the deduction. Is there any way to get the deduction?

Return completion?

What are this code for 3696, 3697 & 3698?
where should we put the amount from certificate for income tax purposes from SANLAM?

Meaning of non taxable income

What doe a non taxable income means on my IRP5 code 3696

Tax directive withheld due to tax debt

If tax payments to SARS is outstanding, why won't SARS issue a provisional taxpayer with a tax directive

Tax due on R24000pm

I am a Casual worker earning less than R24 000 a year a 25% tax is taken from my salary every month. Am I supposed to be taxed?

Can i claim back Transfer duty?

I recently purchased a property for residential use. The conveyancers submitted a Transfer Duty to SARS and the transfer fees equated to R12600. I normally get an IRP5 and medical aid forms from my company and submit my income tax when season opens. My question is what do I do with the transfer duty declaration for SARS issued me to be considered and is there any way of getting any refund on this transfer fees.

PAYE vs Provisional tax for a member of a CC

I am a member of a CC and have 80% interest in the company. I run the operations of the company and have been paying myself salary. The company never registered for PAYE as I was paying provisional tax and I was the only one earning a salary. Now the company is hiring more people and we have registered for PAYE/UIF. DO I carry on submitting provisional tax instead of PAYE or do I cancel Provisional tax and start paying PAYE. If I don't register for PAYE, what can the company provide me with to p...

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What will my tax liability be if I start a business?

Hi, I can provide services such as graphic design, animation, music production and web development. I recently caught attention of few business owners wanting me to do work for them, will I need to pay tax approaching them as self employed individual? I am prepared to charge everything once off based.

Rental income allowable tax deductions

I am currently in the UK and need some help regarding various tax related queries before I tax return to South Africa within the next 2 months

Including my tax return I did online before I left. (needs to be finalised)
A bank account change at SARS. (do I have to do it in Person)
I need to register a SA company for VAT. I would like to know how long I must be in the UK to have a tax benefit in South Africa. I have been working here since 1/1/2016 and have to tax return before 31/07/2016...

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Tax on inheritance received by an individual

I have recently inherited a sum of money from two sources. One, my late mother's estate account via a will and the other, a pension claim from my late mother's pension fund(GEPF). Both these amounts were taxed before they were paid over to me. Both the executors and GEPF submitted tax directives to SARS in order to facilitate the tax payment process before making payment to me. My salary income falls within the necessary category in order to be required to submit a tax return. How will I be taxe...

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Will I have to pay tax on my late husbands RAF claim pay-out?

My husband was killed in a motorbike accident by a drunk driver. I am awaiting a settlement from the Road Accident Fund and I have a few questions please. 1. Will I be taxed on the amount paid out to me for my kids and I
2a. Will the fund deduct the amount before the payout?
2b. Or must I pay it afterwards and how does that work?
3. How much is the tax? I was 26 when he was killed, and my kids 3years and 8 months respectively... I am scared the government made me wait all this t...

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Filing season start date?

When can I start on my tax claim,

How to complete the IRP3(a)

In terms of the IRP3(a), how does one do the manual calculations of the taxation that should be deducted if ''other''(X) is ticked under the directive reason, as there are calculations available for the retirement and severance benefits.

How is CGT paid, is it deducted from gross investment or added to gross annual income

If you are subject to capital gains tax, how is it paid, is it deducted from gross investment or added to gross annual income

2014 Tax Deductions Not Claimed

A few years ago (in 2013) when I submitted my tax returns I omitted to claim for a large amount of medical expenditure. Can I rectify this situation, or, is it too late?

Tax implication on provident lump sum fund benefit

I've been unemployed for the past six years. My tax number with SARS has been deregistered. Insurance company requested an IRP3 directive on my behalf from SARS. This was declined as I needed to re-activate my tax number. I'm awaiting for re-activation of my tax number. Presently I'm unemployed, will I be taxed and how much?

Can i setoff my personal rental against the rental income of my only property?

I built a home, had to move for work and am currently renting out my primary and only property for R16500 per month. In the area to which I moved for my new job I now rent a flat for R10 000 per month. Is there any differentiation in SARS for this scenario or is it regarded as an income of R 16500, I don't mind paying tax on the difference, but it feels like exploitation if I need to pay tax on the full amount of rent earned, I spend R 10 000 on having a place to stay!

Am I paying PAYE?

How would you know if you really paying tax?
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