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Can I claim a fixed cost travel deduction if I receive a reimbursive travel allowance?

Posted 24 September 2015

I am needing to do tax returns going back to 2010!! If I received a reimbursive travel allowance (reflected under code 3702 on my IRP5), can I claim a travel deduction based on the fixed cost method?

Employee or consultant - whats easier/more economical

Posted 23 September 2015

I run my own CC and have been offered a part time position at a previous company I have worked for. Would/should I let my employer pay on my behalf, or would it be better to invoice them as a consultant and pay my own tax. During the time I will be employed I will also be invoicing out other clients through my CC.

If the company my husband works for is liquidates. How does his provident fund payout work?

Posted 23 September 2015

If the company my husband works for is liquidates. How does his provident fund payout work. He has been with the company for 25 years and the total amount in the "kitty" both portions is R2 800 000. How can we work out how much we will actually get out if they liquidate. Can we apply for a tax directive?

Can Tax Tim help a 100% commission earner

Posted 23 September 2015

Will Tax Tim be able to assist me if I am a 100% commission earner and have many different expenses that I should be deducting or should I rather go to a tax practitioner?

Does my Statement of Account indicate that I am being audited?

Posted 21 September 2015

I started with a new employer on 1 March 2014 and a full company vehicle is included in my package. Previously I neither had a company car, nor did I receive a travel allowance. My refund this year, as per my ITA34, is much more than in previous years. It seems that the company I work for also deducted almost R1000 per month too much fringe benefit tax from my salary if one compares the SARS calculation to the actual tax paid. I also did not log many private kilometres, since I am not office bound, as a sales rep, and often work from home...

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Can I claim a lump sum financial lease installment settlement as a deduction for tax purposes.

Posted 21 September 2015

If I am currently paying a finance lease for a vehicle and then subsequently decide to request a settlement figure from the bank and pay the remainder of the finance debt off to the bank can I claim the lump sum settlement as a deduction for tax purposes?

Can I used the deemed cost option for vehicle expenses

Posted 21 September 2015

Does the option Deemed cost for vehicle expenses apply for the 2015 tax year?

Do donations to a Section 18A PBO count against the R100K pa amount that is exempt from donations Ta

Posted 20 September 2015

Do donations to a Section 18A PBO count against the R100K pa amount that is exempt from donations Tax?
eg: say I donate R50k to a section 18A PBO (assuming my salary is more than R500k so R50K is within the 10% allowed tax free) then does this reduce my allowance from R100k to R50k left pa for tax free donations to say a trust?

Options or rules for claim on depreciation and travelling allowance claim.

Posted 16 September 2015

When I complete my tax return can I complete the Travel claim against allowance and the depreciation (4027) section. The form allows me to complete both sections but when my claim was submitted and once audited the removed the depreciation amount(4027). How do I calculate the best method to claim if I am only allowed to complete one section.

Tax Directive for CCMA Settlement

Posted 11 September 2015

I got paid out by my previous employer after a CCMA settlement in excess of R170 000. How do I know if they requested a tax directive for this and is it required?

CPT payment on money held for 3rd party.

Posted 9 September 2015

I have a parent whom gave me money a couple of years back to place in an investment in my name. Recently the entire investment was cashed out and transferred back to said parent. I now have been issued with and IT3(c) reflecting this. My questions are as follows:

1) Though it is not stated on the IT3(c), do I need to pay CPT on the proceeds (SARS code 4205)?
2) If I need to pay CPT, as this money did not belong to me (though the investment was in my name, I did not derive any benefit from it), is there a way in which the CPT can reflect against the party whom the money belonged to?...

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Travel claim to client site

Posted 9 September 2015

As a consultant on a salary with a car allowance (3701) onsite 18 of every 20 days, can I claim travel to the client's place of business?

Vehicle expenses for business

Posted 9 September 2015

When I was a sole proprietor, taxed under my own name, if I drove somewhere on business-related matters, I used my own vehicle. I then claimed those business kilometres as a proportion of the total expenses and depreciation on my vehicle over the course of the tax year. Now I have a (registered) private company - can I still follow the same process, and claim the travel expenses as a tax deduction for my BUSINESS? If not, what are the options for me?

How do I reflect income on my tax return from an additional job which I don't have an IRP5 for?

Posted 3 September 2015

I have an IRP5 for my full time job but I did a few hours of consulting (around 30 hours in total) at weekends which I personally invoiced for. How do I reflect this on my tax return? I have paid no tax on the additional hours so far.

Completion Letter from SARS received

Posted 3 September 2015

Just received the below from SARS. Does this mean everything is complete now?
Original letter that I received requested I send supporting documentation - which I did. After which, I got the below letter -

Does this mean, no further action is required and that I will get my refund soon? Thanks!

Dear Taxpayer


We refer to the verification of your assessment for the 2015 tax period. Please note that no adjustment has been made to this assessment...

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Does Pension Lump Sum Income get added to Normal Income for determining tax liability?

Posted 3 September 2015

Do you get taxed twice when withdrawing early before age 65 from a pension fund? So the first tax is when the tax directive is issued by SARS, and then the second when you complete your tax return and declare the lump sum payout as an income. Does this pension lump sum income get added to your normal income to increase your total income when determining tax liability?

Tax returns for 2007 needed

Posted 3 September 2015

My tax have been submitted 13/8/2015 and they asked to supply a logbook which I did. My tax for 2014 was not done and have submitted those aswell. My 2015 tax was not being audited but my 2014 is under audit. When I log onto SARS eFiling it says my penalties are R500. I have called them now and they said ny penalties are R1500. And I have to submit my 2007 tax returns. I do not have any of those documents anymore as its 8 years back. How can I go about the difference in penalties fee's and submi...

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Refund withheld due to supporting documentation denied

Posted 2 September 2015

As this was my first year registering and submitting my tax return, I submitted all tax returns up to 2008. I was thus requested to provide supporting documentation for the 2013 tax year. I uploaded my IRP5 document as proof via SARS eFiling, but this was denied. I do not have any other documentation as I am not claiming for any expenses. I do not have medical aid, nor received travel/petrol allowance etc. I do however contribute to a retirement annuity fund which I have included in my 2014 and ...

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Where do I fill in the amount received for travel allowance?

Posted 2 September 2015

I am struggling to find the tab where I need to fill in the amount received for travel allowance, where do I fill in the amount received for the travel allowance?

Tax return with commission?

Posted 1 September 2015

I have never done my tax before. I've always earned a small basic and a lot of commission since I have worked as a beauty therapist. How do I go about submitting my tax return?

the only proof I have got for expenses are banking statements. I have received a IRP5 form for this tax year

I don't have an IRP5 as I am an independent contractor

Posted 1 September 2015

I did not receive an IRP5 as I am an a independent contractor/consultant. All my income was derived through consulting work. Tax Tim is now saying that I need information from my IRP5 or there is a conflict. I am a provisional tax payer and yet the amount I paid in as provisional tax is never requested?

Im been audited and I want to know if I can complain to someone

Posted 30 August 2015

It says I have selected for Audit. For the last 3 years I have been requested to send all my documents through to SARS I have done so I have even fully explained on the IRT12 what other amount I claim each year for my Business Cell Phone Contract which is fully deducted from my payslip, I also keep a log book and my tax Certificates. This year I was only requested to verify Source 4016 which I did I sent all the Company Invoices which has the Cell Number on it and is addressed to the company I w...

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Can I claim depreciation on a personal vehicle even though I get a travel allowance

Posted 28 August 2015

I received a travel allowance and have a logbook, can I claim depreciation on my personal vehicle based on percentage of business usage

Earned R43000 comm earner year ended feb 2015, travel & depreciation R17000 will I get tax refund

Posted 28 August 2015

Earned R43000 commission only year ended feb 2015, have travel expenditure of R13800 with log book and depreciation of R4200 on my vehicle, will I get tax refund?

Taxable Income

Posted 28 August 2015

Please enter your Taxable Income. This is your Gross Income minus the business-related expenses from business or rental income. Also subtract any contributions to a pension fund or retirement annuity fund, donations, depreciation and other travel allowance deduction and any exempt income. Does this mean petrol, stationery, ink rent etc.?
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