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Size of a document you need to submit

When I filed my tax return last year I needed to submit documents. But one document can only be a certain size and I could only file 20. I had to go to my nearest SARS office to submit the rest. Can you please tell me what the size of one document must be, since I want to combine my documents so that it will only be 20

Do I pay tax on the pay out ? What about the R 500 K tax free rule ?

I have been retrenched, the money from my Pension Fund has been transfered to Retirement Annuity Fund with a portion being paid out to me. Am I liable to pay tax on my pay out? I have not reached retirement age as yet. I am 57 yrs old.


Will I be able to file a notice of objection for outcome of tax assessment in 2014?

I know a person have to object within 30 days, but I only found out the outcome on 16/09/16. Apparently they've send a letter, but I never received it. Kindly take note that when I filed my tax I've included a letter to inform them that they should communicate via post, since I am unable to open and read any doc's on e-filing

Can you upload completed tax return directly from TaxTim to SARS?

Must I submit the completed TaxTim form directly from your website to SARS or must the information generated on your document be captured on the SARS e-filing form?

Small business

I run a small business from home and make about R40 000. 00 a year. I only pay insurance and maybe cell. So what is my draw for provisional tax. And how much tax would business pay.

Does loan repayment affect tax calculation?

When calculating provisional tax, must your repayment on loan be deducted from the taxable amount?

Which package do I select for your service?

To use your service, I need to identify as either provisional or individual. I haven't yet registered as a provisional taxpayer on SARS (I'm meant to do that now), and have been earning income for about six months now, as a freelancer. If I want to use your service, do I select the provisional tax payer package, or do I have to officially register as a prov. Tax payer over SARS eFiling first?

First time freelance consultant from January 2016 - do I register for provisional tax?

I just started as freelance consultant in Jan 2016. I am not sure how much I will earn as it all depends on if I get clients. Do I register for provisional tax? From reading your articles seem I fall in the 2nd payment what do I do? SARS assumes taxpayer will be able to pay upfront?

How do I overcome Acrobat Reader problems?

I am having problems with reading SARS letters and I am not able to view IT34 Assessments and SARS Statements of accounts. I have downloaded the latest Acrobat Reader but still having a problem. I am not sure if this has something to do with browser compatibility.

Delayed refund

I submitted my tax return last year but no payout was made to me

How to handle Rental Income when married in community of property?

Hi, my wife and I are married in community of property. We own a few residential flats that we rent out for extra income. When it is time to complete our annual tax return and we each fill in details of extra Income on the tax return, must we EACH declare the FULL income from the rentals OR must we EACH split it in HALF and declare that OR must we say we are in 50% partnership on the form where it allows for that? In the tax return it does ask how we are married so does SARS automatically split ...

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When does the Secondary Tax Rebate Kick in: During the birth month or the tax year one turns 65?

I am in my 65th year... ie. I am currently 64 but will be turning 65 in September 2016. This means that when my final 2016/17 tax return is submitted to SARS at tax year end I will technically be entitled to the secondary rebate for the age group 65 - 75. Should my employer calculate my monthly PAYE Deductions at my current age (64), or the age I will be at the time of this final tax submission (65)?

Questions on provisional tax

A second provisional tax payment should be made end of Feb of each year. Why would SARS effectively require individuals to submit a tax return before the last day of the financial year (28 Feb) when business related expenses and income might still happen?

Apart from wanting to know why this implementation, I also want to know how does the differences gets eventually settled when you do still have income or expences after you have filed late in Feb?

Tax refund for casual worker

I'm working at a season job that will end next week. I will have been working for 13 weeks and paid about R8000 in taxes. I'm being taxed each week. The rest of the year I don`t get any income that means I don`t have work. I would like to know if I can claim my tax back. I `m under the threshold and I do have a tax number. I don't have pension, policies or a medical aid in my name.

Should I register for IRP6 or IRP3?

I found two forms on the SARS site, IRP3 which states it's meant for freelance artists and IRP6 for provisional tax. I'm a freelance artist so should I fill in and resister for IRP6 or IRP3 or both?

Do I need to complete an IRP6?

You sent me a reminder to file my IRP6 Provisional Tax Return for 2016 however, I'm not sure whether I am still a Provisional Tax payer?

I did freelance work until Feb 2015, and from March 2016 I've been employed, paying PAYE through my employer. I haven't earned any additional income. Do I still need to complete an IRP6 as a Provisional Tax payer?

PAYE refund

Do I qualify to get tax return money back if I was paying PAYE since 1 May 2015,and my basic salary was R5,000 per monthly till 26/02/2016

Why am I taxed twice in a month?

My salary is divided into 2 payments per like I get my standard pay on the 15th of each month then all my allowances they follow on the 25th. So my question is why am I taxed twice in a month and why is the second tax deduction high than the deduction on the 15th?

Can I claim back my tax?

I earn less than R180 000 per annum. I only just entered the work force, and taxes still confuse me. I'm an independent contractor (but get set salary each month), and therefore I pay 25% tax. However, our accountant assured me I can reclaim all the tax I paid. Granted, last yr I earned only R74 000, paying 25% tax, and I know I can reclaim that. Basically, will I be able to reclaim the tax I am paying this year, and what is the maximum annual income for which you can still reclaim your tax?

Can you apply for a deferrment or make a payment plan with SARS for provisional tax.

Payment plan or deferment for Provisional Tax payers

Loans on my tax return?

Do I need to reflect loans and repayments when capture income and expenses?

Tax on retrenchment and pension

I have worked for a company for 10 years. I have never been retrenched before and my company pension fund is worth around R780K. I have been retrenched due to my division being closed. I have been offered a retrenchment package of R180K cash. How will this R180K be taxed and how will my pension be taxed if I withdraw it or if I move it?

Can you do dispute on my behalf via eFiling?

Hi Tim, I am an estate agent and SARS IT34 reflects I should pay them -R20k 2015 Taxyear.. I think I completed the forms incorrectly on e-filing. I now wish to request a dispute. I have all my receipts. Can you help me with it please? Do I need to buy the Ultra package? Please advise urgently as I know I need to get a refund. Regards Julie Bosch

Company car versus personal car and travel allowance

A client of mine is the sole shareholder and employee of his company. He does a lot of car travel for his work.
What is the most beneficial method in terms of tax:
to buy a car in his own name, or to buy one in the company name and use it for business and personal (will be small personal use)?

Dividend Witholding Tax

When you have to pay Dividend Tax can the Company Director handle the DWT and pay the 15% Dividend Tax to SARS or must you use a Regulated Intermediary?
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