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Motor Bargaining council levies, were deducted, but I was never registered

My employer was deducting Motor council levies, but I was never registered. They said I will not get my levies back to me. I had to approach the Motor Bargaining council to get the motor levies paid back to me, and was paid as a cash deposit, instead of on line banking transfer. Surely, the money that was originally deducted from me, went to another account, or invested elsewhere, how did they manage to do their tax return. Is there any way, that I should report this matter to SARS, etc?

Tax liability for monetary gifts from overseas

UK citizen with permanent residency in SA. I work part time for which I get paid and also volunteer for a church for which I get regular and occasional gifts from individuals and churches in the UK and paid into my UK account, and occasionally transferred to my SA bank account.

I have been paying tax on everything on the advice of SARS for a number of years. Friends have questioned this. Am I liable to pay tax on regular gifts from individuals in the UK? Am I liable to pay tax on reg...

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Personal Asset & Liability list needed?

Why must I submit a Personal Asset & Liability List for my Tax consultant this year?

When does one have to submit a tax return? Just started my first job

I've just started my first job as a finance intern and I earn R120 000 p/a. I do not have medical aid, I only have a pension fund, UIF and a union levy. I want to know if I should also register for SARS eFilling to submit my tax return. When does one have to submit a tax return?

Audit finalised

Hi Tim

My audit was finalized and I received confirmation of this via the SARS call centre and I received a IT34 for both 2012 and 2014 confirming everything was finalized and a completion letter for 2015, this was done on Friday. The also confirmed that my penalty was deducted from my refund and nothing is on hold on their side its just the payment that need to go through to my account. By when more of less will the refund be in my account?

Tax deduction for vacant months in property

I bought a rental property but didn't have a tenant for the first 3 months. Can I deduct the interest and rates for the first 3 months where I did not get any rental income?

Is there a charge involved if you use Tim?

How does a person submit tax returns with the help of Tim online?

Tax on interest-only source income

If your only source of income is from interest, how is tax calculated?

Wrong filing of tax provisional instead of individual

Good day. I filled my tax via SARS e filing for 201 and it triggered an audit. I got a refund after providing the docs, then after a few days I decided to call the SARS call centre. The guy on the other side told me that I need to file for 2009 and 2011 and that I made a mistake and I filed for provisional tax. They fined me for R2900 interest, now I owe them according to the efilling at the SARS branch. They were not very helpful either, the lady told me I must jus...

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Must my penalty be paid before refund is due?

Hi Tim. I submitted my tax return and contacted SARS where they confirmed that my audit has been finalized and I received the letter confirming this. My question is what will happen to the R579 penalty?

Some say my payment will be withheld. Some say SARS will deduct this from my refund, and some say its my responsibility to pay the penalty ASAP. Should SARS not deduct this from my refund for 2015? Please confirm what will actually happen.

Tax up to date but SARS saying I owe them

Last year all my outstanding previous years 2006 to 2014 was brought up to date via SARS eFiling and finally having to go into SARS to submit documents. After accumulative penalties deducted (R14k) and an audit I still managed to get a refund which was paid to me 15 July 2014 (11k).

This season 1 July 2015 I submitted my tax return, again I was selected for audit. SARS requested supporting docs which I submitted as per notification and I'm due a refund. Today I contacted SARS to inquire what the hold up was regarding my refund (R5k) and was informed that I owe SARS R4k which I have to settle first before I can receive my refund. ...

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Process of SARS and penalties for non-submission

I would like to know what process does SARS follow after someone has submitted their tax returns information and what are the penalties for non-submission of a tax return or submission of false information?

SARS status "Return assessed" - what does this mean?

Hi, Please assist. I did my tax return on SARS eFiling on the 1st of July. Not chosen for validation or audit. I have not yet received the money although online it states that the SARS STATUS is return assessed. What does this mean?

I did phone the call centre and they did not say anything about being audited or submitting supporting documents they only advised to wait. Kindly assist.

Is there penalties for late submission of IRP5?

If I submit late IRP5 for 2013 and 2014 now do I get a penalties?

Out of Pocket Medical Expenses

My Mom is in her late 80s and stays in her own suite in a retirement home and during the day she is independent. However at night she gets confused and therefore stays in the clinic section of the retirement home where she is monitored by qualified nursing sisters or staff nurses. The charge for the overnight stay in the clinic is added to her monthly account. As she is being looked after by qualified nurses at night can she claim this amount as an out of pocket medical expense?

Tax number for late brother

Hello Tim, I just want to get my late brothers tax number. He died last year.

Received a penalties statement for not submitting a return, but am not required to submit a return.

I don't earn more than R350 000 per year, however when I requested my Statement of account from SARS I received a penalties statement for not submitting a return for 2010 and 2014. Why would I need to submit a return if my income is less that the R350k threshold? What do I do now?

Want to do my tax for the first time after working for 6 yrs. Scared!

I was wondering, I'm working for almost 6 years and want to do my tax return, but I'm scared I'll get into trouble for only doing it now.

What can be claimed in case of a second property bought in the current tax year?

Hi Tim,
I bought a flat in April 2014, which is rented out to students to supplement my income once I retire. What can I claim from SARS for the tax year ending February 2015, i. E. Transfer costs, bond repayment, levies, municipal services, maintenance, security upgrades? Your advice will be appreciated.

Employed Commission Earner and Investor - Where do I stand?


I am hoping you can help. A few things:

My retirement annuity reflects as code 3697 on my payslip. Is this normal, does it count the same as 4002?

I receive a car allowance, but my vehicle installments, insurance and petrol costs me more, is there a smarter way of doing this?

More than 50% of my salary was commission from a single employer this year. Can I still claim fuel,l insurance and depreciation although I have a car allowance? What other expenses can I legitimately claim (i.e entertainment, networking meetings etc. ) Can I claim for expenses my company have re-imbursed me for?...

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Is it a scam or is it legal within SARS to do tax return for commission on refund?

I would like to know if I can claim my tax return via people around the community who claim that they doing it for business purpose where we have to pay them 30% of the money we get after they claimed for us?

Review then audit. How long will this take?

I submitted my e-filling yesterday, I was selected for a review I then requested a correction as I made a mistake. I have submitted all the documentation requested but now it seems I am being audited.

I had a company car for the first 17 days of March last year which I submitted a logbook for. How long will this take, do I need to be concerned is there a penalty to making a mistake?

I don't know how to submit an iIT3b

I received a it3(b), how do I include it when I submit my income tax via SARS efiling?



REIT treatment and provisional tax

I received a REIT dividend source code 4238 on my unit trust IT3B it is very little only R30. Are Reits exempt? Also I read the ITR12 handbook and they suggest I put it under other income/accruals 4214 code with description "income from a REIT". Is this right?

I'm worried they will make me a provisional tax payer due to this extra and only R30 that dosent come from my employment income or local exempt dividends, interest. I dont really want the extra admin issues due to this small amo...

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