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Can a former student reclaim tax paid while working as a student?

When I was a student, I worked for a corporate (twice - 2012/2013, and 2013/2014) and paid SARS income tax on the money I earned. Can I reclaim this money?I do not have the pay slip, but I do have the IRP5 forms. Even though it is about 24 months later, can I still reclaim it? Are students required to pay tax?

How do you know if you have tax returns?

Who qualifies to get tax returns and how will you know if you have tax return? how to check if you have tax returns?



Are investment funds still taxed at marginal rates for early retirees?

If I retire before the age of 65, using only investment income from interest earned on funds saved in the bank, would I still pay tax at the existing marginal rates? Or, would I qualify for a lower tax rate?

Does the tax threshold change when you quit your job and begin your own small business from home?

Dear Tim,What happens to the tax threshold for when one is obligated to pay tax (R63k) when you work for a company for the first few months of the financial year and then you quit to start your own venture from home. Does the threshold change? Since I am working for myself my expenses will change as now I will incure the cost of running my business from home and will have to set aside money for my medical aid, retirement fund etc. as this will no longer be paid by my employer.

Travel Allowance - claim for tax?

I receive a travel allowance set monthly amount from my employer. I do not have a vehicle but use a car pool to travel to work. I am taxed on this amount monthly. Can I claim this on my tax return as I have no logbook but I do travel to work about 25000 km's a year.

How much must I get taxed if I earn R3500 per month?

How much can I be taxed?

Do I need to pay tax in my first year of self employment?

Do I need to pay tax in my first year working?

Are there any normal tax and/or capital gains tax implications on a refundable rental deposit?

Are there any normal tax and/or capital gains tax implications on a refundable rental deposit?

Tax thresholds?

What is the minimum tax threshold for 2015?

Won't I be penalised if I did not submit last year cos I did not have a medical aid?

I receive my IRP5 every year, I never submitted them to receiver because all along I did not have a medical aid or a retirement annuity. Last year in September I then joined the Government medical aid and it was also stated in some articles that if you don't have one of the mentioned and earning below 250 000 per annum there was no reason to submit. This year I will do my submission since I have a medical aid.

My question is won't I be penalized for not submitting last year due to th...

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Income tax for Fy 13-14.

Hi, My annul income is R. 495 000 and I joined in South Africa payroll in mid of Jan -14.So my question is how much income tax I should pay to government.

What is the reason a person earning below R100 000 is being taxed?

Why is a person earning below R100 000 per annum being taxed?

I have to borrow money from a friend to make ends meet, how do I get back on track with my tax?

I used to be permanently employed, paid the normal PAYE every month, and all that. I dutifully submitted my tax return every year and got my refunds from SARS very promptly. I then left the company and did a brief stint at another firm whose business was totally unrelated. I then decided to go on my own and start working as an independent. Things didn't go as well as I'd hoped and I didn't earn enough to support myself and my children, let alone, pay any tax. A friend has been helping me to make...

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To register as an employer for tax purposes or not?

If I employ a person who earns below the threshold, does the employee need to register for Income Tax or is it optional?

Do I need to fill out a EMP201 form regardless?

If I employ cleaning staff twice a week, would I have to have a EMP201 form or not?

salary of R5350+R1519 of overtime.

Am earning net salary of R5 350, and getting overtime of R1 519 a month. What how much must I pay for paye tax?

Do I pay paye tax on my salary including overtime or on salary excluding overtime?

Do I need t pay the non-compliance penalty fee with SARS?

I registered with SARS in 2010 and have been filing ever since. I recently received a non compliance penalty fee for 2008 and 2009. It's only R500 (R250 for each year) Do I have to pay this if I wasn't even registered in those years and did not receive IRP5's from my employer then either?
I managed to get the IRP5's and I filed them last week but still am being told I need to pay the penalty fee.
If I am going to dispute it, will I be charged interest or more penalties whilst it is busy being disputed?...

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Understanding the primary rebate by SARS?

I just started my first job. I am having trouble understanding what the primary rebate? is that is specified on PAYE STATUTORY RATES AND TAX TABLES. Can you tell me when this rebate is applicable to an individual?

Donation in the hands of the receiver?

If I make a donation to my child of R100k I know I don't have to pay "donations tax" because this is within my yearly allowance BUT how is the income treated in that year in the hands of my child?

Can I declare extra income at the end of the year, or must I register for provisional tax now?

If I did some freelance work in 2013 / 2014 tax year, will I pay a penalty if I only declare my extra income when I do my regular return?

How are individuals going to experience the tax relief of 9.25 billion in the 2015 tax year?

How are we as individuals going to experience the relief announced in the budget speech which made a provision bringing a tax relief of R9.25 billion to individuals in the 2015 year of assessment. as well as an estimated 40% of the relief will go to South Africans whom receives less than R250 000 a year?

Started at new company this year (Online company based in Norway) what tax do I pay?

Up until December 2013 I worked at Incredible Connection. I earned a basic and commission. They always used the PAY-E (Pay as you earn) to pay my tax.

At my new Company, an online company based in Norway, I get paid a salary and commission together in 1 payment. I submit my commission table at the end of the month and I am paid around the 5th-7th of the following month.
My question is:
1) do I need to use an IRP6 now (Provisional) if my only income is via my salary and commission (although it is from a foreign country)? (I earn less than the 250000 per month) average which I think means I don't need an IRP6...

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How can I benefit for tax the most from Retirement Annuities?

What is the MAXIMUM amount of tax free benefit I can get in the 14/15 tax-year? I understood that it is R 350 000 or 27.5% of taxable income. What happens if I put R 380 000 into a pension fund on a salary of R 980 000.?

Retirement Annuity Topup

I am a Pensioner in my seventies. Have a Retirement/Living Annuity ~ R 750 000 and want to top it up with R 500 000(for various reasons).

What is the Tax implication? From the R 500 000 contribution, what can I deduct in the current and future tax years?

Does extra money given to me by my boss need to be taxed?

I earn about R 5300, sometimes R 5400 and do pay PAYE tax. My boss gave me R 2500 extra in December as a thank you. Does that need to be taxed?
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