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Can I add bond & registration fees to a rental

Rental - can I claim or declare bond registration fees and transfer fees on a rental

Do we need to submit a tax return

I get about R2000 /month from my living anuity and R900 / month from an investment. I no longer own property and my medical aid is about R1200/ month. I sometimes get about R2000 / month doing odd jobs and I supplement my income with the proceeds of the sale of my house. Do I have to submit a tax return
My mother is 92 and gets R8000/ month from one investment also has medical aid. Does she have to submit a tax return. Thank you

Where do I enter funds received from a retirement plan?

Where do I enter funds received from a retirement plan?

Am I tax resident or not?

I moved from South Africa to work in Dubai in August 2014. I therefore was outside of South Africa for more than 183 days in 2015 tax year. From your previous answers, I identified that the income I earned while in Dubai will not be taxed in South Africa for 2015. However, does this mean that for 2015 tax year I am not considered a tax resident of South Africa or is it that I am still a tax resident but the income is not taxed? I will and work now in Dubai permanently.

Determining tax residency

In determining whether one is a tax resident, you use two criteria: one is born in SA, the other if one resides in SA or has formally emigrated. I am in doubt - I am born in SA, moved to Europe 20 years ago, renounced SA citizenship and now have just moved back (on a foreign passport).

What is the definition of 'formally emigrated' and how to determine my tax status?

Any tax on inheritance of a house

My daughter will inherit my primary residence. Are there any tax implications for her and/or for my estate? Like CGT for example.

What taxes would be applicable to my gross salary in UK?

Dear Tim, I am a provisional tax payer in South Africa. What would my tax parameters be if employed and paid by UK company?

Declaring financial derivative gains on the ITR12

I earned income as the result of trade in financial derivates. I am not a professional trader and do this in my spare time. How do I declare this on the ITR12 and how do I claim expenses against this income? Is this defined as a business or as investing and capital gains? I used my home office and own equipment for financial research and online trading. In a previous answer you stated that this type of income can be declared on the ITR12 but somehow I missed it in the TaxTim Q&A process. When I ...

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Tax on Receiving Foreign Funds over R100 000

My mother is moving to RSA and wants to transfer an amount of R250 000 into my account to 'hold' for her until she sets up her RSA bank account. The amount is in EUR. I spoke to SARS who claim that I can declare it as 'non-taxable income/gift' in my tax returns. I asked them to clarify donations tax but they insist, it will not be counted as a donation unless I file an IT144?

a) is this true; every person and website I have checked with refer to donations tax @ 20% (on amounts > R100 000) ...

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Need IRP5 from insolvent employer?

I want to get my IRP5 from previous employer for 2012 tax year, but that particular company has gone insolvent, so I have no way of getting relevant information for that period, What do I do?

Can I offset my rent paid against my rental income derived?

I own an apartment that I let out. However I also rent an apartment for me to live in. Can I offset my rental expense against my rental income on my primary residence?

Declaring Dual listed company dividends

I own Richemont and Billiton shares that are dual listed on the JSE. On my IT3b:

- Richemont dividends are shown as "foreign dividends" and 35% tax is deducted as "foreign tax paid".
- BHP Billiton dividends are shown as "foreign dividends" but the normal 15% witholding tax is deducted.

Do I need to declare both of these under foreign dividends and foreign tax credits or are they different?

Tax benefit for working in a non-profit organisation

I work for a global non-profit organisation. I am based in South Africa and my letter of employment is aligned with SA employment regulations and taxes. Are there any tax benefits that apply in this case?

CGT on jointly disposed asset

How to complete a tax return when you have jointly disposed of a asset that attracts CGT. Do you load it on both's tax returns or only one - married ANC with accrual

Where on my SARS form do I submit info for a Unit Trust Investment if I get a IT3(b) Portfolio incom

Where on my SARS form do I submit info for a Unit Trust Investment if I get a IT3(b) Portfolio income summary?

where do I put medical aid savings interest earned INCOME TAX - IT3(b) in the tax returns?

This year I received R400 from an INCOME TAX - IT3(b) from the medical aid as interest earned, this is the first time I receive it with an amount previously it will just be R0. 00. Do I need to include this amount in my tax return and if I do where do I put in?

Which section does capital gains tax fall under?

During the past tax year, my husband and I (married out of community of property) bought a property together to rent out. We fixed it, but subsequently sold it for various reasons. Which section does this capital gains tax fall under? It's not under interest/investments and the questions under "business" confuse me... Thanks,

Interest on family loans

If I loan my child R150 000 and charge her 7,5% interest, would that be considered fair interest by SARS ( I will also donate R 100 000 to her in that same tax year), and the interest I earn (from the loan) would that fall into the R 23 800 interest exemption, and not actually be taxable?

What is the limit on taxable interest from investments per year?

What is the maximum amount of interest I can receive on my investments for a year, before I begin to be taxed? I am not married. I have a Fixed Deposit and I receive rental income.

How to declare other income, if when combined with interest income is still below the threshhold

I resigned my job to study. I have an income on an investment of - R7000 pa and I did some adhoc consulting for a company for which I earned R30000. My wife's tax adviser told me that I still need to submit a tax return as I have income from two different sources. He also said that I don't need to register as a provisional tax payer as I am not actively generating an income that will exceed the tax threshold. (I understand that should I consistently do more freelance work and if my income increases that in future I may have to register as a provisional tax payer. )...

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Tax already paid only dividend income

Do I included foreign and/or local dividend income on a unit trust if it has already been taxed as per my IT3b

How should I complete the ITR12 form without a IRP5?

I was employed full-time until end of September. After that I did locum work. I don't have an IRP5 for this period, since I was never permanently employed. How do should I complete the ITR12 form in this case?

Can't get old IPR5 from previous employer

What should I do if I can't get my old IRP5 from my previous employer, SARS is owing me R6000

Subsistence allowance claim

My employer gave me a subsistence allowance for local travel. But they have shown it under Code 3713 (other allowances) instead of under the subsistence allowance code. The subsistence allowance field on the tax return is greyed out and so is the other allowances field. How do I claim my expenses?

Source codes 4201 & 4250

Which section do you enter income source code 4201 & 4250? I have investments at RSA Retails Bonds and Satrix. I didn't see anywhere to enter it.
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