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Tax deduction for family donations?

A) Can I claim a Donation deduction for the following:

1. Son's university fees, paid on his behalf. 2. Monthly donation to my sister. 3. Monthly donation to religious institution / organisation. B) If deductible, what proof is required?


How much will I get as refund

I am a temp in my work,i have worked for 24 weeks from march 2015 to february 2016,i have earned 156000 and I was taxed R19650. I would like to know will I get the refunds n approximately how much

Tax deductions on rental property

I have a rental property that's in a different town from the one in which I live. Is the fuel that I use traveling the property to make improvements tax-deductible? Also, what incurred on a rental property are tax deductible?

Tax on pension and shares lump sum payouts

Can I claim tax on my pension withdrawal lump sum payout and on my shares payout

Deductions against rental income

I have moved from CPT to JHB. I own a house in CPT which is now being rented out to tenants. In JHB I am currently renting. From a SARS perspective, do I need to declare the rental income as I only own one property and its not a second property bringing in an extra income? What I receive as rental income in CPT immediately covers my rent here. So I do not gain anything. In face what I am asking as a rental is the same as what I pay for my rent here.

Where can I claim tax refund

I was paying tax now im unemployed so how can I claim an where?

Need help getting my tax affairs up to date

I have been running my own business for the since April 2013 and I haven't paid tax. Only had one constant customer. Will you be able to help me or should I go to a SARS office

How does ringfencing for rental income work?

I have a question, regarding if you make a loss from rental income i. E What if the expenses exceed the rental income? How exactly does this work? please provide an example of how and when it is offset against other income and what does the ring fencing mean? Its difficult to understand the document. Please explain in lay mans terms. What is the best way to make this work for you?

"Should the expenses exceed the rental income, the loss should be available to be off-set against other i...

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Allowable tax deductions for a company?

I work for myself running a trading business. I purchase a cell phone for my business for 10k and a coffee machine for my office for 12k. Are these fully deductible in the current tax year they were purchased?

Medical Insurance - Do I put that on my tax return?

I have been submitting my tax returns for many years and use to include my Medical (which is a hospital plan with Liberty but not viewed as a medical aid, which I found out in 2015). I contribute to this on a monthly basis and pay my own medical bills i. E. Doctors visits, dentists, optometrists, etc. Only medical procedures in a hospital is covered by my hospital plan. As it is not tax deductible seeing as it is not a medical aid, do I now even bother to mention it on my tax return although the...

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Vat implications on mobile apps

are there any vat implications on mobile applications in south africa? please make reference to the vat act if possible. if not, how are the mobile applications currently treated?.

How many "Trade and Professional Income" sections on an ITR12 does a freelancer need?

I'm a freelance creative in the television industry. I work with many clients throughout the year, some deduct PAYE and some pay me the full amount on the invoice. The first question is for those clients who don't deduct tax. I've been working on my tax return on the SARS E-Filing. On my ITR12 I've added a "Local Business, Trade and Professional Income" section to the form, do I create a section per client or per job type? As I'm trading different services for different clients, but I may have 3...

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Tax deduction on UIF & SDL

Can you claim UIF and SDL contributions from the tax

May I deduct medical aid contributions as a non-principal member

I am listed am listed as a dependent on Discovery health with my wife as the principal member. However I pay the contributions for my wife, my son and myself. She doesn't earn an income and is therefore not liable to pay tax. The tax certificate from Discovery is in her name, can I claim the medical expenses and premiums as medical deductions on my IT12. I reference these articles and would like to know if the information in these is still valid as at June 2016

1) South African Institute of Accounting Professionals article from 2012:...

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Vat for services received and rendered in Botswana

We a South African company providing a service in Botswana for South Africans. When invoicing our customers do I invoice with vat?
Can I claim input vat for expenses incurred in Botswana? Botswana vat is at 15%..

How do i claim travel expenses if I used 2 cars

I moved from one employer last year at the end of November. I used a company car, on which I attracted fringe benefit tax. In December 2015 I started with another company, and received a car allowance. I am able to claim business km's for which I am reimbursed at a rate of R3. 29 p/km (subject to monthly logbook submissions). What are my likely tax implications for this filing season based on this, and will I able to file in way to accommodate both scenarios?

Tax free lump sum portion

I am 53. Recently divorced. While married we contributed to a provident fund which was handed over to Investec for management after my first husband stopped working. But he did not implement retirement He took a sum of 570 000 from his provident and paid 18 percent tax on that. Now that he has implemented retirement we both wanted to claim the 500 000 lump sum tax free that we were promised by our financial advisors. I cannot get my bit because I am under age and he cannot get his 500 000 tax f...

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Tax on backpay

Im supposed to get a back pay at the end of June owed to me from September 2016. The total amount im expecting is 63000 before tax. Exactly how much will I be taxed?

Rebates for both primary and secondary tax payers

Require amount of rebate (primary,secondary,and Tertiary) for 2/2017

Am I able get a tax refund?

How do I know if I qualify for my tax return

Claim for home office expenses

I work from home 3 days a week, I converted one of my bedrooms in a study, put a telephone line in with extra internet. I use my printer etc for work but I'm not compensated by my work for this. Can I claim some of my costs on my tax return?

Tax refund on withdrawal of pension lump sum

Hi do you get your tax back when you resigned after they deducted your money from your pension funds.

Health insurance deductable?

How Do I Report My Health Insurance On my Tax tax return?

How to calculate travel expenses?

I will be claiming tax back on travel for business use for the first time. I have maintained a logbook since starting my new job in the middle of the current tax year 2015/16. Please advise what the "fixed cost" is, and how I can calculate what tax rebate I should expect to receive from SARS in July.

Multiple IRP5's received for one tax year

I received two IRP5. The second is for the Lump Sum I received after retrenchment, however no tax was deducted. I tax directive number was provided. Should I enter the information as well when submitting my tax?
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