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How to treat RA contributions which are not allowed as a deduction

Can the excess amount of retirement contributions which are carried forward to tax years be offset against tax payable on lump sum pension payments?

Non resident of RSA, how do I update my personal details on my tax return

Hi TaxTim ok me and my wive are both RSA citizens. My wive however is also Canadian. We went on holiday to Canada and we decided to stay. We applied for my paperwork etc. However I want to file my 2015 tax return I know its overdue but I want to file. What do I put in as my address and bank account as I dont have any RSA bank account or residential address. I also already have a temp Canadian tax nr but I am not earning any income in Canada. So how do I do tax return? What do I enter for address...

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Medical Aid query

I am the dependent on my boyfriends medical aid. Our medical savings finished early and I paid via eft for all of my xrays, doctors, medicines etc, can I claim that back on tax return, or does it have to be done on his. I have proof of all the payments etc, the accounts however were in his name, but it showed that it was for me.

Are bond initiation fees, legal fees and valuation fees deductible for tax?

Hi, I have registered as a provisional tax payer and did my tax return in August. My rental expenses (levies, interest and taxes) are greater than my rental income I earn. Do I still need to file the provisional tax payer tax return now and see if any payments are due?

I have paid for your services for my personal income tax, but haven't received any of my tax information yet (for investments, medical aid etc). Must I just wait until those all come later in the year and send them thro...

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Is my business liable for PAYE as soon as I register?

I registered my SME for PAYE in December 2015. When do I become eligible to start paying PAYE? I'm the only employee and my salary is tax deductible?

Amendments in EMP 201/501

This question is regarding amendments in EMP 201/501. The start date of an employee has changed. For eg, The start date was 24rth December, but the amended start date is 24th Nov. He is getting paid for the whole month of December (excluding payment made previously) and 6 days of November In March 2016. He ceased working in January 2016. Should we revise the EMP 201 of November and December? (Accrual Basis)
Or Should we treat the payment in march as a one time pay and amend EMP 501 only? (...

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Duration for submission of AFS

I have a question, what is the maximum duration which you are given by SARS for submission of annual financial statements after your financial year end? I am asking this question because I was denied a Tax clearance certificate because I have not yet submitted my financial statements. Also, what is the effect thereof i.e. penalties involved?

Do I pay tax in SA as a non-resident working in SA for a US university?

I am a US citizen living here in South Africa for about two years because of my spouse's work. The university I work for has graciously allowed me to continue working remotely for them while I am here. I work with computers on the internet. Recently, someone from my work has insisted that I needed to file for income tax in South Africa. I disagree, believing that my income source is not South African and that I am a non-resident for tax purposes. Is there some specific evidence I can use to back...

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Is the tax refund date on statement accurate?

My tax statement has a date of refund as 19. 03. 2016 is that the date I will receive the refund into my account

PAYE or Provisional Tax

I own a small business - registered with CIPC as a private company. I am the sole director of this company and currently get paid a salary by the company. Should I be registered for PAYE, UIF and WCA for the income in the form of the salary or are provisional tax payments sufficient.

Will I receive a penalty if my second provisional tax payment is late, however I make a third top-up

Good day, I have not paid my provisional tax that was due on 29 February 2016 due to very little money coming in and low on funds. Will all be in order if I don't pay, but can make the full payment on or before the 3rd optional payment?( September if I am correct)

What to do if SARS penalises me?

I was working freelance for 2 companies. My salary was plus minus R15,000 a year. SARS penalised me because I don't fill in forms. They say I owe R10,500. I don't have that money - what can I do?

Tax rebate for medical aid when not the main member

I currently am paying medical aid for myself, wife and child however I am not the main member, it is my wife, I currently deposit funds into her account for the deductions. She is currently unemployed and does not claim for tax. This was the only way to come off the company medical aid as they were too expensive

I wanted to know if I can claim this as I am paying for the medical aid just that its not on my name, I am the dependent and she is the main member. Further more we are marri...

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Certified/Official Proof of Income

I have applied for financing and as part of the required documentation, I have been asked for certified proof of income in addition to my bank statements (I am self-employed). Would my ITA34 documents be sufficient as proof or would I need to get an official document from my accountants?

Can I apply for a tax number when I'm using an asylum?

I'm a Zimbabwean citizen using an asylum can I apply for a Tax number?

Refund after audit has been completed.

After an audit, received additional assessment (not selected for audit) and requested a statement and SARS owes, how long does a refund take to hit my bank account?

I owe SARS money I can't afford

I am unemployed at the moment and am the sole breadwinner in the household. I owe SARS money but due to financial constraints, money is extremely tight. I see SARS has debited my account with money R6500 owing to them which has crippled me financially that I can't buy food for my family. I will pay them when I employed but has just added extra financial burden.

Can SARS pay into a call account?

I am emigrating and have gone to SARS to change my banking details. The new account is a call account which I am using to transfer my money overseas. SARS have verified this account. (Bidvest Call Account). My friend said that as far as he know SARS will not pay into the call account when it comes time to paying. Is this true?

Employing a relative

I pay provisional tax and have 2 contractors to whom I pay FEES (commission) on sales leads that they generate for me. My question is: I wish to use the services of my daughter-in-law (same surname as mine) in a similar capacity so will SARS see this as shifting my tax burden to avoid a higher bracket or will I be allowed to book this family member as a legitimate earner in her own right?
I would maintain a payments register and her fees would be paid over periodically to her banking accou...

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Do you get an ITA34 when you submit provisional tax returns

Do you get an ITA34 when you submit provisional tax returns manually. All I have is my provisional
Return I completed at SARS office stamped by them.

Refund audit

I would just like to know is a refund audit quicker than the 60 days SARS gives themselves? I was audited and requested to send supporting documents the audit was complete and when I called in the call centre agent said all audits have been complete, it is now at the refund department and they give themselves another 60 working days to pay out. So my question is are they normally quicker when it comes to this 60 working days?

How to claim tax back on a provident fund?

How to claim provident fund tax back

What other documents are required besides submitting an affidavit?

I worked for a company for one day and I haven't tax returned due to personal circumstances in 2014. I have been unemployed ever since. SARS is requesting I think an ITR12 / IRP5. I cannot submit either of these documents. What do I do besides get an affidavit?

After verifying bank details how long does our refund take to be paid to us?

We were audited this last financial year. Everything was fine and we are due a refund but now they needed to FICA us again. We have done this but now they say the refund can take 3 months. Looking at a document we were given this morning, they have registered us as new taxpayers but we are not. For the last 20 years the refunds were always paid into the account on their records.
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