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Medical tax credits refunded into my account?

I have a medical scheme tax credit of R12,360.00, claims not recovered from scheme of R10,455.29 and out of pocket expenses R5,295.84. Usually the receiver would refund me this expenses straight into my bank account. They told me that the legislation has changed when I queried this. Who receives this credit and how do I claim it back? I have unpaid medical expenses for 2015.

Claiming Medical Expenses paid as part of divorce agreement to ex-wife.

I am divorced and as part of the settlement agreement, I pay my ex-wife's Medical Aid premium over to her. She belong to a registered medical aid in SA. I also refund her medical expenses to her which the medical aid does not cover. Can I claim her the amount of medical expenses that I pay to her on my tax return. My ex-wife does not claim her Medical Expenses.

Medical deductions - sole beneficiary or payer?

My mother pays for my medical aid. I am not a dependent on her medical aid, I am the only member/beneficiary on my own plan with a different provider. I earn my own income and as such have to submit a tax return. Is the amount that is paid by my mother deductible from my income or hers under the "Medical Deductions" section on e-filing?

Sars E-filing or not? Earn under R350 000

Hi Taxtim. I already completed my tax return today via sars e-filing. The sars calculator shows a amount refundable to me. What I want to know is, is it correct for me to assume that I can still go ahead with this return despite of the fact that I didn't earn more than R350 000? Also I didn't change jobs, I worked for the same company for a year and 4 months but we were franchised so I have two different IRP5's from two different cc's. Also why I really want to do it because I have a really ex...

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What is the difference whether I add in the medical amount not covered by my medical aid?

Hi There, Please advise if it is at all beneficial to add in the medical amount not covered by the medical aid when completing my tax return? (ie - Dr's bills and medicines covered out of my own pocket). What is the difference whether I add this in or not?

Allowable deductions for Travel Allowance and medicine

1) I receive a Travel Allowance for my vehicle, am I allowed to claim the costs incurred on services done? 2) I am on my parents medical aid. If I pay for pills etc not covered by my parents medical aid, can I claim these expenses?

Medical Expense claim

Hi. I am currently filling out my return. Regarding medical expenses not covered by my medical aid - do I have to have the receipts for these in order to claim. In many instances for prescriptions I have had filled out I have the invoices but not the receipts. The payments do reflect on my credit card statement though. Is this adequate or must I have a receipt ?

No Medical Aid - Pay all medical bills cash. I'm self-employed

Hello. I do not have medical aid and am self employed. I pay all medical bills cash. May I still claim for this expense on my 2015 tax return? Thank you.

Apportioning claims on medical expenses between tax years

Not sure if you can help me. I have a question re my personal tax return. I need to claim medical expenses covered that amounted to R19100-00, which my medical aid did not cover. This was paid in cash by me, but the problem is that this was paid in installments from 24-11-2012 up until 30-03-2015. Can I not declare the full amount on my tax return or do I have to calculate the amount only for 2014 tax year? And if I do this what happens to the amounts paid during 2012 and 2013?

Request for surporting docs, but all I have in an IRP5

Thanks for an awesome blog!!!!! Its the first time that I submitted for a tax return. I completed it a few days ago for the last 5 yrs. It showed that a refund is due for 2013 and 2014, but for 2014 they want supporting docs. Since I have no medical aid, travel allowance etc I submitted my IRP5's - is this all I need to submit and what are the chances of the refund amount changing etc?

Out of pocket medical claims and gap cover

I would like to know whether the medical expenses listed on your certificate as "not covered or paid by your medical aid" is recoverable as "out of pocket" medical expenses whether they relate to medical consultations with specialists and part payment for hospital fees. In certain cases, these part payments were recovered from gap cover.

No receipts for medical expenses, what happens now?

I have been asked to submit supporting documents. I don't have the receipts for medical expenses just a tax invoice (as always) from my pharmacist for the total amount for the period, what happens now?

Claims for commission-earner

Hi Tim, I earn a set salary with commission and allowances such as travel and cell phone and a small portion of medical aid. 1. Can I claim back for the additional Gap cover I pay for? 2. Can I claim for my monthly insurance on my car? 3. Can I claim for my car license I paid for? I had been using a broker over the last 2 years and I see they never put in for any of the above. Nor did she claim for the service I paid for on my car? Please can you help?

Can I claim a stay in hospital maternity room as medical deduction on tax return?

Hi Tim
Am I allowed to claim the following as a medical deduction on my tax return - for a stay in a private room in hospital when we had a baby? My wife and I stayed there for 2 nights, and I did not send it through as a claim to medical aid. Thank you for your help

Medical costs for gynaecologist and ante-natal

I have made co-payments to my gynae for ante-natal visits and delivery. How do I claim this back, and can I claim for medication I have paid for over the counter out of my own pocket? My son also visited the dentist, can I claim that as well? Please. Explain. How. Medical claims work. Thanks

How do I calcuate the medical aid tax credit on e filling? I'm the only member on my medical aid.

Good day, I am the only member on my medical aid, the company contributes R830 and I contribute R257 Discovery and R169 for Vitality on a monthly basis. Do I quality for Medical aid tax credit, if yes how do I calculate it?

Is MPS (Medical Protection Society) tax deductable?

Is MPS (Medical Protection Society) tax deductable? Where does it go on an IRP5?

Medical expenses for disabled husband (non Medical Aid contributor)

Hi there, My husband is disabled and I do not have medical aid but I pay for his chronic medication and doctors visits out of my pocket for the year. This amounts to between R 25 - R 35,000 p/year. Am I able to claim anything back against this medical expenses? Under code 4020 perhaps? My annual income is between R 180000 - R 200000 p/ year. (7. 5% = - R 13,5 - R15000) - Can I claim the difference in expenses without being on medical aid? Thank you for your assistance in this regard.

Can dependent claim Medical Aid portion they pay?

If my spouse pays her portion of the Medical Aid (and half of our child's medical aid), can she claim this back from SARS, even though I am the Main Member? Obviously when I submit my tax return it would be less this portion.

Claiming for elderly dependants medical aid contributions - Supporting documents

My parents are both pensioners and dependent on me financially. I pay for their medical aid, while I am on another medical aid. I have included both medical aids on my tax return, with the appropriate number on dependents noted every month.

SARS has asked for supporting documents to be submitted. I submitted: yearly contribution summaries from both medical aids, monthly invoices from my parent's medical aid addressed to me with my bank account details on them, debit order statement from my bank showing both being deducted every month as well as a covering letter explaining the situation. ...

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Are contributions towards GEMS and the GEPF tax deductible for government employees?

Are contributions towards GEMS and the GEPF tax deductible for government employees?

Claiming medical bills from SARS

I paid almost 10k in medical bills which medical aid did not cover. Yet SARS only paid me R100.00 back.

Company and private medical aid within the same tax year.

I worked for different companies within the tax year. With one of them, I received no medical aid and so I did my own private medical aid. With the other, medical aid forms part of the company benefits and appears on my payslip. How does TaxTim allow me to enter both of these? The options only seem to allow for 1 or the other throughout the tax year.

Paying my Mother's medical aid

I pay my Mother's medical aid premiums. These deduct from my savings account via a debit order every month. My Mother is fully dependent on myself financially (no income, no assets, nothing). She is 62 years of age. She is NOT disabled. She receives a SASSA grant. Her Medical aid is in her own name, and she is the main member. The reason she is not on my medical aid, is because my medical aid wanted to add a loading to her premium.

Can I claim this monthly premiums back from SARS?

Is vitamins deductable?

Can vitamins bought over the counter be claimed?
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