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Can you claim depreciation as an expense against rental income?

Posted 22 August 2013

Can you claim depreciation as an expense against rental income?

Allowable vehicle expense deductions

Posted 21 August 2013

What vehicle related expenses can I claim as deductions? I am a property manager and rental agent and use my vehicle mainly for work purposes. I know that any expense incurred in the production of income can be deducted, so can the cost of my vehicle (repayments) be deducted?

Who qualifies to claim for depreciation?

Posted 17 August 2013

Which kind of taxpayer qualifies to claim for depreciation of assets?

Cell phone depreciation

Posted 16 August 2013

I took out a 24 month cell phone contract at the end of January 2013 that I pay for on a monthly basis. My phone is used for business and personal purposes. I wish to write off my cell phone as a depreciation deduction (source code 4027). The cell phone handset is valued at around R6 799. Does this mean that I can write off the full amount of R6 799 for the 2013 tax year as it is less than R7000? What can I use as proof for SARS? A letter from the cell phone company confirming the value of the h...

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VAT payable although the company has been liquidated?

Posted 13 August 2013

I'm selling my business property. The company has been liquidated and my VAT no deactivated. Must the buyer pay VAT over ?
Thank you Tim


Car Insurance and Tracker

Posted 7 August 2013

Hi Tim

Can I claim for insurance and Tracker on my vehicle that is used for part-work and part-personal use?

What proof to submit to SARS for depreciation on a vehicle?

Posted 6 August 2013

I can't find the invoice for my car which I purchased new and paid for in cash in 2010. What proof would I need to submit to SARS instead to claim depreciation on this vehicle? (I work mainly for commission and I use my car mainly for business purposes).

Freelancer questions - Personal / business home office expense and wear & tear on a PC

Posted 5 August 2013

I am a freelancer & am registered as a provisional tax payer.

With regards to sharing rental costs, seeing that one of my rooms in my flat is used for my office, can I add detergents, coffee & tea to my list of expenses? If I had an office, these would come off as office expenses I'm sure. So seeing that I use the communal area of my house, i.e. toilet & kitchen, should the running expenses not be added to the amount I split between personal/business use?

With r...

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Tax deduction - Asset write-off for small items

Posted 1 August 2013

Is it true that the acquisition of "small" items at a cost of less then R 7000 per item may be written off during the year of acquisition? I bought a laptop for R 6999.00 in December 2012. I am a IT contractor.

Depreciation on private car for work

Posted 29 July 2013

Hi, I use my car for work, and I don't receive a car allowance, I am only refunded for services and petrol, can I claim depreciation on the vehicle?

Wear & Tear / Depreciation clarification

Posted 26 July 2013

Wear & Tear/Depreciation.

3 part question:

a) Do I claim full depreciation on my private vehicle or only that portion that is used for business purposes, using the business mileage % of the total annual mileage, as the apportionment figure?
b) Do I claim the full depreciation on my cell phone or only the business portion as well?
c) Am I able to claim the depreciation on my vehicle and cell phone for previous tax years if I did not do so at the time?

Business vehicle depreciation period

Posted 26 July 2013

Some years ago SARS advised me that I could depreciate a vehicle used for business over 4 years. Is this correct?

Can I deduct my uniform cost from my taxable income?

Posted 13 July 2013

I am a nurse and are required to wear a prescribed uniform and pay an annual fee for a practicing license. I do not get an allowance for either and have to pay for my own uniform and annual practicing license. Can I deduct these expenses from my taxable income?

Can I claim for the depreciation of my vehicle for which I get an allowance or is that included?

Posted 10 July 2013

I get an allowance of R48 000 p.a and I incured costs of R75 000 inlcusive of the lease payment for the vehicle in my name. I also incured personal expenses of R765 not recovered from the medical aid. The SARS calculator retuned R9885. I dont think thats right.

How do you apportion depreciation for a PC with both business and personal use?

Posted 3 July 2013

I bought a computer for my work (I'm a sole proprietor) and I believe that I have to apportion any depreciation I want to claim on it on my ITR12--although it is mostly used for work, I do use it a bit for non-business purposes as well.

Could you please tell me how I would calculate an apportionment like this and if I would have to have been keeping records of use for the computer?

Cellphone depreciation?

Posted 3 July 2013

What supporting documents do I need to add if I claim for cellphone depreciation. If I use my phone for mainly business but I pay for the contract not my employer?

Medical Aid Monthly Contribution VS Tax Credit on Medical Aid?? How to deduct?

Posted 2 July 2013

Hi Tax Tim
Great website, very helpful over the last couple of months.
I am busy filling in my ITR12, and I have a lot of deductions, ie depreciation etc, but when I enter my medical aid contributions, (paid by myself, R 1900 per month), and I calculate my tax return, it shows in the 4008 field R0.00. Please advise how to make this amount come in to account and how does the new tax credit work in my case? Lastly, re-imbursive travel expenses, how do I deduct this? I travel some times f...

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How to claim for km used and for own private vehicle use for work?

Posted 1 July 2013

The new information to create your personal income tax return now only give you a option "do you want to claim expenditure against the employer provided vehicle.

Can I claim my laptop for tax purposes?

Posted 28 June 2013

I did freelance work through my company, but it was paid in as my salary, so not recognized as freelance work and means I'm unable to claim any expenses. Can I claim the laptop I bought and used to work from home on as a business expense?

Cellphone claim for tax purposes?

Posted 26 June 2013

Can I claim my monthly cellphone bill? What do I claim it under?

Can I claim my laptop as an expense?

Posted 21 June 2013

I bought a laptop in November 2012 as I am in sales can I claim for it and what % would I get back?

How would I handle tax for freelance work?

Posted 17 June 2013

I've just started at a company doing part time work (22nd May). I get paid on an hourly basis, and the amount hours I work is up to me (very flexible - I am a student). I work about 120 hours a month which returns over R10 000 per month. Since it wont be a fixed amount every month (could be less, could be up to R16K), am I provisional tax payer? The first IRP6 is at the end of August, how would I go about handling this?

Would I be expected to pay 25% of all the income from June 2013- February 2014, on payment #2 IRP6 (February 2014)?...

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Hi, I'm not sure about my medical aid payments and also I have a company petrol card.

Posted 10 June 2013

My current salary package is Cost to Company. Does this mean I pay the medical aid or does the company pay it. The other issues is that I get a fuel allowance, but its not put into my salary. I have a fuel card.

What to do with following expences whilst renting out student accommodation (commune)?

Posted 30 May 2013

Part of Personal income.
1. Do I enter bond payments for the property anywhere?
2. What about security payments to Chubb?
3. What about Furniture & appliances - all rooms are furnished.

Re-reimbursement for company travel?

Posted 27 May 2013

Hi for the first time I am confused, I own my own car and last financial year I did about 18200 business km and 8100 private km my company refunds business travel at 2 rand a km I keep a log book but not receipts for fuel and repairs is there anything I can claim for?
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