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Commission Posts in Tax Q&A

ITA34 report when receiving a non-taxable allowance

The bank requires me to submit an ITA34 report for a loan application. My income is not taxable because it is an allowance from my parents. Is it possible to still get this clearance from SARS?

Have an IRP5 but am an independent consultant, how do I answer some questions?

I was part-time employed for 5 months of Tax year 2015, for which I have an IRP5. But I have made income elsewhere throughout the year as an independent consultant (freelancer). I am a little uncertain how to answer some questions, such as: "Did you spend any other money related to your earnings that you think you can claim as a deduction? You must have an amount next to source code 3606 (commission) on an IRP5 to qualify". The expenses I'd like to log relate to work that is not reflected on an ...

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Medical aid supporting docs

Hi. I have claimed for medical aid contributions and excess medical expenses out of pocket. SARS is auditing me, do I have to submit the actual slips for the out of pocket expenses (i. E. Every consult invoice and proof of payment)? Or is the summary from the medical aid (which shows claims and what was not covered - it has both full claim amount and out of pocket expense numbers reflected) sufficient?

Primary residence definition

I was letting out my property and was renting in another suburb for 3 years before selling my property. Is that property still seen as my primary residence?

Tax Deduction for Personal Vehicle

I am busy completing my Tax tax return with TaxTim, under the Tax Deduction section there is a wear and tear section. Can I depreciate the value of my personal car if I am still paying it off?

Deduction for travelling to work

Where do I enter my deduction for travelling to work as an independent contractor?

All I find is this:
"Did you spend any money on business travel which you do not get a travel allowance or reimbursement for? You must be a commission earner to answer Yes. Look for source code 3606 on your IRP5. Your Commission MUST also be more than 50% of your total income as stated on your IRP5. "

And this:
"Do you receive a travel allowance from your employer? Click Yes if source codes 3701 or 3702 appear on your IRP5, AND if you kept a vehicle logbook. "...

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What taxes would be applicable to my gross salary in UK?

Dear Tim, I am a provisional tax payer in South Africa. What would my tax parameters be if employed and paid by UK company?

Medical aid claim for claims submitted after year end

Hi. I submitted a medical aid claim after the tax year end for a procedure which was done in February 2015. Medical aid only paid a portion of the claim due to the nature of my medical aid plan. The amount not paid for by the medical aid is not reflecting on my medical aid tax certificate for 2015. I do have the original invoices. Can I add it on my tax return for this year or only next year?

Tax on allowance for laptop?

Is there tax on laptop allowance?

Travel expenditure claimable?

I am contracted out from my company where I am employed as a permanent employee. I have realised that I should have a travel allowance as I should be able to claim all the km's from the office to the respective clients?

The claimable distances are about 26km x2 per working day. However, I don't have a travel allowance on my payslip. Your advice?

I think I have the wrong IRP5

My period of employment was 01/05/2013. Can I still do that tax year?and how do I get a IRP5 for my current employment?I work for a real estate company and only get commission.

Can I claim my expenses for traveling to work everyday? My tax code is 3616.

Can I claim my expenses for traveling to work everyday? My tax code is 3616.

Tax on Cash Lump Sum

I have resigned and Agreed with my current employer to get paid my 3 month notice pay since I am starting my own business. How much tax is applied to a cash lump sum (3month notice 220k leave pay 70k), can I apply for a tax directive.

What type of forms to submit to represent your vehicle logbook

When asked to submit your logbook to SARS, can I use the petrol claim forms for the starting and ending month of that financial year or should I include all the months?

Subsistence allowance expenses

If I received a taxable subsistence allowance, but did not keep record of expenses (or proof) will I be able to deduct a deemed expense on my tax return.

Do you get taxed more in year that you had income or where there was minimal or no income?

I left my job in August 2015 and want to withdraw a portion of the provident fund in Nov 2015, i. E. In the same tax year as when I worked 6 months (March - August 2015). Am currently unemployed/self employed. What is the best time to withdraw in such a way as to save on tax. In 2015 year or wait for new tax year (Feb, 2016) where income is R0. 00?.

Home office Expenses disallowed

I'm a normal salary employee (not a commission earner) that work from home in a dedicated office 4 days a week, and I travel to the office one day a week. I tried to claim for a home office, and on my tax return I got the message "Home office Expenses disallowed". No reason given. I've tried querying, but they give me a case number, but never resolve the query. My employee contract is very old, and doesn't have the arrangement in. Can I give a letter from my employer as proof? What other documen...

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Earn a salary but fill my own fuel

Hi, hope you can assist me with a question. I currently earn a basic salary as I'm employed as a rep, I fill my own fuel when going out to see customers. My question is : can I claim for km I travel for business?

Where do I get my tax directive?

I got an IT34 notice. My tax status shows I need manual interference from SARS as they need a tax directive for the lump sum paid to me from a retirement fund. I received one IRP5 from my employer which includes my year's salary income as well as the retirement money. What happens now? Who is responsible for getting the tax directive? Shouldn't the retirement fund paid me directly and issued their own IRP5 to me?

Subsistence allowance claim

My employer gave me a subsistence allowance for local travel. But they have shown it under Code 3713 (other allowances) instead of under the subsistence allowance code. The subsistence allowance field on the tax return is greyed out and so is the other allowances field. How do I claim my expenses?

Where to put things on tax return

I worked for a company for two months last year and then worked for myself and invoiced out work. This means I have a IRP for the 2 months and then have to declare my income and expenditure on the balance of the year. When I populate the form I say yes to other income (trade). Where do I declare my expenses - such as computer, printing stationery, vehicle, medical, telephone, bank charges?

Do I qualify as a small business corporation?

Hi Tim,
I am a photographer and I have my own company set up from which I invoice my clients. I am confused as to whether or not I qualify as a small business corporation due to the nature of my business? I did your online test and from what I can see "photography" does not fall into one of those categories - am I correct?
I have one full time, un related employee and not more than 80% of my income is from one person.

Is it better to buy or lease a vehicle for a commission earner?

I am a real estate agent and require a vehicle to travel to appointments, etc. Would it be better to buy a vehicle (new or used) or lease a vehicle? My understanding is there are greater tax benefits in leasing (claim 100%) while buying a vehicle there is only a portion of the vehicle and interest you can claim. Is this correct? Which would you recommend?

Travel Claim for independent contractor

Firstly, thanks for this very informative site!

I am an independent contractor. I have used my vehicle for business use (without making a claim for re-imbursement) and have recorded this in a logbook. May I claim depreciation for my vehicle (under 4027)? Also where do I claim my business mileage travelled (code 4015 is greyed out)? And what value do put in as a claim? Is it the km multiplied by some rate? And what rate would that be?

I also have used my cell phone to make business calls and have ADSL which I use for doing work related activities. Where do I claim these amount?...

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Foreign service income exemption

I was hoping to pick your big tax brain before I submit my tax return and cause chaos at SARS.... I qualify for S10(1)(o) in terms of foreign services rendered as I meet the requirements in this regard. My dilemma is I don't know which part of my income I can use to claim the applicable portion of this exemption i.e. Income (3601); Annual payment (3605) etc. To further complicate the situation I had share options exercised in the same tax year!

Would you mind confirming which source codes I can use in the claim?...

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