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Tax refund on retail slips

How much tax refund would I get if I submit retail slips amounting to R10 000?

Interest on tax refund

My tax assessment SARS did not split my rental income 50% as I am married in community of property as was indicated on my tax return, Lodged an objection, but it took so long that I had to pay the incorrect amount in, it was R126,000. My objection was allowed and SARS paid me back the R126,000. But they had this money for 2 months and did not pay me any interest. Should they not pay me interest?, it was there mistake.

Tax on share options

On 1 March 2011 MaxBuild Ltd granted me an option to purchase 10 000 equity shares in the company for R75 each. The conditions attaching to the grant of the option were that I would not be entitled to dispose of the shares for five years or until I resign, whichever occurred first. At 29 February 2016 the shares had a market value of R123 each. This offer was not extended to any other employees at the time it was made and I'm still in the employment of MaxBuild Ltd. How will this transaction be ...

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How can we claim bond interest from rental income when married out of COP?

My wife and I are married out of COP (ANC with accrual). My wife owns an unbonded property that she lets. This means she has a lease agreement with the tenants, although they pay their rent into my account. I own the property that we reside in, which is bonded. The nett effect is that we receive rental income and pay bond interest, albeit on different properties. I would like to be able to claim the bond interest from my wife's taxable income. In order to do so, I assume we need to take out ...

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Does a sole trader require signed financial statements?

Does a sole trader who is registered for provisional tax need to have annual financials done?

Need help with proof of res ans how to make sure I dobt keep going back and forth to sars / SARS doc

I am getting my tax number today and am 22 I need to have a tax number in order for me to start working I have never had any sort of bill on my name to have access to proof of residence, I live with my parents and they have such how do I proof that I live there too? without having any sort of bill payments? help please

Tax for temporary employees

I am a temporary employee with three months contract in a municipality. I earn R37. 50 per hour and get paid on monthly basis. Last month my employer taxed me 18% on my salary. I worked for 160 hours. Is this the right percentage they used? please advise me on the applicable tax law for temporary employees.

Capital Gains Tax - costs of selling primary home.

When selling one's primary residence, am I correct to assume that closing out of the bond is included in costs of selling the asset when it comes to CGT payments? Does this fall under costs of selling the asset?

2016 delayed verification

I submitted my Tax tax returns at a SARS branch on the 25th of Feb. I was missing one document and supplied it to the branch the following day. My tax returns were triggered for verification, both the ladies who assisted me told me it takes up to 21 days, I called a few times with my case numbers and the call centre told me 60 days - this is ridiculous, as all the documents were supplied and I was not advised of this by the staff at the branch. What can I do about this?

When to Expect SARS Refund

I submitted my 2011 & 2012 IRP5s yesterday and received a message that I'm owed a refund from SARS. Any idea of when I can expect this refund?

Thanks for the help!

Will requesting my tax status start an audit if I have not been doing my taxes?

How do I find out what my Tax status is and will that make SARS audit me if not correct?
I am a free lance artist I pay tax on some of my fees from some clients. I rent out cameras, and have a part time job at my family business (whose taxes are also a mess). Tax is like gibberish to me I do not understand how it works and so I just stay away. Now my bank needs a tax status for a loan and im scared I will get audited if not right.

Unsure of the difference between tax no and vat no for my company

Ive been issued a tax reference number for income tax for my newly registered company. I'm not sure what it is. It starts with 907---

How to submit an oustanding return when you don't have an IRP5 and cannot find the employer?

What do you do if you have an outstanding SARS tax return for 2011 if you do not have an IRP5 for that tax year since the company you were working for cannot be found/traced? I was working on a contract basis and do not recall ever receiving an IRP5 for that year. I have submitted tax returns before and was never made aware of any outstanding tax returns. Only now that SARS needs to pay me money back do they mention that there is an outstanding tax return for 2011. How does there system work? I ...

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How do i answer the marital status question on SARS eFiling?

I got married in Dec 2015, but haven't managed to get a gap to go to Home Affairs to apply for a new ID book/card. This company where I freelance at don't even know that I got married. I tried to tell human resources,
late last year, but the woman said I can just provide them with copy of my new identity document, when I eventually get one. So now, WHAT do you suggest I DO when I log onto SARS e-filing,
Must I click the unmarried box? Or the married box?

Submission of late Provisional Tax returns

I received rental income in 2016 tax year, but didn't pay provisional tax. On my ITA34 I am not registered for Provisional tax, but on my SOA, requested one day later, it states that I am registered for Provisional Tax. What are my options now in order to pay the minimal penalties/interest? Do I rather not submit the late IPR6 tax returns and only specify the rental income when I submit my next Income Tax Return?
Also, how does the fact that I am married in community of property influence ...

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SARS mistake or are refunds done per assessment

I was audited and asked to submit supporting docs for logbooks, vehicle ownership/invoices and medical expenses. My assessment was calculated at R49k refund initially. When submitting medical exp I realized I had entered some expenses incorrectly so made changes to the ITR12. This resulted in a refund of R58k. In the new assessment SARS deducted the R49k under source code 4102 in the line "Previous Assessment Results", with net refund of R9k. Will my refund be both assessments ie R59k or are the...

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If I have a voluntary RA of R1500 per month, what will my tax refund be

If I have a voluntary RA of R1500 per month, how much do I get back?

How do I obtain an ITA34?

I need an ITA34 for the last two years for bond application, however, I've not submitted any tax returns due to the fact that I don't fall in the category for submission. How long will this take and is it now a complicated matter?

Can I claim from a pension fund that was taxed?

I have resigned in 2015 February - am l entitled to claim tax refund on my pension money that was taxed?

Can I claim a tax refund for prior years?

I have started working in 2006, but I never claimed a tax refund. Is possible for me to claim for all those years?

Please clarify if I can get a tax directive and how they work

My estimated gross income R670 114. 00
My estimated expenditure R306 081. 00
Estimated taxable income R364 033. 00
Please show me the calculations to get a tax directive of 20%

Is leave payout taxable?

This is regarding Leave Encashment. Is it taxable in South Africa? If yes, what is the percentage of tax deduction? If it is taxable, how can we get a refund?

Why aren't I getting tax rebates on all my work expenses?

I contract for a UK based company and and paid in Rands each month - a salary, and all my expenses. Currently I pay a tax person in SA to do my tax (I am paid in full and then it's my responsibility to sort my tax out), however I haven't received any rebates from SARS for 3 years despite all my expenses, including travel, office rental, parking (all business related). Wondering if you can help? Would TaxTim be able to deal with my provisional tax?

Can't acquire irp5 from previous employer before emigration

My previous employer liquidated on 12 February this year & the liquidation hasn't been completed yet. I am scheduled to move to work in Dubai in mid April on a 3 year non binding contract and I am wondering what would be the best solution to file my tax returns for the 2016 tax year?

Just in case I am unable to acquire the liquidators details before I leave for Dubai? Or what can I do if the liquidator does not send me the IRP5?

Never claim tax refund since 2006 untill now can I claim for all those years

I have started working in 2006 but I never claim tax refund is possible for me to claim for all those years?
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