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Do I need to pay tax?

I earn R5000/month without any further benefits from my employer. Do I need to register and pay tax?

Tax payment for over 65 years?

I am 65 years old married in community of property, I receive a monthly annuity of R5,000, I also receive interest from fixed deposits of R16,000 per month, what would my tax payment per annum be.

Can I claim more than the allowance: note salary is more than 50%

I am a business manager earning a salary/commission. Salary is more than 50% . I receive a travel allowance of 2500 per month.My m/v expenses are greater than 2500 per month. Can I claim more than the R30 000 allowance?

Do you pro-rata the threshold for provisional tax?

I started an allied medical practice in my own name in October 2014. I was not working prior to this. So far, I have collectively earned R22000. By the time the end of this tax year comes, I will not have reached the R70000 threshold. Does this mean that I do not need to submit a provisional return or should the threshold be adjusted pro-rata i.e because I have only worked for 5 months, the threshold would then be R29166?

Filing elegibility

I had a question about weather I need to file a tax return for 2014. I have lived outside of SA for 15 years and completed financial emigration last year when I closed a retirement annuity. The amt I received was very small (under R25 000). I did not receive/earn any other income. I did not pay tax on the amt I received as it was below the threshold. I still need to deactivate my tax number. Could you please let me know if it is necessary to file a SARS return for 2014. Thanks!

What information is needed when trying to be tax compliant?

I earned below the tax threshold for since 2010-2013 so I did not do tax returns, now I am earning more and would like to submit but I am not sure how to go about it.I registered with SARS in 2010.
Please advise.

Do I have to pay tax on a monthly salary below R20833.00

Anybody earning less than R250000.00 per annum don't have to submit tax returns according to media reports, that is equal to R20833.00 per month. Does that mean if your monthly salary is below R20833.00 no tax should be deducted monthly?

Tax directive for over 79 - part-time work (temporary)

I am retired person age 79 being paid a SASSA Social pension of R1370 per month. I want to do a part time work in the complex I live in and wish to reactivate my SARS tax reference number an I will be earning a commission of doing some administrative work for the complex owners. Depends on the number of tenants I find and also promoting their holiday letting the earnings may be up to R4000 per month max in peak period.What tax must I pay and what is the tax directive required for a person at age...

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Tax on stipend?

If I earn a stipend of R3 390 a month do I pay income tax?

Can a new taxpayer claim refunds for last five years?

My wife did not register as a taxpayer previously because she was told she earns a salary below the taxpayer threshold. She now intends registering as a taxpayer. Can she file returns for the last five years since she has incurred medical expenses on her own medical aid amounting to R50000 which was never recovered from the medical aid. Will she receive a tax refund for her medical expenses for the last five years?

Since my company took my tax number does that mean I am taxed even though I earn R5000 per month.

I earn 5000 a month and the company took my tax number so what I want to know is that mean I will be taxed?

Would I be taxed on R4800?

I would like to know, I'm working for two months at a company, I will only get R4800 per month, will I be taxed

Was unemployed for the year but paid medical aid and received local interest, can't file return?

I don't live in South Africa anymore but I did contribute to a medical aid last year for 5 months. Plus I have an investment that has earned interest. I never earned any other income in South Africa, only in the country that I live in now. If I want to file my tax return I would only need to fill in the medical aid contributions and my local interest. On the first page of my tax return it does not allow me to create a form where both medical aid contributions and local interest appears. If ...

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Does SARS charge a penalty on the late submission of an income tax return with a refund

Hi TaxTim,

This year was my first year of employment and as such I registered for tax. Additionally, I only received a salary for two months during the tax year (January and February). I therefore fall below the tax threshold and should receive a refund of the PAYE that was paid.

I am busy trying to register on e-Filing in order to submit my tax return on time (before the deadline of 21 November 2014). SARS has however requested that I go to the SARS branch to verify my banking details in order to successfully register me on e-Filing....

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If you're a freelancer who earns below R70 700, do you have to submit a provisional tax return?

I am a freelancer but I earned under the R70 700 threshold. Do I have to register for provisional tax? Some people have told me that I have to submit a provisional tax return anyway while reflecting on the return that my taxable income was zero. Seems stupid.

Tax thresholds?

When do I qualify to pay tax to SARS?

Does a sole prop with employees need to register for PAYE?

I am a sole prop and therefore do not have a company registered with CIPC. I have a few staff that work for me. Do I need to register for PAYE and UIF with SARS? Can a sole prop (ie and individual) register for PAYE?

Is there a threshold for registering for provisional tax for a non salary person?

I run my own business as a sole prop in my own name. I read somewhere that if my taxable income is below a certain threshold for the year, that I do not need to register as a provisional taxpayer. Is this correct? I was under the assumption that because I earn income other than a salary (from carrying on a trade) I am automatically a provisional taxpayer?

If I am below the threshold and do not need to register, then how will I know this before hand? For example, for the 2015 tax year, I will only know if I am below the threshold at the end of the year, being Feb 2015. By then, I would be late in submitting my provisional tax returns (due in Aug 14 and then Feb 15)?...

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Incorrect travel reimbursement code on late tax submission which results in taxable income?

I recently completed my 2014 tax return and was due a refund. Shortly after I was asked to complete my previous year return. I haven't done it as I was under the impression that I was under the tax threshold (below 250k). Whilst doing the return I noticed my previous employer incorrectly included my travel reimbursement under the wrong code per IRP5 ( they included as non taxable where as it was actually taxable as it was over 8000 km)
As a result I have a large amount now owing to SARS.
Is there any way for me to deduct actual costs for this if I don't have a log book? I do have a basic summary for the bulk of the expense which I presented to the employer for reimbursement....

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How to go about paying tax?

I have been working and earning an income below the tax threshold and my employer did not register me for PAYE or UIF, in the past 3 months my salary was increased but I was still not registered so have not being paying tax. I have now started a new job and will have to pay tax, what is the process to be followed by me and my employer?

If I earned only 55.000 Rand for the whole year through freelance activities, will I have to pay tax

I understand that the tax threshold in 2014 is 70700 Rand. In the financial year 2013/2014 I have earned only 55.000 Rand through freelance activities with different companies (I am a student). So my question is, will I have to try to bring the taxable income even more down (e.g. through claiming business expenses, medical expenses etc.) or do I need not bother as I am anyway below the threshold?

UIF reference number and IRP5 for employee under threshold

1. Do I need to create an IRP5 certificate for an empoyee that earns under the threshold?2. I am registered for PAYE - and was told I will be automatically registered for UIF. However I cannot add a UIF amount in my IRP5 certificates because it asks for a UIF reference number. Where can I get my UIF reference numberTHANKS so much

What is the tax on my December bonus?

What would the tax implication be on a bonus in December? My salary is R4950 pm.

Risk of underestimation of provisional tax in August?

If you underestimate your provisional tax in the August submission, but then are better able to more accurately estimate it in February, are you penalised for the under estimation in August? Furthermore, are there possibly any thresholds for underestimation in August which gives rise to a penalty, even if you accurately submit in February. Or is it is you're able to estimate accurately in February, that there are no penalties induced despite the underestimation in August?

What is the turnover limit of a small business corporation for the February 2014 year end?

What is the turnover limit of a small business corporation for the February 2014 year end, is it 14 million or 20 million?
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