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By when must all returns be submitted

By when must all tax returns be submitted

Can PAYE, UIF and Provisional Tax be claimed on Income Tax Return (ITR14)?

Hi TaxTim

I would like to now, can a Company claim PAYE, UIF and Provisional Tax on a Income Tax Return (ITR14)?

Thanks in advance.

Additional income capture for private work I was not taxed on

I did some private work during 2014 for which I was remunerated, but not taxed. Please advise how to add this to my tax return and how to claim for the expenses incurred in this period as well.

How to catch up on outstanding returns when I have no income and expenditure records

I resigned from my job in 2010 and took my pension to buy a small business, which I ran as a sole proprietor for 2. 5 years. During this time, I did not submit a tax return, as I wasn't sure how to do it. Also, I was not making much profit and more or less came out even at the end of every month. I then passed the business on to my son-in-law and started working again in 2013. All the income and expenditure info relating to the business was contained on a laptop, which subsequently crashed, so I...

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Registering as a freelance tax payer

Hi there, I have been working from home for a couple of months now for a company I used to work in-house full time for. Better explained - I now work on a freelance basis for the same company but I get a weekly salary, the same each week and its on-going. I had the understanding that my tax was being deducted off my salary, that the company was taking care of this. I recently realised that this is not the case and I should have registered as a freelance practitioner and taken care of my own tax....

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ITR12 For January as Provisional Tax Payer

I am currently running a business as a sole proprietor and have registered for provisional tax. I have already submitted 2 provisional tax returns for the 2015 tax year (IRP6). Now do I also need to submit a ITR12 for January?
Does TaxTim also help with this type of ITR12, and if so, is it any different from your standard ITR12?
How should I answer the initial TaxTim questions differently?

Vehicle Purchased For Business and Personal

I recently purchased a car cash for business and personal use. The amount paid was R103,000. How can I go about claiming a portion thereof as a tax deductible expense if I also use it for my business?

Tax implication working as a consultant

If I earn a salary that's taxable plus an amount working as a consultant for a different company what is that tax implication on the extra amount earned as a consultant?

After registering a company, when does the owner become in liable for provisional tax?

If an individual registered a small company with the CIPC at the end of May 2015 (for example) when does the individual become liable for provisional tax? The company is the only source of income for the individual.

Office costs as free-lance journalist working from home

If I am working from home as a free-lance journalist, can I claim office expenses like paper, ink, internet and cell phone costs and if so, where do I claim these under?

Earn commission apart from full time job, what are the tax implications?

I am earning commission on sales from selling an appliance. This income I earn on a part time basis apart from my full time job. What will the tax implications be on such an income, the commission varies from month to month? How do I go about paying this?

How do I undo selecting the wrong time period for a provisional tax return?

Hey there TaxTim!

I'm doing my provisional tax return, and accidentally selected the wrong time period for it when requesting it. How do I undo this?

When does one register for provisional tax, before you earn or after you earn money

Provisional Tax
Do I earn say R8000 for the first 6 months first
Then register to pay provisional tax
Forex Trader Starting soon

Register Yes or No for a company?

I am a bit undecided if I want to register a new Pty Ltd due to all the tax requirements. For the moment there will be no employees as it will be a part time business for myself in which I will provide financial services and consulting. Please assist in advising me if I will need to register for PAYE and also income tax, even though the business will be very small and start off with less than R50 000 income per annum?

How does tax work for self employed person?

I am self employed and wish to know what tax contributions I need to put aside of my salary every month and also when does a self employed person start paying tax? after what amount of earnings?

As a sub-consultant should the company I do work for deduct tax?

What is the difference between a sole proprietor and sub-consultant. I am a sub-consultant and work on an hourly rate. My income is not the same every month. I use the companies' offices from time to time. I have been a sub-consultant since August 2015. The company deducts tax from my monthly income and will provide me with an IRP5. My question is should they deduct tax?

Request for Supporting Documents but I have not been employed for 3 years

SARS is asking for supporting documents related to my tax return but I have been unemployed and living abroad for three years! I don't have any of the documents they are requesting. I still pay provisional tax and submit that tax return dutifully. I read that I must swear an affidavit at a police station but I am currently not in the country and won't be back for several months - they need these supporting documents in 21 days. What must I do? (I did email them, asking them what to do, but they ...

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ITA34- Gives 0.00 as Net amouny payable but tax calculation result is "-18K".

I submitted tax return (ITR12) for year 2013-2014 via SARS SARS eFiling and calculator shows that amount is -18K. But
ITA34 Notice of Assessment show "0" amount as net payable. What does this mean because I should be expecting 18K refund as per tax calculation pdf generated. Why ITA34 says "Net amount payable under this assessment after allowable credits
Compliance information:0. 00"???? Please help me to understand this.

Help with provisional tax already part completed

Hi, I'm working on my husbands tax return for the first time (used to have tax practitioner). I've done 1st and 2nd provisional for 2015 year and I'm about to do a top payment and then I'll wait until Jan to do final ITR12. If I sign up for the R349 package are you able to pick up from where I left off? Just need help with some final details and good to have access to an expert to answer questions I may have as things come up.

Tax on additional incmome from a private owned company.

I run a small business on the side line apart from my normal Job at a Big Company. Must I declare any money I use from that company as the company director as part of my personal income tax?

How to declare additional income for freelance work done locally?

I did some freelance web design work on a once-off basis for a local company, how should I declare this income on my tax return?

Do I declare a gift of R100,000

The person I was working for in a personal capacity for 10 years as an assistant emigrated to the USA. She wants to give me a thank u parting gift of R100,000. I am a provisional tax payer and pay tax on the R10,000 she has been paying me monthly. Do I have to declare it on my tax?

Provisional returns submitted but not assessed and no income tax form on efiling

I am a provisional taxpayer and have completed an IRP6 for 201402, 201401 and 201501. My last assessed year was 2012. I still need to complete the 201502 and 201601 IRP6 tax returns. On my SARS SARS eFiling page my IT12 does not show as issued. Is this normal? When will it be issued? Should I contact SARS to check

What income do I declare on IRP6 now that I earn a salary too?

Hi. I have been submitting provisional tax returns (IRP6) for a few years but since December 2015 have entered full-time employment, and hence receive an IRP5. I still however earn some money doing approved work outside of my full time employment.

Do I declare only my extra earnings on my IRP6, and then the total earnings on my ITR12, or do I declare my total earnings, i.e. Salary plus extra earnings, on my IRP6?

Copy of f/stat showing business sold

Need a copy of a sole prop f/stat, showing my business has been sold
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