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Can I claim a lump sum financial lease installment settlement as a deduction for tax purposes.

If I am currently paying a finance lease for a vehicle and then subsequently decide to request a settlement figure from the bank and pay the remainder of the finance debt off to the bank can I claim the lump sum settlement as a deduction for tax purposes?

Do you deduct the interest exemption plus tax threshold from interest income to get the total income

Only income earned is investment income thus interest on savings in bank account. Do you deduct the interest exemption of R23800 plus R70700 from the total to establish income e. G R96000 interest income - R23800 - R70700 = R1500 multiply by 18 % taxes due R270

What exchange rate to use on foreign dividend inclusion

When calculating the Rand value of foreign dividends to be included into taxable income under s1, what exchange rate must be used if the dividends accrued over a period of a year? If I received 83.69 pounds over the year of assessment, is the amount converted to Rands at the average exchange rate over the year or at the exchange rate present on the 28th of February? The Act doesn't provide any clarity on this.

How to legally handle an amount of R500,000 paid to parents for purchase of retirement home.

My husband and I are over 75 and because of his health problems have sold our home and bought in a Retirement Estate with Frail care. Our son, has donated R500,000 towards the cost of the unit. He is not resident in S. A. So will not be liable for tax but we have been advised that, he can donate annually, an amount of R100,000 which in 5 years will cover the original amount. Is this correct? We do not pay income tax as our only income is through interest on investments and a small pension receiv...

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When and why must I do efiling?

My employer does deduct monthly tax from my salary. My income is not more than R250000 a year. I have no other income that I earned or interest rates or dividends I earned. Do I still have to do SARS eFiling? Thank you

What source codes are used for Investment Income interest?

What source codes do I use on my tax return for Investment Income as listed in my first submission?

How does "Interest on underpayment of prov tax" work?

I've done my 2012 tax return only now and I see the original assessment is R14,693.15. Now another item that is listed is:

Interest on underpayment of prov tax. Section 89quat(2) 2012 to the amount of R3,884.46.

I just want to know is that value correct, and how is that calculated. I guess it is that "high" because of this part in that section?:

"... Such interest being calculated from the effective date in relation to the said year until the date of assessment of such normal tax. "...

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Help! SARS has just informed that I need to submit a 2008 Tax Return

Good day,

Over the past three weeks, I have been in contact with SARS telephonically regarding a refund due to me for the 2015 Tax Year. I have just been informed that SARS has upgraded their system and I now need to submit a Tax Return for 2008 before they will pay the refund. In 2007, I was employed on a part time basis as a tutor whilst I was in my final year of study at University. After graduating in 2007, I started to work on a full time basis at a company from 1 January 2008. I...

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Tax treatment of income of spouses

What is the tax implication for someone who is married in community of property, especially on passive income like interest and dividend?

Want to know

What is employment tax incentives

How long does SARS take to refund you if their auditing you ?

How long does SARS take to pay your money if their auditing you? And do SARS need to pay you interest if their auditing you?

Gross Salary earned with no deduction?

My employer only pays my salary on a gross basis, and does not deduct tax off my salary every month. He also hasn't given me an IRP5. How would I submit a tax return for this year? Should I approach SARS?

Tax returns for 2007 needed

My tax have been submitted 13/8/2015 and they asked to supply a logbook which I did. My tax for 2014 was not done and have submitted those aswell. My 2015 tax was not being audited but my 2014 is under audit. When I log onto SARS eFiling it says my penalties are R500. I have called them now and they said ny penalties are R1500. And I have to submit my 2007 tax returns. I do not have any of those documents anymore as its 8 years back. How can I go about the difference in penalties fee's and submi...

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Tax on local based foreign currency accounts

How is tax caculated on a local foreign currency account. Example: Savings of $100. Worth R1000 but worth R1200 due to currency changes at end of year. And also interest of R50.

Deduction in returns

For an unemployed person that has a savings account and receives interest on credit balance and has an investment property that is being let and no other income, is it compulsory to submit a tax return. If so what deduction can be included in the tax return.

VAT returns duplicated (manual and efiling)

Hi. I recently did the VAT tax returns for a trust that is an NGO. There were many outstanding tax returns as far back as 2008. I did not know that there had already been manual tax returns submitted for some of the periods that I completed a tax return on SARS eFiling for. This has resulted in SARS thinking we owe them a large sum of money including penalties and interest. What is the best way to correct this situation?

Where is the interest on the bond for home office expenses claimed on the ITR12?

Where do I claim the interest on the bond portion of my home office expense on the ITR12, is it under the "rental" section of the expenses?

Please advise on inheritance tax and interest income tax.

I am receiving R 800 000 from my uncle, as part of an inheritance. Will I have to pay tax on this. I would like to invest it where I will receive a monthly interest that I can use, will I be taxed on this monthly amount. If so how much?

Are local dividends included in local interest?

Do I include my local dividends earned, as listed on my IT3b, to my total local interest earned?

Training debt

Hi Tim. I was given functional training by the govt to the tune of R1,2 mil. In return I had to work it back over 13 years as part of the training bond. I left with 4 years to go. I now owe R350k. I will attempt to pay it back in lump sum as the interest they are charging is at prime. When I pay back the money via EFT is this tax deductible?

TAX Penalties

I am ready to submit my tax return for 2015. However I see that I had a Positive balance on my tax return, I am told that it means I need to pay SARS, the Value was R 490. 00. How do I know the interest I will charged on this value. No Notification from SARS was received indicating that I owe or that it is owing to them.

Should I submit my late husband's IRP5

My husband passed away last year July, he used to work for Fidelity security services. At his work place they sent me his tax certificate (IPR5)should I send it to SARS or what? When does the tax season end?

Earning income outside of South Africa.

Hi Tim, Before I start a Tax Return I need to ask a few questions. I currently am working in the UK. I started in July 2014 to date. I submitted a tax return in SA for the 2013/2014 tax year, but my last income was January 2013 (paid tax on a Pension/provident fund early cash out for this period). I keep a current address, and still have a bank account, and assets such as a car, etc in SA. I do not own property. Under what circumstances would I be required to submit a tax return in SA, and if so...

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How much I must pay/be paid?

Thank you for submitting your income tax return for the 2015 year of assessment. Your assessment has been concluded and reflects an amount refundable to you of R -316. 36

Please note that this amount only reflects your income tax assessment and does not reflect tax payable under any previous assessment or any other balances on your account. The current balance on your assessed account is R 4621. 86. For a statement reflecting your final balance (including all amounts payable or refund...

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Taxable Income

Please enter your Taxable Income. This is your Gross Income minus the business-related expenses from business or rental income. Also subtract any contributions to a pension fund or retirement annuity fund, donations, depreciation and other travel allowance deduction and any exempt income. Does this mean petrol, stationery, ink rent etc.?
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