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Academic books - deductible?

Posted 25 April 2014

Can I claim deduction for academic books I buy? I am an academic employed by an institution. I need the books to do my job but my institution does not pay for books.

Holiday Homes - what can I claim and what will be the tax implications when I sell my property?

Posted 4 April 2014

I have a holiday home... what expenses can I claim? Can I for instance claim depreciation and finance charges? What is the TAX implications if I sell my holiday home, say after 10 years? If I took money from an existing bond and other financial investments, can I claim the finance cost and lost interest?

Tax reliefstructure salary for tax purposes?

Posted 25 March 2014

I pay medical aid for myself and 2 dependents

What deduction can I take monthly from my salary in this regards

The medical aid payment if R7000 a month as one of the dependents is over 21

What other benefitdeductions can I make on my salary to save tax ??

Depreciation calculation of earth moving equipment?

Posted 13 March 2014

I need to calculate the depreciation on the following items: (all of the items is earth moving equipment)

- a bucket (which forms part of a machine)
- a TLB
- a Tandem Roller

I don't know over how many years I should write of these equipment.

Which is the best way to maximise your return using the travel allowance?

Posted 11 March 2014

There are two ways to calculate travel allowance that is deductible. One is where you keep actual expenses and the other is where there is a table of fixed costs, maintenance etc depending on the value of the car. Which can maximise your refund? And can the capital value of the vehicle be deducted or considered besides for the purposes of determining running costs?

Can you deduct travel expenses to & from coaching as an independent contractor if you keep a logbook

Posted 27 February 2014

If you work 2 jobs - 1 part time with a salary (office job) and the other ad-hoc coaching of sports. Can you deduct travel expenses for the travel to and from the ad-hoc coaching? [I know you can't to and from the work place for the salaried job.]

And what other deductions can you make besides the medical tax credit?

Vehicle depreciation?

Posted 21 February 2014

I recently started my own business and I use my vehicle to collect stock/supplies and also to deliver to my clients. Can I claim the cost of my yearly vehicle renewal from tax?

Deductions on rental income - what is allowed?

Posted 21 February 2014

When doing deductions from rental income, for tax purposes, please advise which of these are deductible:
1) Monthly service fee charged on the bond;
2) Special levies raised for: Water meters (each unit is to have its own water meter, as per municipality); carports (I doubt it, as this is of a capital nature, but please confirm); garden tools.

What is the depreciation limit?

Posted 30 January 2014

What is the maximum amount you can write off against depreciation in general?


Posted 28 January 2014

is it still valid - can I use this list of depreciation in 2014 or has there been changes made?

Leasehold improvement - how is this taxed?

Posted 30 December 2013

Our company has to make improvements to our offices that we lease. I know we should account for these as leasehold improvements and amortize it over the lease period, but will this amortization be a tax deductible expense? (will the accounting and tax treatment be the same?) The total improvement will be less than R7 000 can I rather treat this as a "small items" deduction?

SARS not reviewing third efilling correction, requesting documents for something I corrected.

Posted 19 December 2013

Great website

I submitted my tax return, via eFiling, and made two corrections (Re-filed) the one was a medical expense correction where I was a few rand off, and the second was depreciation of an iPad for business use (Calculated for 50 percent business and 50 percent personal) - On the initial return I depreciated the full amount (R2033) and on the third correction on my return I depreciated over three years (R190)

I submitted documents for review and audit, and today I received a SARS letter request to submit documents review for the R2033 amount. For some reason SARS is not picking up my third e-filling correction....

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Contractor Claims - source code 3616

Posted 5 December 2013

I am an independent contractor code 3616. I use my vehicle for for business purposes and have an RA.

1) Must I have an RA to claim the max 15% RA deduction or can I claim irrespective having one or not ?
2) My vehicle is paid up, can I still claim the monthly ISA installment I used to pay ?
3) What are the entertainment expenses I can claim ?

Where on on the ITR12 do purchases like PC's under R7000 get filled in? And Internet Expenses?

Posted 23 November 2013

For Home office outlays where on the ITR12 form would I put R1400 spent on a new Hard Drive for my business computer and R4500 for a Laptop - do they go under capital expenditure?

And are 3G or ADSL Internet expenses added to telephone costs and put under the Telephone heading?

What deduction can be claimed under a 3717 housing subsidy allowance?

Posted 21 November 2013

What deduction can be claimed if I received a 3713 allowance and the allowance was for a housing subsidy and under what source code will I complete the deductible amount?

Are insurance premiums a tax deductions from a business?

Posted 15 November 2013

As a sole proprietor, can I deduct insurance premiums on electronic equipment as an expense? (3x computers I use to carry on my trade as an animator)


Posted 12 November 2013

What is the difference between tax code 4027 on the personal tax return and wear & tear under claim against travel allowance?

Calculate Wear and Tear / Depreciation using Interpretation Note 47

Posted 2 November 2013

My question has to do with Calculate Wear and Tear / Depreciation using Interpretation Note 47.

Can one claim depreciation on a personal car that one uses to get to work and back?

Can I claim MPS as a state doctor if I do extra private work earning me additional income?

Posted 13 October 2013

I work as a salaried doctor in the state. I also however do some work in private so I need MPS. Can I deduct this and the laptop I bought to do this work? Unrelated, I pay R3200 per month for my domestic worker. Any possibility of a tax deduction on this?

Commission earners and staying up to date on what you can claim and what portions

Posted 26 September 2013

Hey TimI am back and this year I have subscribed to your service so I'm looking forward to easy filing!I do have a couple of questions, keeping it high level, as I earn the majority of my income on commission and spend quite a lot of my own income in making that possible. I'll just dive right in:A.) Can I claim depreciation on my 1.) Car and 2.) Scooter - how do I calculate that and where do I put that on my return if I can?B.) Can I claim insurance expenses on 1.) My Home Office and 2...

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When do I start my logbook if got travel allowance halfway through year?

Posted 25 September 2013

Hi Tim, I get a travel allowance but however I started receiving it in June, but always had used the car since the month of April! So when do I start the date of my logbook for efiling?

Depreciation and tax life of a dragline bucket?

Posted 18 September 2013

What is the deduction Interpretation Note 47 for a Dragline Bucket?

Tax advantages of leasing a car?

Posted 2 September 2013

Hi, What are the advantages of leasing a vehicle for a business, tax benefits? Can I write off the lease payments made on the vehicle as expenditure and claim back from SARS?

Deductions against professional fees

Posted 28 August 2013

I have done private consulting for the last 5 months of the 2013 tax year. I have not been formally employed for this period. What can I deduct against professional fees earned? Home office? All travel to and from clients using vehicle cost tables? Cell Phone (ratio business/personal call accepted or actual business calls only)? Other?

How to deal with depreciation if moving from sole prop to CC.

Posted 23 August 2013

On 1 September 2013 I will cease as a sole proprietor and operate as a CC. How do I deal with depreciation eg a truck depreciated for 8 months with 40 left under the new CC.
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