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Can I claim my monthly expenses, can I get a refund on monthly regular day-to-day expenses?

I have properties jointly with my wife (Community of Property) and getting rents which covers all my payments towards my bonds, Rates & Taxes, Levies and Refuse accounts. Little extra amount is surplus. My question is: Should I need to pay Tax on my monthly Rental Income?

I pay for my Groceries, Fruit & Veg, Rents, Electricity, Gas, Domestic Maid, School Fees, Kids Sports Fees, Transportation, Petrol, Bank Charges, Personal Loan (Absa) Credit Card Fees & Financial Charges, Telkom & Vo...

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What expenses can I deduct on my Forex earnings?

I am a full time employee, earning a salary every month. I recently started trading Forex and understand that the profits will be added onto my existing income for the year and taxed accordingly. I would like to know what kind of expenses can be deducted from tax that is paid on the profits for that year. Can I deduct my "office space", adsl / fibre internet (full monthly subscription), % of municipal bill, interest on bond, etc as all of these items are used to generate or assist in gen...

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According to SARS criteria, I dont need to sumit ITR12. But do I still submit IRP6 twice yearly?

I'm a provisional taxpayer. According to recent communications from SARS, I no longer need to submit ITR12 any more as I match all their criteria. My question is: Do I still need to submit the IRP6 twice yearly?

Will my refund be issued if I have old returns outstanding?

I have completed my income tax, and there is a refund owed to me. Will this be paid out if I have not done the assessments for the years 2011 and 2012. But I do not have any documentation from those years

SARS is verifying my assessment

Dear TaxTim. I have completed my Efiling early in July 2016 and shortly after were asked to supply supporting Documents which I did. Then a few days later Sars send me a correspondence reading: " Verification if Assessment" under the heading Completion Letter. What is suppose to happen now? Since then its been a few days but no refund or any news since ?

Medical expenses for children

My children are on my ex husbands medical aid, but I am paying half of all their medical expenses in cash. Can I claim for it

What are the allowable deductions for a consultant?

What expenses can I claim for as a consultant


How do I know if I get money back from SARS

Assets in the form of Cellphones, Laptops, Cameras - Are these tax deductible as I use it for work

I bought a new Personal Computer (Laptop) for both work and personal use in November 2014 as the 2nd hand ones were always breaking down or crashing. Also bought a new Photographic Camera in 2014 for both uses as well. I also invested in a new Cellular Phone last year as the one I had was 2nd hand and very unreliable. This I done just before embarking on an arduous film shoot in KZN where I would be very dependant on it for communication purposes as to the ever changing schedule. Long story short. . . I have never claimed for wear and tear and as I use it for work purposes too I would like to find out whether its possible as a tax deductible and how I should go about it...

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Are IT3B's required in document verification for a refund?

My interest from local sources (4201) is less than the maximum annual limit allowed by SARS. I was selected for document verification. Do I need to submit my IT3B's for the document verification since this document doesn't affect my refund?

claiming for raising grandkids

We are raising our grandchildren can we we claim

Can company expense bond related expenses for property owned by director but used & paid by company?

I bought property in my personal name and started a B&B which is registered as a PTY. Can the PTY expense the interest on the bond and the bond installments since it utilises the property and pays for it even though it is registered in my name?

TAX Return for Dental specialist?

Hi, I had to take my son to a dental specialist to have a check up on his jaws and teeth for braces, but had to pay R1554, which medical aid does not cover. Can I claim tax back on it?

Tax refundable if worked for less than 6 months?

If my employment term was only for 5 months as stated on my IRP5, will I get my tax contribution back since its less than six month? Ive heard that you need to work a minimum of six months in one tax year to be taxable.

60 day rule

I have an employment contract outside of SA and my employer does not deduct PAYE, do I have to be outside of SA for 183 days of which 60 must be consecutive in a tax year or just in a 12 month period (if contract is from 15 April 2015 - 15 April 2016)?

The waiting period for a rfund after submitting

How long does it take 4 SARS 2 pay out the tax return

Retirement annuity contributions, are they tax deductible for 2015 and 2016 years of assessment

I am self employed and run a business as a sole proprietor, can I deduct my retirement annuity contributions for tax purposes for 2015 and 2016 years of assessment

Provident fund contribution

If my company deducts money from my salary for a provident fund can I claim this from SARS?

Unclaimed disability from 2009 to 2013? can I do so now?

I previously did not know that you can claim for disability and I have 6 years worth of disability that I didnt claim, is it possible to do so? from 2009 to 2013

Insurance on personal laptop, tax deductable?

Like to find out if the insurance that you pay on laptop to use for work purposes is tax deductible?

Provident Contribution part of CTC not showing on IRP 5

Dear Tax Tim

I am contribution provident fund via my employer on a monthly basis. This forms part of my CTC and does not show on my IRP 5 but shows on my YTD salary report as a contribution monthly as well as on my payslip. Can I claim a tax refund from this and if so how do I do it.

Can freelance stylist claim back 25% tax deducted form her income?

Hello, I've been working as a freelance stylist in the Film industry for the past year, and around 25% tax has been deducted from each pay check. How do I go about getting a tax return?

Home Office Deduction

Hi, I work mostly from home, what information needs to be on the letter from my employer?

Do I submit one tax return or two?

I received a final salary payment in March 2016 (where PAYE etc was deducted) and the same month began earning income as an independent contractor from a variety of clients. When I submit my first provisional tax return in 2016, do I include the March 2016 Salary payment I received, or do I submit a separate income tax return in 2017 for that income?

IRP5 not showing Code 3701

I receive Travel Allowance monthly and on my IRP5 it does not show as Code 3701 but rather showing as 3703. How does one go about with this issue as this Allowance shows on my payslip and added to gross earnings and thus taxed.
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