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Must wife's bank account interest be added to husband's interest?

I am not employed. I have a savings account in which we save. Do we add the interest earned from this account to my husband's interest from his bank accounts? We are married in community of property.

Unfiled taxes

I have not filed a tax return for three years even thou I have been employed and did previous tax returns however I do earn below the 350 000 threshold. What do I do to be compliant and what kind of penalties would I expect?

SARS source code for Dividend Income/Foreign

I received an IT 3(b) statement from dbXTrackers with a new (wasn't there last year) entry, under Dividend Income, namely, Foreign. Can you please advise what is the correct SARS source code for:
Dividend Income / Foreign?

Never submitted a tax-return

I have always been horrible with tax and have never submitted a tax-return. I was unaware that is was a "must-do", as I paid tax as per normal. What will happen to me?

Is there any tax liability in South Africa on the cash portion (commutation) of a UK State pension?

My wife and I are both citizens of UK, permanently resident is South Africa. We are both about to draw our deferred UK state pensions, and we intend to commute the deferred portions for cash, roughly R500 000 each. Is there any tax liability in South Africa?

When must I pay income tax?

Hi. I started helping people in gardens doing gardening jobs 4 years ago. It was very still in the beginning doing about 8 jobs a month and just surviving. I now have more clients and want to know if I must register a company and what about the previous years of earning something. Must I pay a penalty.

Are penalties incurred for late payment to the Municipality vatable?

I would like to know whether late payment of license disks for company cars and the related fines and penalties are vatable, that is, can you claim input tax on the penalties and fines incurred to the traffic department?

Prescription period for UIF payments to government

What is the prescription period for outstanding UIF payments to the UIF Commissioner?

What is ita88 system

What is ita88 system

Do I need to declare investments outside SA?

I have been living outside of South Africa for longer than 2 years. I have been investing money outside of SA. The currency is USD. Do I need to declare this investment in my tax return. The money was earned outside the country, and I have not yet tax returned to SA.

Married taxation on investment interest

My girlfriend and I are planning on getting married and as part of this we would like to know if being married In Community of Property will affect the tax applied to any investment income I currently earn. Ideally once we are married I would like to transfer half of my current investment into her name so that we both earn interest separately (in order to pay less than half of the current tax I'm having to pay on the interest as the amount would then push us into lower earning bands?) however I'm wondering if this would then have the tax benefits that I think it would?...

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I have a savings account with R40,000 with interest of 1,991. 28 this financial year. Does this need to be declared and if so where does it go on the tax form.


I was retrenched and I'm presently unemployed. I'm living on the interest from a lump sum investment which amounts to about R8000 per month. Do I need to pay tax?

What are those supporting documents that I need to submit

I have received an email from SARS saying my income tax has been identified for verification and I must submit my supporting documents on my SARS eFiling. What are those supporting documents that I need to submit, if I don't have invoices,medical certificate or travel book. Is it the IRP5 still a supporting document?

Claiming back tax, how do I do it and how does it work?

What does tax returns include? I'm new in the employment sector and I don't really understand how this works. I know that I pay tax every month over R1000. Last year I was also taxed for a seasonal job I did as a student, being an exam assistant for the department of education in the eastern cape and I was told I can claim back my tax, how do I go about doing that? I am just interested in knowing how to claim tax back.

No IRP515 = no tax refund

I was overseas studying for tax years 2010 and 2011 and therefore didn't have IRP5s for those tax years. However, I did have income in the form of rental income but for both years I made massive losses due to expenses, high interest rates, bad debts etc. Does the lack of IRP5 automatically disqualify me from any refund due to me by SARS?

Non-resident tax implication on rental income?

Myself and the wife ( non-residents / Irish citizens and tax payers) bought a property in South Africa in both our names. Does the R 65 000 tax exemption apply to each of us individually? The combined rental income is R 120 000 after expenses/deductions. We plan to invest the rental income in a flexible money market account at 5,75%. If the exemption applies to both i. O. W R 130 000 combined, do we have to register for tax?
Can flight tickets once in two years to oversee maintenance and i...

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My late husband worked for SAPS. do I qualify for the UIF death benefit?

My late husband worked for SAPS. Do I qualify for the UIF death benefit?

What value to use in wear and tear calculation - vehicle

What to include in the price when calculating wear and tear on a company vehicle? Service plan, window break-in protection, VAT, Finance initiation charge, interest?

63 old, interest income R13500/mon and will contribute R2640/m towards medical.Tax payable?

I'm 63 and retirinmg with an interest based income of R13500. 00 /month. I'm contributing R2640 towards medical aid. How much SARS tax will I be liable for. Thank you

Car Deductions on Commission

Hi Tim, I am a Commission earner and I claim back on my vehicle usage on depreciation and logbook. When I claim back on my car usage, I keep a logbook as well. But my question is, can I claim back on a paid up vehicle? or do I have to still be paying monthly towards finance. Does the finance amount help with increase my tax return from SARS. Eg if im paying R2500 or R2000. Which will yield a higher tax return?

Deadline: Manual Versus Via Tax Practitioner

Hi there, when is the deadline for submitting manual income tax returns?

I had submitted my income tax returns via my tax practitioner and when is this tax practitioner due to meet before the deadline reaches?

VAT on new vehicle for commission earner

As a Commission earner and using my vehicle for business purposes. Can I claim the VAT back on purchasing a new vehicle?
also what can I claim on the interest portion?

NO refund yet

Good Day

I recently submitted my tax return and have a refund due to me. I emailed SARS and asked how come I have received my refund and they say that I have not submitted my 2011 tax return. I only worked for 4 months in that tax year and earned way below the threshold. Also in previous years they have refunded me without asking me to submit the 2011 tax return. What I would like to know and am afraid of is, if I submit the 2011 tax return now will I not incur penalties and interest?

Request for Supporting Documents but I have not been employed for 3 years

SARS is asking for supporting documents related to my tax return but I have been unemployed and living abroad for three years! I don't have any of the documents they are requesting. I still pay provisional tax and submit that tax return dutifully. I read that I must swear an affidavit at a police station but I am currently not in the country and won't be back for several months - they need these supporting documents in 21 days. What must I do? (I did email them, asking them what to do, but they ...

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