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Medical contribution not showing on TaxTim calculator result.

On your tax calculator, I have filled in my details, and filled in my medical aid contribution paid by myself for the full year. The amount it calculates is not what I expected, as with the calculation at the bottom of the results, my medical contributions are not taken into account to calculate the result amount. Why are my medical contributions not taken into account when calculating my tax return?

Can I restart with the return I made a mistake

Can I restart my tax return I just entered a wrong answer about medical aid and would like to go back to the beginning to start over.

If I have 2 IRP5s for the same Tax year, so I simply add the relevant amounts?

I have two IRP5s for two companies for the Tax year 2014, due to the fact that the original company changed "ownership" (it was just a legal change). Do I simply add the amount from both IRP5s when filing my tax return/

Can SARS go back on their policy even though dyslexia is clearly on their list of disabilities?

In my 2014 tax return I submitted all sorts of forms proving that my daughter is dyslexic and has to attend an expensive school which accommodates her learning disability. They accepted the paperwork and paid me back some of the school fees. This year (2015) they have rejected the same claim and the reason they give is that she does not attend a public school but a private one.

Are medical-expenses tax deductible if you do not have a medical aid?

I just wanted to find out; I had one or two medical expenses that I needed to pay in the previous financial year, but I do not have a medical-aid... Would I be able to claim these expenses on my tax return?

Can I claim for medical aid expenses for my mum that I pay ?

I pay for my own medical aid for myself and 3 dependants. I also pay for my pensioner mum and disabled brothers medical aid. I put them onto a separate medical aid as it will cost me too much if I had to add them as dependents on mine. I got my mum as the principal member and my brother as the dependant on that medical aid. Can I claim for this under medical aid / medical expenses? I did call SARS helpline but was told I cannot as they are not dependants under my medical aid. I did tell them tha...

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Can an affidavit be summited if its too costly to obtain a 3 year bank statement


please advice.. An auditor phoned me this morning to submit a 3 year bank statement for supporting documents since I submitted tax returns for 2013,2014 and 2015. The problem im facing is that a 3 year bankstatement costs R1800... Ive already given them a 1 year bank statement. My question is can I submit an affidavit for the other 2 years saying that I cant afford the R1800 cost of the bank statement which they need to see my parents medical contributions coming out of my account.

Refund withheld due to supporting documentation denied

As this was my first year registering and submitting my tax return, I submitted all tax returns up to 2008. I was thus requested to provide supporting documentation for the 2013 tax year. I uploaded my IRP5 document as proof via SARS eFiling, but this was denied. I do not have any other documentation as I am not claiming for any expenses. I do not have medical aid, nor received travel/petrol allowance etc. I do however contribute to a retirement annuity fund which I have included in my 2014 and ...

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Where do I fill in the amount received for travel allowance?

I am struggling to find the tab where I need to fill in the amount received for travel allowance, where do I fill in the amount received for the travel allowance?

Claiming health insurance when not being the main member

Hi, I am health insured as a dependent with my husband, who is the main member. Can I claim any of the expenses for health insurance with SARS even though I am not the main member? And if yes, how much would that be? (The health insurance only gives the lumpsum for all insured members in their tax certificate). Thanks!

Tax return with commission?

I have never done my tax before. I've always earned a small basic and a lot of commission since I have worked as a beauty therapist. How do I go about submitting my tax return?

the only proof I have got for expenses are banking statements. I have received a IRP5 form for this tax year

Can I claim on my tax return for the solution for contact lenses and vitamins?

I have medical aid, and I am wearing contact lenses, can I claim back the cleaning solution for my contact lenses? My medical aid does not pay for vitamins, can I also claim that back?

Comparatives for tax thresholds

What was the requirement for submitting tax return for the following years. In terms of the threshold. 2011/12
2014/2015 = R350000

Are medical insurance premiums deductible?

Are medical insurance premiums deductible? I am an individual who contributes for myself, wife and 2 kids.

Additional Medical expenses

Why when I include medical expenses that are not covered by my Medical aid, does my tax return not change?
No refund at all.

Can I deduct financial support for my parents from my tax?

May I deduct contributions made to support my parents expenses to pay for the old age home. His pension is about half the amount of his medical aid. We are three siblings and all pay in R3,500 per month to support their stay in a one bedroom full board stay in an old age home. He contributes what he can.

12 mth estimate or actual 6 mth figures for medical cr and expenses calc- period 1 2016 Prov Tax?

For Provisional tax that's due now, do I enter medical credit for the year as per SARS instructions and then half it or not? Same question for medical expenses, do I add up medical expenses for 6 months (March to August 2015) and then multiply by 2 for estimate for one year or not to multiply and submit actual?

No idea what Qualifying medical expenditure means

In the calculations output, look for the amount next to "Qualifying medical expenditure (section 6B)". Enter that amount now.

Help me to get my old IRP5 forms

How do I get my old IRP5 from department of health I was working in government hospital in Boksburg?

Should I correct my IRP5 myself or submit it as received?

My employer loaded code 4005 as the amount that I contributed, and code 3810 the amount that the employer contributed. I thought code 4005 is supposed to be the total amount that goes to the medical aid or am I wrong?
The sum of the two amounts was then loaded to codes 4116 and 4497. I believe this is another mistake. Should I correct it myself or submit it as received?


I submitted my tax claim for 2015 on SARS and made a mistake the first time (not adding medical aid tax amount) and requested a correction ( added the tax amount ) but then I was under audit so today 30 days later I receive a phone call from SARS asking me to submit my tax clearance breakdown certificate, the only problem I have now is that I didn't even know you should claim the slips because they are added in to the tax clearance breakdown certificate. Now what will happen?

the la...

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No travel allowance tax claim help

I am using my vehicle for business purposes and I kept a Skytrax logbook. I traveled about 40% of my KM's for business. I do not have a travel allowance and my commission was less than 50% of my income. Can I still claim my travel expenses? My Employer is not willing to amend the IRP5 to include a travel allowance. I still feel that I am out of pocket and I was not advised by my Employer when I started that I should structure my salary with a travel allowance. Please advise if there is a way...

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Medical refund from SARS - made a mistake?

Good day, I submitted my tax return on Saturday only to find out on Monday that I left out some medical stuff I need to claim for, can I resubmit my tax return after I already got a refund from SARS?

Can my husband use my medical aid slipt that he paid for for his tax return

Will you please assist me, me and my husband and kids are on a different medical aid plan, but we pay everything together. Can he use my medical aid slips that he paid for to do his tax return?

Your assistance will be much appreciated

Contributing to Botswana medical aid scheme, is it tax deductible?

I am a tax returning resident to South Africa. Been working in Botswana for the last 16 years and tax returned to work in RSA from June 2014. I have been contributing monthly to a medical aid scheme in Botswana(BOMAID), will this be deemed tax deductible to SARS?
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