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How much CGT am I due to pay?

I inherited a property in 2007 (it was transferred into my name in 2007, although my dad passed on in 1997) - delay caused by issues with executing the will. I valued the property in 2002 for Capital Gains Tax and it was valued for R760 000 at the time. I want to sell the property now for R3. 95 million. I earn a salary of R480k per year. How much CGT will I have to pay?

Tax directive withheld due to tax debt

If tax payments to SARS is outstanding, why won't SARS issue a provisional taxpayer with a tax directive

Can i claim back Transfer duty?

I recently purchased a property for residential use. The conveyancers submitted a Transfer Duty to SARS and the transfer fees equated to R12600. I normally get an IRP5 and medical aid forms from my company and submit my income tax when season opens. My question is what do I do with the transfer duty declaration for SARS issued me to be considered and is there any way of getting any refund on this transfer fees.

Calculation of 183 & 60 days by working backwards a 12 month period from the last day of employment

I started working abroad in Hong Kong on 1 Jun 2014 and am comfortable meeting the 183 & 60 days requirement for the 2014/2015 & 2015/2016 SA tax year of assessments. However, I need clarification on the 2016/2017 SA tax year of assessment as I will be tax returning back to SA permanently on 30 Sept 2016. I would have met the 60 days continuous requirement, but not the 183 days, it will only be a 122 days from 1 Jun 2016 to 30 Sept 2016. Reading Income Tax Interpretation Note No. 16, specificall...

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Rental income allowable tax deductions

I am currently in the UK and need some help regarding various tax related queries before I tax return to South Africa within the next 2 months

Including my tax return I did online before I left. (needs to be finalised)
A bank account change at SARS. (do I have to do it in Person)
I need to register a SA company for VAT. I would like to know how long I must be in the UK to have a tax benefit in South Africa. I have been working here since 1/1/2016 and have to tax return before 31/07/2016...

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Tax on inheritance received by an individual

I have recently inherited a sum of money from two sources. One, my late mother's estate account via a will and the other, a pension claim from my late mother's pension fund(GEPF). Both these amounts were taxed before they were paid over to me. Both the executors and GEPF submitted tax directives to SARS in order to facilitate the tax payment process before making payment to me. My salary income falls within the necessary category in order to be required to submit a tax return. How will I be taxe...

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Will I have to pay tax on my late husbands RAF claim pay-out?

My husband was killed in a motorbike accident by a drunk driver. I am awaiting a settlement from the Road Accident Fund and I have a few questions please. 1. Will I be taxed on the amount paid out to me for my kids and I
2a. Will the fund deduct the amount before the payout?
2b. Or must I pay it afterwards and how does that work?
3. How much is the tax? I was 26 when he was killed, and my kids 3years and 8 months respectively... I am scared the government made me wait all this t...

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VAT to be (not) charged to a EU company

We are supplying product to a company NOT registered in South Africa. Invoices submitted will be paid to the entity in Europe through a forex payment. THe installation of the product and services will be done in south Africa through. Do we charge the Customer VAT and include the VAT calculation in our EU invoice to them.

2014 Tax Deductions Not Claimed

A few years ago (in 2013) when I submitted my tax returns I omitted to claim for a large amount of medical expenditure. Can I rectify this situation, or, is it too late?

Tax implication on provident lump sum fund benefit

I've been unemployed for the past six years. My tax number with SARS has been deregistered. Insurance company requested an IRP3 directive on my behalf from SARS. This was declined as I needed to re-activate my tax number. I'm awaiting for re-activation of my tax number. Presently I'm unemployed, will I be taxed and how much?

How to capture EMP501 and IRP5 values

When capturing an EMP501 on Easyfile, under Liabilities, do I capture the payroll values exported from my payroll system for payment every month or do I capture the actual payments made to SARS for that month under liability?

Can you help me calculate the tax on my pension lump sum?

I'm getting a pension payment of R230 156 ,08 how much tax can I expect to pay?

Sequestration and Business Vehicles

If I have been declared insolvent, can I still make claims against the business use of a vehicle if not registered in my name? For example, I make use of a vehicle registered in someone else's name, but I still make the payments as I am the driver of the vehicle for business purposes. Also, what if exemption was granted and I kept my vehicle, will I then still be allowed to claim against the use of my vehicle used for business even if I am sequestrated?

Do you submit to SARS on clients behalf?

Do you provide a service, whereby you do the submissions on my behalf, like what my broker does?

Tax on rental income

I have a friend that wants some advise, she owns a business, her husband owns a business. They own property where tenants live. My question is, if they married in community of property who should declare that rental income.

Can I net off rental income against my rent payments?

I am receiving rental income on my primary residence and am paying rent to stay in another apartment. Obviously I need to declare the rental income but can any of the rental I am to paying out be set off against this income?

Am i due for a tax refund?

I want to know if SARS owes me money

Tax calculation

Tax applicable to monthly salary R29,024. 00 for a period from 3rd Nov'15 to 29th Feb'16

Tax Directive

How long does SARS take to issue a tax directive?

After a tax directive is issued, how long can it take for funds to be paid into one's bank account?

Can I get a tax refund?

In 2014 I was working on campus, and I recently found my payslip from 2014 December showing that I had earned a gross payment of 6540, whereas I only got paid 4340 in my bank account... Could this mean I was taxed? and is it still possible to get refunded?

How much tax for R100,000 sign up bonus?

I joined a company which agreed a sign up bonus of R200 000 of which 50% (R100,000) would be paid in first month. And this sign up bonus is taxable, so how much tax would be deducted on my first payment of R100,000?

Can TaxTim update my banking details at SARS?

I am unable to go to SARS to update my banking details etc Can TaxTim do that for me?

Estate duty and tax on a property held within a company

What taxes are due on a property owned by an individual when the person dies?
What taxes are due on a property owned by a company when a shareholder dies?

Donation to a pbo

Where do I find the public benefit organisation's donation certificate registration number? I do not have such a document.

SARS has not paid my refund due since 2013

SARS has still not paid me my credit since 2013 and also not the credit built up for the following years. They do add interest to the outstanding balance but do not give any reasons why they do not pay out the credit despite all our requests. What could be the reason for this and what other avenues can we try to expedite this problem?
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