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Freelance & Full time job tax submission, can I complete this on one form?

Posted 20 October 2016

I have a full time job, but do freelance on the side. I would like to submit for my job as well as my freelance, including the mac I bought, my Fiber line rental and anything I purchased to run my freelance job. Is this possible? Which option should I apply for?

Can I claim for depreciation on my vehicle?

Posted 27 September 2016

Can I claim for wear and tear on my personal vehicle and how do I do it? I kept a logbook because I am getting a non taxable allowance for the km driven for business purposes.

Freelancer and full time employee, how does my tax work?

Posted 27 September 2016

I am full time employee and I have already submitted this current year's tax return.
I am a freelancer in my spare time as I started doing online work and earning dollars.
What is the tax implications and how do I go about it? Could I claim back on the use of my computer etc.?

Travel Expenses Code 4015

Posted 20 September 2016

I did my SARS eFilling tax return through TaxTim and I completed the Travel Expenses Section, 4015, as R72902. I am being audited and I am not quite sure anymore what that amount includes, they only thing I can think of to get to such a high figure would be my car payments per month? Please advise what deductions are allowed under this code and what proof I need to send SARS to support this?

Tax paid for small business owner, PAYE and or Individuals tax?

Posted 25 July 2016

Hi Tim, I am a small business owner, my company is registered, I have no other employees at the moment. Should I pay myself a salary so as to avoid withdrawing from the business account for personal use. Should I register for PAYE? Do I have to pay individuals tax too if I am registerd for PAYE? The business income is my only source of income?

No IRP5's

Posted 20 July 2016

I worked for a company. They were liquidated and did not give me IRP5's or upload them to SARS. I don't have salary slips either. How do I submit my tax returns?

Verification/Audit Outcome

Posted 15 July 2016

Hi. I am in a bit of a panic. My personal tax return was selected for verification/audit. SARS requested that I provide documentation for my depreciation deduction. I've submitted what I have, but don't know whether the docs would be sufficient. What would the outcome be if the depreciation deduction is not deemed valid? Would they just disallow the deduction or am I going to get fined? Do I need professional assistance or should I just wait it out?

What expenses can I deduct on my Forex earnings?

Posted 13 July 2016

I am a full time employee, earning a salary every month. I recently started trading Forex and understand that the profits will be added onto my existing income for the year and taxed accordingly. I would like to know what kind of expenses can be deducted from tax that is paid on the profits for that year. Can I deduct my "office space", adsl / fibre internet (full monthly subscription), % of municipal bill, interest on bond, etc as all of these items are used to generate or assist in gen...

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Will my refund be issued if I have old returns outstanding?

Posted 12 July 2016

I have completed my income tax, and there is a refund owed to me. Will this be paid out if I have not done the assessments for the years 2011 and 2012. But I do not have any documentation from those years

Type of supporting Documents to provide SARS for Laptop Depreciation?

Posted 11 July 2016


i submitted my 2014/2015 Tax tax returns and included depreciation of my personal laptop I used for work from February 2014 to June 2015. My company did allow me to use my laptop. SARS wants proof of usage. (I said Work: 80%-Personal:20%) Not sure I even understood it correctly. What exactly should I provide to them?

What are the allowable deductions for a consultant?

Posted 11 July 2016

What expenses can I claim for as a consultant

Assets in the form of Cellphones, Laptops, Cameras - Are these tax deductible as I use it for work

Posted 11 July 2016

I bought a new Personal Computer (Laptop) for both work and personal use in November 2014 as the 2nd hand ones were always breaking down or crashing. Also bought a new Photographic Camera in 2014 for both uses as well. I also invested in a new Cellular Phone last year as the one I had was 2nd hand and very unreliable. This I done just before embarking on an arduous film shoot in KZN where I would be very dependant on it for communication purposes as to the ever changing schedule. Long story short. . . I have never claimed for wear and tear and as I use it for work purposes too I would like to find out whether its possible as a tax deductible and how I should go about it...

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Can you claim for travel (log book) as well as depreciation on the car?

Posted 24 June 2016

I receive a travel allowance and keep a logbook accordingly. Am I able to claim for the travel as well as depreciation on the car?

Allowable tax deductions for a company?

Posted 15 June 2016

I work for myself running a trading business. I purchase a cell phone for my business for 10k and a coffee machine for my office for 12k. Are these fully deductible in the current tax year they were purchased?

Fringe benefits for sale proprietors?

Posted 9 June 2016

Does a Sole trader who uses his vehicle for personal and business use have to pay a fringe benefit tax himself as he is not classified as an employee.

How to calculate travel expenses?

Posted 7 June 2016

I will be claiming tax back on travel for business use for the first time. I have maintained a logbook since starting my new job in the middle of the current tax year 2015/16. Please advise what the "fixed cost" is, and how I can calculate what tax rebate I should expect to receive from SARS in July.

Tax deductibility of vehicle lease payments for independent contractors

Posted 3 June 2016

I am an independent contractor. I do not earn any salary. I currently have a vehicle on which I claim a travel deduction. My vehicle requires replacement. I would like to know if I can claim lease payments as a tax deductible expense should I lease a new car. I have not come across any prohibition on the SARS website. This surely is in the production of income as without a car I would not be able to carry out any work at all.

What allowable deductions does a Pilates instructor qualify for?

Posted 30 May 2016

I am a Pilates instructor and earn a commission from the studios I work at and I do my own invoicing for clients I see outside of the studio. The later I am self employed as I understand it. I only started working in South Africa in Aug 2014. My 2015 tax return was done by an accountant. I understand that being self employed and a commission earner I can deduct expenses directly related to earning an income such as:

- Vehicle expenses
- Phone expenses
- Education and training...

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what expenses can i claim if I own a taxi?

Posted 26 May 2016

If I own a second vehicle and use that second vehicle 100% as a Taxi. Would the tax be payable on only the income or payable on income - (minus) expenses?

For example, monthly costs breakdown as follows:

Expenses: Vehicle Repayment Costs - R1500 / Vehicle Insurance: R1100 / Vehicle Tracking Costs: R100 // Total: R 2,700. 00

Income: R 8,000. 00

Income (R 8,000. 00) - Expenses (R 2,700. 00) = R 5,300. 00

My question is. Would I pay tax on the income of R 8000 before deducting expenses...

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Wear and tear on coffee machines?

Posted 22 May 2016

What is the wear and tear rate for coffee machines

Sequestration and Business Vehicles

Posted 13 May 2016

If I have been declared insolvent, can I still make claims against the business use of a vehicle if not registered in my name? For example, I make use of a vehicle registered in someone else's name, but I still make the payments as I am the driver of the vehicle for business purposes. Also, what if exemption was granted and I kept my vehicle, will I then still be allowed to claim against the use of my vehicle used for business even if I am sequestrated?

Independant Contractor - deductions

Posted 28 April 2016

Can I, as an independant contractor, pay my unemployed spouse a minimum wage salary and deduct this from my monthly taxable income? I do have a payrol service provider and get issued a payslip with my income, travel allowence, UIF, medical aid and Tax after the deductions from them on a monthly basis.

No IRP5 due to retrenchment

Posted 26 April 2016

We got retrenched in Sept 2015 after not being paid two months salaries. Employer claimed liquidation, but no details up to now. We do not have IRP5 because the sub-contracted audit/payroll company has not been paid for such service, and they are refusing to provide us with IRP5 due to non-payment by the employer that retrenched us. How do we go about solving this problem? We need IRP5 for the 2015/2016 tax season submission.

How is online income in foreign currencies taxed locally?

Posted 19 April 2016

Hi. I'd like to know how online generated income is taxed. I am a South African resident currently in the process of generating income in foreign currencies ( US dollar and the Euro). I do not want to break any tax laws, please assist me.

Sole trader tax information

Posted 6 April 2016

How do I find out what receipts I should keep now that I want to operate as a sole trader and what should be declared as is tax deductible?
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