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Source codes 4201 & 4250

Posted 16 November 2015

Which section do you enter income source code 4201 & 4250? I have investments at RSA Retails Bonds and Satrix. I didn't see anywhere to enter it.

Is it better to buy or lease a vehicle for a commission earner?

Posted 16 November 2015

I am a real estate agent and require a vehicle to travel to appointments, etc. Would it be better to buy a vehicle (new or used) or lease a vehicle? My understanding is there are greater tax benefits in leasing (claim 100%) while buying a vehicle there is only a portion of the vehicle and interest you can claim. Is this correct? Which would you recommend?

How to calculate deductions for a director who does not draw a salary every month

Posted 12 November 2015

I am doing basic bookkeeping functions for a company. The director has never drawn a salary but intends to do so for the next 2 months at R50000 per month. How do I calculate the deductions and pay UIF etc. over to SARS?

How do I account for various line items in IT3b Discovery investment certificate?

Posted 11 November 2015

I receive two tax certificates from Discovery for the same investment product. One is an IT3b, the other an IT3c. While the IT3c shows a source code of 4250, the IT3b does not show source codes. It shows "Gross foreign dividends", "Local interest voluntary", "Gross foreign interest" & "Local dividends (exempt)". It also shows withholding tax on 3 of them, and a "Net total".

When declaring my local interest earned, should I add just the "Local interest voluntary" amount from Discovery...

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Tax and handling donation from non SA resident

Posted 9 November 2015

Dear Tim,
Are there any taxes due in South Africa, if my daughter (non SA resident, living in Australia and having Australian passport) donates money (more than ZAR100K) to her parents, and we do not transfer the money to SA and keep them within a bank outside SA (UK or other place) and in different currency?
1. Do we have to declare such a donation on our tax returns and what are the tax complications here?
2. Do we have to declare this account/amount every year in our tax returns and pay some taxes like capital gain tax as a result of Rand depreciation?...

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Must I submit returns for previous years when I earned very little? (single income, no claims)

Posted 9 November 2015

After phoning SARS about an eFiling problem (presently 2015), I was told by the consultant that my tax return for 2013 was overdue. I responded that I hadn't been making anywhere near the tax threshold that year, and that various SARS website material, tax-consultants & SARS consultants over the years had confirmed as much (single source income, no med-aid, no R/A, no travel, no NPO-PBO donations, etc). He responded that everyone had to submit a tax return every year, regardless of how much they...

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Where do I declare the bond amount on rental income?

Posted 4 November 2015

I'm stuck in the section where I declare the rental income for a house I was renting out. I don't see where I put total I spent on the bond to justify that it was a loss against the rental income and the expenses incurred. Where do I do that?

What examples of income which falls under IRP5 code 3602

Posted 4 November 2015

Examples of income of a that can be classified under IRP5 code 3602

Where does the IT/IB 3(c) &(b) forms go on tax return?

Posted 3 November 2015

I have 2 satrix investment plans, how and where do I input the IT3(c) and IT3(B) Income Tax forms received from Satrix?

Havent submitted tax returns

Posted 3 November 2015

I havent submitted a tax return for last 3 years. I have my IRP5's. Help what must I do and are there penalties. I also have just opened a sole prop and need to apply for a tax clearance.

SARS wants me to submut income tax documents from 1991 to 2003. I dont have these. What can I do?

Posted 2 November 2015

I filed my tax return on Friday 30 October 2015 and SARS said they are now using a new system and said the they need me to file tax returns from 1991-2003. I can not get these IRP's or medical certificates. What must I do? When I went to file my tax return in 2013 they asked me to get the documents from 2006-2013 and file for each year. I got that documents and filed and paid a R500. 00 penalty. They did not ask for anything else and said I was up to date. This year they ask for 1991-2003. Pleas...

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How to obtain additional information regarding the the reassessment of your ITA34

Posted 2 November 2015

After I have submitted my tax return, I received a letter to submit all my documentation. I've done this and now have received a revised ITA34, where the Interest income is double than what I have received and recorded on my tax return. How do I contact SARS to provide me with further information regarding the assessment, and what steps do I take now if their assessment regarding interest income is incorrect?

Medical scheme contributions paid by my deceased husband's employer

Posted 1 November 2015

My deceased husband's employer still pays my full medical fund contribution. They do not issue an IRP5. My Medical Fund declares my contribution as R34460. My income (as pensioner from a different company) does not declare this medical contributions. How or where do I declare this contribution (income?) from my late husband's company?

Must wife's bank account interest be added to husband's interest?

Posted 31 October 2015

I am not employed. I have a savings account in which we save. Do we add the interest earned from this account to my husband's interest from his bank accounts? We are married in community of property.

Unfiled taxes

Posted 30 October 2015

I have not filed a tax return for three years even thou I have been employed and did previous tax returns however I do earn below the 350 000 threshold. What do I do to be compliant and what kind of penalties would I expect?

SARS source code for Dividend Income/Foreign

Posted 23 October 2015

I received an IT 3(b) statement from dbXTrackers with a new (wasn't there last year) entry, under Dividend Income, namely, Foreign. Can you please advise what is the correct SARS source code for:
Dividend Income / Foreign?

Never submitted a tax-return

Posted 22 October 2015

I have always been horrible with tax and have never submitted a tax-return. I was unaware that is was a "must-do", as I paid tax as per normal. What will happen to me?

Is there any tax liability in South Africa on the cash portion (commutation) of a UK State pension?

Posted 22 October 2015

My wife and I are both citizens of UK, permanently resident is South Africa. We are both about to draw our deferred UK state pensions, and we intend to commute the deferred portions for cash, roughly R500 000 each. Is there any tax liability in South Africa?

When must I pay income tax?

Posted 21 October 2015

Hi. I started helping people in gardens doing gardening jobs 4 years ago. It was very still in the beginning doing about 8 jobs a month and just surviving. I now have more clients and want to know if I must register a company and what about the previous years of earning something. Must I pay a penalty.

Are penalties incurred for late payment to the Municipality vatable?

Posted 21 October 2015

I would like to know whether late payment of license disks for company cars and the related fines and penalties are vatable, that is, can you claim input tax on the penalties and fines incurred to the traffic department?

Prescription period for UIF payments to government

Posted 17 October 2015

What is the prescription period for outstanding UIF payments to the UIF Commissioner?

What is ita88 system

Posted 15 October 2015

What is ita88 system

Do I need to declare investments outside SA?

Posted 15 October 2015

I have been living outside of South Africa for longer than 2 years. I have been investing money outside of SA. The currency is USD. Do I need to declare this investment in my tax return. The money was earned outside the country, and I have not yet tax returned to SA.

Married taxation on investment interest

Posted 13 October 2015

My girlfriend and I are planning on getting married and as part of this we would like to know if being married In Community of Property will affect the tax applied to any investment income I currently earn. Ideally once we are married I would like to transfer half of my current investment into her name so that we both earn interest separately (in order to pay less than half of the current tax I'm having to pay on the interest as the amount would then push us into lower earning bands?) however I'm wondering if this would then have the tax benefits that I think it would?...

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Posted 9 October 2015

I have a savings account with R40,000 with interest of 1,991. 28 this financial year. Does this need to be declared and if so where does it go on the tax form.
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