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what are the three main sources of tax from which government obtains its income

Like does it include VAT, Income Tax, Normal TAX OR Companies tax

What is the tax situation is w.r.t. a donation of less than R100 000 from a child to a parent?

I know that it is possible to donate up to R100k per year to your children, but what about a donation to your retired parents? Especially if they are financially dependent on you?

Tax Exemtion status

My name is Sam working for the NGO and we have received a tax exemption and the Public Benefit Organisation status how that can help us in our fundraising for our programes and what is the procedure to identify donors?

Am I entitled to claim home office expenses?

- I am a web developer.
- I use a separate room (a study) for work.
- My earnings are *not* commission-based.
- I pay rent for the study (to my parents)
- The study (and the PC etc.) is used /- 85% of the time for work purposes (therefore technically not "exclusively")

The requirements are very gray. Firstly, why must it be commission-based income? Secondly, why must it be exclusive-use if I could simply calculate business-use as a percentage? (for example, if I p...

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Maximum Limitation on Receiving a Gift before Liable for Tax?

Hello Tim,What is the maximum amount of money that I can receive as a gift from somebody before I become liable to pay tax on the gift? To be exempt from paying tax on a gift, am I limited to whom I may receive a gift from (for example: a relative/friend/stranger/business)?Nice website, by the way.

I received a donation from a non-resident relative.

Is this donation taxable in SA?

Do I have to pay tax on financial support from my family?

I am unemployed and trying to survive as a freelance writer, earning very little. My wife is homeschooling our children. We are financially supported by my parents-in-law and my wife's siblings. Who, if anyone, pays tax?

Are donations received from various individuals taxable?

I do voluntary work in poor communities after quitting my job a few years ago. Various people knows this and are paying money into my account as donations. Is this money taxable in my hands?

The amounts varies between R20,000 - R30,000 p.m. I do not know all of my supporters as a lot of them stays anonymous and just put 'donation' on the bank reference.

Most of the amounts are paid to me this way on a month-to-month basis and the biggest amount is R6,000 p.m. I am not offer...

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How do I deduct for donations made to a NGO?

I make regular donations to a registered NGO - can I deduct this from my personal income tax (under contributions) and what source code should I use?

I submitted my IRP5 and received an SMS saying account balance: -12000. Selected for audit.

I submitted my IRP5 at a SARS branch in Joburg and I received an SMS saying
Tax return assessment result: R-12000. Acc bal:R-12000. Selected for audit: Yes.
What does it mean?

Amount of money I can give my son without incurring tax?

I think it is R50000 per Annum.

How do I access the page listing documents I need to complete my return?

I am busy answering the questions on TaxTim but need to go back to the page containing the source documents e.g IRP5, IT3b etc. How do I do this?

How much tax do I get charged on a R10000.00 salary?

I would like to find out on a R10 000 salary, how l much tax would be deducted and would I be eligible to claim tax in the future?

Tax deductable?

Could you please let me know if any of the following are tax deductable:
1. Personal insurance for home and car
2. Membership fees to religious organization
3. Paying my child's university fees
4. Monthly fees for home security and maintenance service

Thanking you.

How much do you have to earn to apply for your tax back?

I earn approximately R127K per year and was wondering if I can apply for my tax back.

Why are other people getting refunds from SARS?

I am a full time working lady, who always submit tax returns on time, I have never owed SARS a cent, I was refunded less than a R1000 in 2010 for paying medical bills of about R2100. I always hear people are getting refunds all the time. What can I do to aso get a refunds from sars. some have advised me to buy a retirement anuity policy. please give me tips of other things I can do to get refund from SARS!

Who pays and how much tax will be due on gifts given to family? Will there be a donations tax?

My dad has investments, can he give lump sums to his kids as gifts and who will pay tax and how much? He was told he is not allowed to gift more that R5000.00 a year.

Tax season open - What can I claim as a deduction to reduce my tax?

Salaried employees all over the country are busy filing their tax returns in the hope that perhaps they will be due a refund. For most who earn income from their employer they have already paid their taxes in the form of Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE), but now what? Although salaried employees are limited, by tax law, as to what they can deduct from their income, there are a few things that can be claimed. Deductions against income reduce ones Taxable Income and thus reduce the amount of tax owing to SARS. The allowable tax deductions are:...

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How do I know if I am a tax resident of South Africa?

A burning question people often ask tax professionals is whether or not they are a tax resident in a certain country. The question is important because it distinguishes between tax residents and tax non-residents – both paying tax in South Africa.

    • Tax non-residents are people who do not ordinarily reside in South Africa but do business here and thus pay tax to the SA government ONLY on what they earned from South African sources.

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What is Provisional Tax?

So as we are getting closer to Provisional Tax Season the question on taxpayer’s minds is, do I qualify as a provisional taxpayer? The Income Tax Act sets out specifics as to who qualifies and who doesn’t.

If you are a salaried employee then your employer will deduct a monthly amount and pay it over to SARS on your behalf. You will only have to file one tax return at the end of tax season.

Otherwise you may qualify as a provisional taxpayer and will have to submit a return twice a year...

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