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Can I get a UK CGT credit against SA CGT?

If I am resident in SA but sell a UK property I will have to pay UK CGT, but as this isn't income tax, will I get a credit for the UK CGT paid against the SA income tax due on the gain?

Can a landlord claim travel expenses in relation to the rental income?

If the landlord has driven from JHB to CT, for example, primarily to effect repairs & maintenance on their rental property between tenants, as well as to meet with prospective letting agents for future employment, can they claim the petrol for this trip? (Approx. Two thirds of this time was spent on rental-related activities, showing the apartment etc, & one third of the time was recreational). If a deduction is possible, what proof does SARS require? Thanks very much.

Freelance & Full time job tax submission, can I complete this on one form?

I have a full time job, but do freelance on the side. I would like to submit for my job as well as my freelance, including the mac I bought, my Fiber line rental and anything I purchased to run my freelance job. Is this possible? Which option should I apply for?

Are retrospective changes to an IRP5 possible with SARS?

I am an independent contractor and do consulting work for a number of companies at any given time. When the one company submitted the 2016 IRP5 they erroneously categorized my source code as 3601, instead of 3616 for independent contractors, hence I cannot claim costs. I have asked them to amend the IRP5 but they say they cannot because they have finished their tax recon and signed off on 2016 and can no longer make changes. Is this true? What alternatives do I have?

SARS ring-fenced the loss on my rental property, can I request that they revise my assessment?

I had a property that I rented out to tenants for the last 4 years. In the 2015/16 tax year, I made a loss on this, due to the expenses exceeding the rental income I received. I reflected this loss in my tax return. SARS then audited my tax return, and they ring-fenced the loss. However, at the end of the 2015/16 tax year, I sold the property, and have obviously not been receiving rent or incurring expenses relating to the property since then. What now happens to the ring-fenced amount? Am I entitled to ask SARS to re-assess given the circumstances? Or do I just accept it as a loss?...

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How do I get SARS to acknowledge my expenses?

I sent through all the supporting documents but SARS ignored my expenses and redid my tax return and are now saying that I owe them?

Old donation, can I claim it now?

In 2013 I made a donation of R5000 to a registered charity which I forgot to claim.
Is it possible to claim it in my 2015/2016 tax return?

If I have been medically boarded and receive income protection benefit does this mean I am disabled?

I was medically boarded at the end of 2015 but am covered by a Discovery Income Protector policy. Does that mean I am "disabled" for tax purposes?

Out of pocket expenses with no medical aid, can I claim?

Can you claim for out of pocket medical expenses if i did not have a medical aid and will this decrease my tax liability?

Can I claim for depreciation on my vehicle?

Can I claim for wear and tear on my personal vehicle and how do I do it? I kept a logbook because I am getting a non taxable allowance for the km driven for business purposes.

Freelancer and full time employee, how does my tax work?

I am full time employee and I have already submitted this current year's tax return.
I am a freelancer in my spare time as I started doing online work and earning dollars.
What is the tax implications and how do I go about it? Could I claim back on the use of my computer etc.?

Can I claim my business travel expenses against source code 3703 if my km travelled exceeded 8000km?

Can I still claim travel expenses as my employer pays for the km I drive with my personal vehicle, the Km exceeded 8000km but on my IRP5 it is under source code 3703? I also kept a logbook.

I have medical expenses but no medical aid, can I claim?

I don't have a medical aid can I still claim for medical expenses?

Is valuation costs of a building that was sold tax deductible?

Is valuation costs on a factory that was sold tax deductible? Or should the fee paid form part of the base cost for CGT purposes?

Rental property allowable deductions

I bought a property and am renting it out. I know I have to submit the rental income. Am I also able to submit the expenses (i.e. Transfer / legal cost to obtain the property) levies paid, rates and taxes and electricity for this property?

Travel Expenses Code 4015

I did my SARS eFilling tax return through TaxTim and I completed the Travel Expenses Section, 4015, as R72902. I am being audited and I am not quite sure anymore what that amount includes, they only thing I can think of to get to such a high figure would be my car payments per month? Please advise what deductions are allowed under this code and what proof I need to send SARS to support this?

Will I be taxed on an international bank transfer?

I need to make an international bank transfer into an overseas account one similar to PayPal.
The bank is however asking me for my tax number before proceeding, I understand one can take up to R1 million per annum offshore and therefore by asking for the tax number it falls under a purchase/discretionary allowance and not a gift because I am transferring to my own account similar to PayPal.
My question is will I be taxed on the purchase if I give my tax number? There is also an optio...

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Do my employment income and freelancing income get taxed together?

I would please like help in calculating my total tax for the year, as I am employed and also a freelancer. Do you just add both income together and then tax a personal income tax percentage for that bracket? Furthermore, I know my employer pay tax monthly but can I also pay tax monthly or should I just reserve the total tax for year-end when I file.

Tax deduction for interest on personal debt?

Is interest on debt (credit card, loan, etc. ) tax deductible?

Code 3808, where can I complete i ton my tax return?

I have an amount reflecting on my return under code 3808 which is employee debt but this relates to income protection, previously we would have captured this same amount under code 4018 which is income protection insurance contributions but now this isn't found anywhere, is there somewhere else I can enter this or what do I do with the figure under 3808?

No logbook but partial spreadsheet, will SARS accept this?

I've lost my logbook but have compiled a spreadsheet containing most of the information and trips from memory and other sources. I have my km for the beginning and end of each month, but not for each trip separately. I need to submit my documents through to SARS for audit, but I'm not sure if this will be acceptable? Will they decline my travel claim?

How does a voice artist submit tax returns?

I'm a voice artist and I was employed as a freelancer I need your help to file my tax return as I was paid by many different companies. Please can I get some help on how to get started?

Can I claim the medical aid contirbutions I paid on behalf of my ex husband?

I have been paying medical aid for my ex husband, do I insert that as contributions made by myself, as I did not include this in my last submission?

Can I deduct salaries paid to my helpers from my sole proprietor income?

I am "unemployed" but make money with blogging. I have 5 bloggers/writers who help me but are not formally employed by me. I pay them every month. If I earned R150,000 and paid them all 40% of my earnings, would I then only be taxed on the remaining 60% I keep? Am I considered a sole proprietor and am I responsible for formally hiring them? The money I make is earned via an overseas source, not South African.

Can I claim if I only worked for 3 years?

Hi,I've only been working for almost three years which means ill only be claiming for two years and I'm a contractor can I still claim
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