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How do I de-register as a Provisional Tax payer?

I am registered a Provisional Tax payer, but I am now retired and will not earn enough to pay provisional tax any more. Do I have to de-register or can I simply stop doing provisional returns? The last one showed zero tax due.

Two employers. Do I have to register as a provisional tax payer?

I receive an income from two employers. R10 000 from the one, who obviously deducts PAYE and R4500 from the other, who does not deduct PAYE, as the amount falls under the threshold.

Do I have to register as a provisional tax payer or can I register at the end of the year when assessments are due? I have never registered to file a tax return before, as my income has always been exempt from having to file tax returns. This will be my first time filing a tax return.

Is the widow`s pension suppose to be taxed?

I always told that I am owing SARS because of my widow pension, can you advice because SARS does not know how much must be taxed from my widow`s pension as is not enough to be taxed.

Donation tax on receipt of foreign donation

I could receive a donation from my sister in the UK - we understand that she does not pay tax in the UK as she the donation is under their threshold - will I pay tax in SA?

I made a silly mistake :(

Hi there TaxTim

I religiously file my tax returns every year and made a horrid mistake this year. I was due a refund from my 2015 tax return (did the return on 01/07/2015) and haven't received it as yet. After calling their call centre, I was told to complete my 2011 tax return. I did this and checked my 2010 and 2009 to ensure all information was correct, accurate and submitted. (I was thinking, chances are, they would tell me to submit 2010 and 2009 to process my refund after submitting 2011. )...

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What is the threshold for presonal tax return ?

Do I have to submit my tax return if my salary is R19003 Gross PM?

Parental support income

My father supports me financially by giving me a portion of his salary every month in exchange for me providing care for my elderly relative. Do I need to register or pay anything to SARS for this? The amount is below the annual income requirements and my father pays his own tax on his salary.

How can I apply for a rebate

How long do I have to apply for a rebate?

Changed jobs and paid too much tax - can I claim it back?

I had a low income job for 11 months of the year. My yearly income would have been under the threshold, so I never paid any tax. I am not sure if my employer registered me, but I never received any tax documents or tax number. In February 2015 I started a new job with a higher salary. My yearly salary now puts me above the threshold and my new employer registered me and I've been paying tax since Feb. But since I only did this job for 1 month of the last tax year, my yearly income for 2014/2015 tax year remains under the threshold of R70 700. ...

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Motor Bargaining council levies, were deducted, but I was never registered

My employer was deducting Motor council levies, but I was never registered. They said I will not get my levies back to me. I had to approach the Motor Bargaining council to get the motor levies paid back to me, and was paid as a cash deposit, instead of on line banking transfer. Surely, the money that was originally deducted from me, went to another account, or invested elsewhere, how did they manage to do their tax return. Is there any way, that I should report this matter to SARS, etc?

Contract workers are they refunded for tax?

Contract workers are they liable for tax?

First a refund now I owe them

I submitted my tax return and it said that I was due a refund of about R800. I then went through my medical expenses and saw I made a mistake in my calculations. So I went and corrected it (originally my medical expenses out of pocket was R8900, after I corrected it it was about R8200). Now it says I owe them about R200! I do not earn enough to do e-filing in the first place, I submit because of my medical expenses. Please help?!

Penalties for not submitting tax for pension payout

Hi Tim, I received pension payout from divorce settlement in 2014. SARS deducted their share. I didn't submit IRP5 last year. My question is, the money is now finish. Will SARS penalise me if I submit this year? I am working but my income is below the threshold.

How much per month can I pay for additional pension fund (tax code 4002)?

What is the threshold on tax code 4002?

Tax on interest-only source income

If your only source of income is from interest, how is tax calculated?

How much do you pay for tax if you earn R52 000 rand per year?

If you work on a year contract and earn 52 000 rand per year, how much do you pay for tax ?

Medical Tax Credits Calculation

Hi Tim,

I earn R4500 a month and I pay R700 a month for medical aid for myself. How many medical tax credits will I receive? At the moment if I am correct it is R257 for the main member
which equals 257*12 = 3084. Would that be roughly what I would get? I have been told that I cannot get more than R700 as that is my monthly contribution.

Do I pay PAYE on R5000 per month?

Good day. I earn R5000 per month. My question is this, is there a need for PAYE deductions? And if I pay PAYE do I still need to personally pay tax to SARS at the end of every year? Please explain to me how this works. Is PAYE not already paying the tax you are liable for?

Being an intern earning R5000 monthly. Do I need to pay tax?

I am an intern and I earn R5000 per month. Do I need to pay tax? I also once registered under SARS when I was a student tutor in 2012 when I was also a student. But I didn't continue with paying tax? Should I pay tax?

Paye deduction calculations and rules

We only currently registered for PAYE, I want to know how we will go about calculating employees tax if our minimum salary is R2400 and maximum R7000. Which will leave us with a minimum yearly wage of R28800 and maximum R84000. Will we deduct employees tax from our employers or not and what do we do with SARS regarding this issue.

Am keen to know if I am due a refund or not. Earned R42,000.

If I earned only R42000 in 2013, having worked for only three months, and paid R6000 in tax, for that earning, over the whole year, is there a possibility I could get a tax refund based on the primary tax rebates and my medical spend of R1000?

Received a penalties statement for not submitting a return, but am not required to submit a return.

I don't earn more than R350 000 per year, however when I requested my Statement of account from SARS I received a penalties statement for not submitting a return for 2010 and 2014. Why would I need to submit a return if my income is less that the R350k threshold? What do I do now?

I am under the R350 000 threshold but still submitted my 2015 Tax return, will I still get my money?

I submitted my Tax return on the 01/07/2015. I am under the R350 000 threshold, so should I have not submitted it, will it now interfere with me getting my money?

The only expense I claim from is Medical aid. I have submitted it to SARS but I still have not received my Tax return, I haven't received any further correspondence from SARS saying I need to submit any forms and there are no discrepancies, I am owed money.

What is employee tax contribution code? What do I use if person earns below tax threshold?

I am completing an IRP5 for someone earning below the tax threshold and I get this message from SARS eFiling:

Source codes 4101/4102/4115 must have a value

How to Claim for desk cost and how to submit my tax return?

July 2014-Feb 2015 I was a recruitment consultant. I did not receive a salary, I simply paid a R5000 desk cost per month, which I believe I can claim back for. In the 8 months, I only earned 3 amounts, all adding up to approximately R40 000. How do I submit a tax return- I had no salary, I can claim for desk cost and flights, and I earned very little?
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