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Can I claim for all 3 vehicles I used on my tax return?

I've changed cars during the tax year, how should I handle my travel allowance calculations and log book?
1) How would I should I go about maintain my log book? should I keep a different one for each vehicle. 2) I have also leased a vehicle whilst waiting for my new vehicle, how should this be recorded?
3) How should I cater for my new Vehicle in my tax return if the new vehicle cost is greater than my old vehicle?

2016 audit and provisional return, does this delay my refund?

SARS is busy auditing my 2016 return, if I only submit my IRP6 for 201702 at the end of February 2017 will this delay my refund for 2016 being paid out?

Medical problems

I forgot to claim my medical expense I had in 2015, can I just add this to my2016 medical expenses?

I don't know what is s12e, can you help please?

I don't know what is s12e

This query relates to question 4862 "Please enter the S12E accelerated depreciation allowance which the company can claim. Use our handy SBC calculator to help with your workings." in the Income statement section.

Tax on commission only

Can you tell me how tax on my commission is calculated please?

Pension contribution can I claim for it?

If I contribute towards a pension fund via my employer, can I get a tax deduction for it?

How is income taxed on a shared property?

My wife and I have a property registered in both of our names that we would like to rent out. Will this income be taxed in both of our names (i. E. 50% to each of us) even if the actual income is only deposited into my bank account?

Tax refund on a bonus

I received a sign on bonus in the year 2017 provided I do not leave in 3 years. Now I am leaving the company in 6 months and paying it back. I will be leaving in the next tax year. How do I claim back the tax on the amount

How do I pay tax on my foreign earned income?

If I work for a USA company and earn e.g. $65,000 per year and the company does not have a brand and or is not registered in South Africa, what is the tax process?

I imagine - (please correct me). I receive full amount monthly and need to register as a provisional tax payer and pay SARS normal PAYE twice per year? Note I will not be traveling more than 183 days per year. Is there a possible benefit of registering a business and paying myself from the business a lower amount?

Can claim depreciation for my personal car?

Is it possible for me to claim depreciation for using my personal car to go to work? I do not receive any car allowance.

Do I need to declare tax on bitcoin earnings as a non-resident?

I am a Temporary resident in South Africa using a work permit. I have a permanent Job and pay income tax from my salary. I however started trading different gift card codes in the US and UK online for bitcoins and have made a lot of profit in the last 8 months(well over R100k). These funds were in bitcoins which I later withdrew to my Absa account. Do I need to declare tax on these earnings as I am a non resident.

Does SARS allow anyone to claim medical deductions?

My wife and I are married out of community of property and we are both normal salary earners. My wife is the primary medical aid member and pays the premiums from her account. She claims all our medical expenses with her tax return and usually get a significant amount back. Would it make sense to split the medical costs in half and each claim that on our tax returns? Or if one of us earns more than the other, who should be making the claims/be main member (especially if one of us falls marginall...

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Can I adjust my ITR12 once it has been submitted?

I have submitted and received a refund for filing my ITR12 (due by end of Nov 2016). I have been made aware that I could have claimed back on a loss on a property (rental not covering the bond) and wondered if there was a way I could adjust and resubmit this form?

How do I declare my income from freelance writing?

Hi there, I just wanted to know which fields I should fill in/select. I'm a freelance writer and want to declare my income from this work (in addition to full time income).

This query relates to question 4283 "Please add up all your business incomes and then subtract all your business expenses, as declared here. This will tell you if your business made a Profit or a Loss. Using the business code table, please enter the applicable 4 digit profit / loss code that describes your ...

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Can I claim the interest I paid on the bond for both my properties?

Originally my primary residence (property A) had less than R10,000 remained on the bond. When I bought my rental property B, I borrowed money from my bond for my primary residence (property A) and put that full amount into the rental bond (property B). This was to reduce the interest charges on the rental property (B),given Property A has a lower interest rate than Property B. How do I show SARS that the interest charged on Property A and property B in both bond counts against the renta...

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I pay annually to be registered with a professional body (nursing) - can I claim this back?

I pay annually to be registered with a professional body (nursing) - can I claim this back?

Do the services supplied by a prosthodontist qualify as an additional medical expense?

Do the services supplied by a prosthodontist qualify as an additional medical expense?

When am I allowed to claim for my business traveling?

If I am an individual working for an employer through a contracting house, can I claim a travel expense for the distance traveled to a client? Do I need the contracting house need to include a specific travel allowance item on my payslip?

Are expenses on my primary residence for improvement and renovation tax deductible?

Are expenses on my primary residence for improvement and renovation tax deductible?

Can I submit old returns with TaxTim's help?

Is there any way to fill in tax returns from 2011-2015? I have been able to successfully file for the 2016 tax period. For the period from 2011 to 2015 as was a salaried employee and had no other additional income. My income tax over the period was fully paid as my employer was responsible for paying this directly to SARS. Is it possible to file for previous years? Are there likely to be any penalties, and are is still possible to claim for previous deductions such as pension fund contributions ...

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Property insurance on holiday rental property, can I claim it back from SARS?

Does insurance include building and content if it is a holiday home?

Professional/ Registration and Medical insurance paid, can I claim this back from SARS?

I would like to know where do I add in my Professional fees paid to the HPCSA and MPS, then also educational courses done and paid for.

Refund paid into closed account, how can I get it paid out again?

I have submitted my tax return a few weeks ago, but unfortunately did not update my banking details and refund went into the closed account. I've since updated my banking details at the SARS offices, but when I've contacted the call centre, I was told there's a stop on the refund, that I have to go back to the offices to lift the stop. I have done that, I would like know, how long does the whole process normally takes?

When do I declare and deduct maintenance and upgrade to my rental property to SARS?

How can I derive maximum benefit from maintenance and upgrades that I have made to a rental property? Can I declare the expense for the current tax year and also declare it for Capital Gains Tax purposes when I sell the property? Is there another way in which I can benefit from this expense?

Multiple small revenue streams - consolidate expenses across all? (Sole prop)

I have multiple small revenue streams, some with expenses attached to them. Do I ringfence each income/expense area, or do I consolidate them which would enable 'cross-subsidisation' of expenses?
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