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Medical rebates when without medical aid scheme.

Provisional tax payer. Over 75. No med aid. What can I claim for medical expenses?

Reimbursive travel

For the 2015 year of assessment, my employer re-reimbursed me for travel. They paid me at the official SARS rate of R3. 30 per km, I traveled 6,691. 52 kms, it is thus my understanding that because this is less than the maximum allowed by SARS of 8,000km, this amount falls under non-taxable income and should be allocated to the code 3703. My employer allocated this to code 3702 on my IRP5. I corrected this on my tax return, yet SARS are of the opinion that this amount should fall under taxable i...

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Where in the ITR12 can I claim toll fees paid on business trip if I don't use actual costs.

I have incurred toll fees while on travelling on business trips to clients. My employer does not reimburse this fees I incurred citing that I should cover them from the reimbusive travelling claim that I get. I don't use the actual cost incurred but rather the estimates as per tables. My question is, where in the ITR12 can I book this fees against my income.

Multiple sources of income

I am a co-owner of a company which I work for and currently work part time for a University. Last year I worked part time for a corporate company and thus I have multiple sources of income. I find it extremely difficult to understand where each of these earnings should go etc.

Incorrect logbook information

I just want to find out with regards to car allowances. I switched employment in June 2014 and did not have access to my kilometers claimed at my previous employer. I started working at my previous employer again in January of this year and found my old information. It seems like I might have submitted incorrect information on half of the year for car allowance. I am currently being audited manually, and do not know what to do, please advise?

Unemployment and provisional tax

I was unemployed for roughly six months of the 2015/2016 tax year, do I need to submit any proof. Now with the new work I have to pay provisional tax because I work for myself but not as a company, how does this affect tax deductions?

Payment to spouses for admin work

I am self employed and work from home. My wife helps me with admin part time. Am I able to pay her a reasonable market fee and deduct this from my income. My wife also contracts for other companies. What the implications for preparing tax returns.

Individual or provisional tax?

I'm working as a financial adviser,I earn on commission,which form should I fill in
Individual or Provisional tax?

Query re first time tax for new small unregistered business

I left a permanent job and started a freelance design business in July 2015. My Personal income tax for last year is up to date. I need to start paying tax on my business but have no idea how this works. I am using my personal bank account to receive payments from clients for design services. I am not yet breaking even and can barely pay my bills. I am not making a profit yet. I have no idea how tax works. I need help and wondered if signing up to TaxTim would be the way to go? I would need to b...

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Audit income statement

The SARS auditor is asking for an income statement to explain why I have a lose of R16 000. This I assume was from my car travel expenses. Why are they asking me for this?

Does receiving a car allowance when l have a car bought cash have impacts on my tax?

I bought a car cash before getting my current job. I receive a car allowance at my current job and am not willing to change my car anytime soon. Is that an issue with SARS? Is that going to affect my tax, if so how?

Fringe benefit tax on fuel card

We receive a fuel benefit which is indicated as an income ( this in my mind will put me into the next bracket ). I am taxed on the higher income, then the very same amount that has been used for fuel is shown as a deduction. I don't understand this can you please explain. I don't see the benefit of a fuel card.

As the sole employee and director do I have to pay PAYE or can I pay provsional tax bi-annually?

I am an independent consultant. I have been operating since June 2015 and have been paying myself a salary and deducting PAYE
I have recently found out that I must be a provisional tax payer as well
Since I have started in June and have not deducted any expenses to arrive at my taxable income, it appears that with 2 months to go I have overpaid my tax significantly
from a cash flow perspective, I will only receive my refund around July/August
Am I able to not pay PAYE for the...

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Can my husband claim medical if the wife makes the payments?

I became a stay at home Mom as of 1 Dec 2015. I know money's transferable from hubby are not taxed. Can I still pay for things and my hubby claim for them? I have a disability and have two autistic sons. All three of us are registered as disabled with SARS.

How to measure kms

I dont have a travel allowance and use my private car for work. My company does reimburse me for work related travel. Question is from where do my km's get measured as some days I drive straight to site from my house and not via office. How does the calculation look and lastly how much should they pay me per km?

Can I submit a tax return with both provisional tax and IRP5 information?

Hi there! I am a freelancer and earn about R120 000 a year. Some of my clients pay me the exact amount I invoice them, but two of my big corporate clients deduct tax before paying me. Can I include all this information in my first provisional tax return?

Income TAX for temp job with total income under tax threshold

Will be registering with SARS for income tax this coming week. Doing a temporary job for January and February. 1. The business owner is telling me that will deduct 25% from the amount agreed, although for the two months (Jan and Feb) the total amount will be below the annual tax free threshold (R73 650)
Is this correct?

2. Will I be able to recover all the TAX, which will be deducted, when I submit the tax return for 2016?
(the actual amount is R63K and my tax will be friken R15 750 in total!)...

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Can you be taxed more on your salary by employer?

Can your employer tax you more on your salary, than what the tax calculator said?

Do independent contractors working for US company have to pay South African tax.

Awesome website you have, I currently reside in Cape Town and I am a South African resident, I recently quit my South African job in July 2015. I started working for a US company as an independent contractor as of 1 September 2015 until present. I also freelance on the side for a South African business, I work about 6-8 hours a day for the US company and on average 6 hours a week for the South African based business. I would like to know, what are the tax implications in my case for South Africa...

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Contractor tax registratiom

I am a contract worker at my company. And I invoice the owner for my time and then get paid as per invoice. Can you please advise how to go about registering for tax.

Arbitration Award Taxation R100,000

Arbitration Award of R100000, HOW MUCH MUST I BE TAXED?

Vehicle Finance - should I be noting my monthly vehicle installment on tax return

Finance / Other Costs - Travel Allowance


just to confirm the vehicle I current use for business travel is financed - would this be where I enter my monthly finance installment or is this not supposed to be noted on a tax return?

How will I benefit on tax as an Uber partner?

Hi Tim I am a partner of Uber, ride sharing mobile app, owning my own car and working my own hours. Uber regard me as an independent contract driver. What would the tax implications be for me as an individual?

What will be the tax benefits as a company?

Clarity on having 2 cars -company car vs car allownace

I am a shareholder in a private company. I get a company car benefit of R800 000 to be used for 1 or 2 cars. I am for best way to structure package. My wife has a R200 000 car and I have a R400 000 car. I do very few business km and ride my private motorcycle to work mainly. I am thinking of switching my car to car allowance. I assume that if I switch then my wife's car is no longer a company car and there are no tax benefits/deductions allowed for her car? As far as I am aware you cannot have...

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Provisional tax expenses to claim

As a provisional taxpayer, what expenses can I claim to reduce my tax. I travel to clients, can I claim my travelling, also I had to replace engine and clutch I this tax year, can I claim for these expenses and what portion would I get back from SARS
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