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Tax refundable if worked for less than 6 months?

If my employment term was only for 5 months as stated on my IRP5, will I get my tax contribution back since its less than six month? Ive heard that you need to work a minimum of six months in one tax year to be taxable.

Proof of address for child

I need to get tax numbers for my 2 year old twins. Any idea what will be acceptable for proof of address since I have none of the listed documents with their name on. Thanks

The waiting period for a rfund after submitting

How long does it take 4 SARS 2 pay out the tax return

What if you used someone else's vehicle to travel to work?

All vehicles show on my petrol statements and IRP5. What supporting documents would I need if SARS Audits me because some of the vehicles I used over the years are on my fathers name but my company knew this.

Retirement annuity contributions, are they tax deductible for 2015 and 2016 years of assessment

I am self employed and run a business as a sole proprietor, can I deduct my retirement annuity contributions for tax purposes for 2015 and 2016 years of assessment

Unclaimed disability from 2009 to 2013? can I do so now?

I previously did not know that you can claim for disability and I have 6 years worth of disability that I didnt claim, is it possible to do so? from 2009 to 2013

Provident Contribution part of CTC not showing on IRP 5

Dear Tax Tim

I am contribution provident fund via my employer on a monthly basis. This forms part of my CTC and does not show on my IRP 5 but shows on my YTD salary report as a contribution monthly as well as on my payslip. Can I claim a tax refund from this and if so how do I do it.

Can freelance stylist claim back 25% tax deducted form her income?

Hello, I've been working as a freelance stylist in the Film industry for the past year, and around 25% tax has been deducted from each pay check. How do I go about getting a tax return?

Do I submit one tax return or two?

I received a final salary payment in March 2016 (where PAYE etc was deducted) and the same month began earning income as an independent contractor from a variety of clients. When I submit my first provisional tax return in 2016, do I include the March 2016 Salary payment I received, or do I submit a separate income tax return in 2017 for that income?

Estimated refund before T-Filling

Can I see an estimate of my return before submitting through T-Filling

I need to know my tax refund

Calculate my tax refund plz

Treatment of a provident fund lump sum payout in a provisional tax return (IRP6)

If one is not of retirement age and receives a provident fund lump sum payout in the 2015/16 tax year - net amount after tax is deducted - how is this amount treated in a provisional tax return (IRP6) i.e.
- Is the amount included in a provisional tax return (IRP6)?
The IRP6 provisional tax return only has one block to enter taxable income in. If the provident fund payout is included in the taxable income block (with other taxable income) tax will be calculated on the full amount at t...

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Code 3713 and 3703

I get my Car Payment Private Petrol and Car Payment Insurance from my Employer under source code 3713. Can I claim against this on my Tax return? and if so under what?

Can I submit my IRP5?

it's my first time, I resign last year can I submit my IRP5?

Explanation of source codes 4040, 4020 and 4022

Can you explain source codes 4040, 4020 and 4022 on the tax return.

Does Taxtim file on my behalf?

Do you actually do the tax returns on behalf of me? so I just have to submit the correct documents to you?

Is TaxTim costs tax deductable?

Is the price I pay for TaxTim for a single assessment or is it renewable yearly? Secondly, can I claim the price back as a deduction, as I would if I used a tax consultant (whose fees are deductable)?

Can we claim for our Rates Account?

Our bond is in my name and so is our municipal rates account. Am I allowed to claim for the Rates payments from SARS? I am a normal individual tax payer

Can I fole if I am unemployed?

Hi I was retrenched last year in August and got another job in November the 1st and resigned in January. I have been unemployed since then, can I claim tax return even if I'm unemployed?

Provisional Tax on capital gain

Have just sold a property and have made a large capital gain and will have to pay tax on this in 2017 tax return, will I need to include more funds to Provisional tax or can I wait till I get my 2017 assessment, and so get interest.

3805 calculation

Is the renumeration factor referred to in the formula to calculate free or cheap accomodation as a fringe benefit equal to pensionable salary, or does it include other remuneration as well?

Tax on standby allowance

I receive a standby allowance every month that is being taxed on. It is a fixed amount of 14% of my salary to basically be on standby for any breakdowns. Can I claim tax back?

Tax deduction for family donations?

A) Can I claim a Donation deduction for the following:

1. Son's university fees, paid on his behalf. 2. Monthly donation to my sister. 3. Monthly donation to religious institution / organisation. B) If deductible, what proof is required?


How do I obtain an ITA34 from SARS

Good day I need SARS assessment letter

How much will I get as refund

I am a temp in my work,i have worked for 24 weeks from march 2015 to february 2016,i have earned 156000 and I was taxed R19650. I would like to know will I get the refunds n approximately how much
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