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Help with past tax returns

I've been working for the past 5 years and have never claimed back tax. I have all my IRP5 certificates since I started working. I have no travel allowance, I usually pay for everything with my own finances. I'm registered for tax with SARS, but I'm not sure if I'm registered on SARS eFiling.

Waiting for my VAT number

Can I charge VAT while waiting for my VAT registration to come through? How can I legally show VAT on a invoice to a customer while waiting for my VAT number? The company registration and income tax is done.

VAT registration process

Can you guys do my VAT registration details?

Vat Registration Cost

What is the amount before registering for VAT at SARS?

Tax Deductible Donations

I made a tax deductible donation in the previous tax year, but the amount was over the allowable 10% deduction limit (as reflected in my ITA34). Will the excess amount be automatically added to the new tax year as an add-back, or do I need to add the excess amount to the current years tax deductible donations?

Registering for provisional tax for start-up?

Does a start-up company (dormant pty company) with zero income for first 2 years, have to register for provisional tax?
The director does earn a normal salary from employer, but created company name to work on part time. The director is busy with research before there will be any taxable income. The director created the company name to reserve the name before it is taken. ( the company also needs tax number) Do not want to go through the admin for provisional tax before it is needed. Only ...

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Farming tax

I was employed and practised farming part time, I didn't declare farming activities. I've purchased tractors and now farming full time and have a registered company where do I start with my tax?

Unit trust and tax

Do I need to declare interest from unit trusts that is under the threshold of R33000 (e. g. Local interest earned was R15000).

My tax fluctuate every month

Why does my tax fluctuate every month on my payslip? I'm a fully employed with a monthly salary- no overtime or shifts. I saw that you've already said it should not fluctuate. How does one go about rectifying it?

Providing financial support to my elderly parents?

What are the tax implications of me providing financial support to my elderly parents?

Output VAT and levies

Is Output VAT supposed to be levied on Land if both parties are VAT Vendors?

Can I claim if not reimbursed by my employer?

My employer doesn't reimburse me for traveling in between the office and our sites. I don't have a company car but I drive about 92KM per day between the office and on of our sites. Would it be possible to claim KMs from SARS for the use of my private car? And the company doesn't provide a cellphone allowance but I'm required to use my phone a lot at work. I receive no allowance and I'm not a commission earner. Can I claim for the contract I was forced to take?

How to file a return?

Please let me know how returns are done. Do I provide all the information and you do the return on my behalf?

PAYE for hourly paid employees

Is PAYE calculated differently for hourly paid employees ? And if so How ?

Tax on income paid in US dollars

I'm a South African citizen. Currently living and working in Argentina, but I'm considering taking a job that would allow me to move back home. The job would pay me in US dollars on a monthly basis. How would I pay tax and what amount is taxable and how does this all work. (Let's say the salary would be 4000USD per month).

Do you need my documents?

I'd like to make use of your tax return service on the internet. What details and documents you would need from me?

Are orthodontist expenses tax deductible?

Can I claim tax on an orthodontist expense for my child's braces? They are not covered by medical aid.

I have multiple tax returns

I have multiple tax returns I need to file. Does TaxTim provide this service or do they only deal with current years submissions?

Share trading

Do you assist with tax returns where share trading is involved?
I trade in CFDs and equity via my broker for the past 5 years, however,
I've not been making any profit, so I've not been declaring any loss as well.
I don't have any other sources of income except a little interest.

Pension fund with half paid up taxes

Can I get my pension fund if I have payed up half of my taxes

Maintenance claims on pension fund

Will monthly maintenance claims by ex-spouse as per a successfully lodged divorce order against my pension fund be taxable in the hands of my ex-spouse, or deemed as income for myself? Will it be treated as exempt from normal tax?

VAT and Tax concerns

I'm a registered company, but not VAT registered. We do not charge VAT on our second hand goods. Should we register for VAT? Also, should we complete a tax return, would we be able to do by ourselves?

On an internship - do I pay tax?

I'm currently working as an intern. The income is 8000 for 11 months, am I required to pay tax?

Waiting period for retirement from GEPF?

How long does a retirement file from GEPF take in SARS for a pay out date? I took my retirement claim at GEPF and completed all forms they gave me but I have waited so long with no reply.

Which costs are deductible prior to receiving rental income?

In respect of a second property that one rents out, starting off, can one deduct the following for personal income tax:
(1) Bond transfer fees and registration costs;
(2) Costs incurred on repairs to the property in the month prior to receiving the 1st rental for the property?
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