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How to catch up on outstanding returns when I have no income and expenditure records

I resigned from my job in 2010 and took my pension to buy a small business, which I ran as a sole proprietor for 2. 5 years. During this time, I did not submit a tax return, as I wasn't sure how to do it. Also, I was not making much profit and more or less came out even at the end of every month. I then passed the business on to my son-in-law and started working again in 2013. All the income and expenditure info relating to the business was contained on a laptop, which subsequently crashed, so I...

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Does money for food etc from your parents need to be declared with SARS?

If I earned money from one company from July 2014 to February 2015, and received money from my parents to buy food etc during university from March 2014 to June 2014, do I need to submit a tax return for the 2014/2015 financial year?

I earn under the threshold, but should I still register as a taxpayer?

I am a university student and I do "casual work" (babysitting, personal assistant, etc) from time to time as well as tutoring high school subjects. I have never earned more than R3000 a month, thus I know I am below the tax paying threshold. My question is should I still register as a taxpayer or not?

Why did I get tax deducted when I employed for 1 month

I want to understand how do I get my tax deducted if I was on a 1 month contract that they did not renew

Full-time student, earn below tax bracket can I be taxed 25% per promotion job?

Hi TaxTim,
I am a full-time student and work for a company during my free time where I do odd promotions in a month. I am earning below the tax bracket and I am being taxed 25%. I get taxed on jobs where I earn R350, R500, and R800. My question is should I be taxed even though I am way below the tax bracket? And how does it work with the tax if I do not have a tax number and the company have deducted tax but have not given pay slips yet? Can I be exempt from paying tax on a R350? What happ...

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When does one register for provisional tax, before you earn or after you earn money

Provisional Tax
Do I earn say R8000 for the first 6 months first
Then register to pay provisional tax
Forex Trader Starting soon

Non-resident tax implication on rental income?

Myself and the wife ( non-residents / Irish citizens and tax payers) bought a property in South Africa in both our names. Does the R 65 000 tax exemption apply to each of us individually? The combined rental income is R 120 000 after expenses/deductions. We plan to invest the rental income in a flexible money market account at 5,75%. If the exemption applies to both i. O. W R 130 000 combined, do we have to register for tax?
Can flight tickets once in two years to oversee maintenance and i...

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Tax Return for contract work?

I worked for a contract of 3 months was earning R20 000 per month TAX was deducted from my salary, is that possible? I wanna know if I can go to SARS & claim my money back. Thank You!

NO refund yet

Good Day

I recently submitted my tax return and have a refund due to me. I emailed SARS and asked how come I have received my refund and they say that I have not submitted my 2011 tax return. I only worked for 4 months in that tax year and earned way below the threshold. Also in previous years they have refunded me without asking me to submit the 2011 tax return. What I would like to know and am afraid of is, if I submit the 2011 tax return now will I not incur penalties and interest?


I lost my job 5 years ago, but I get part time work now and then. I have just filed for this year and average about R15k for the year. But am now being made to panic saying I earned too low and SARS will question this. But what are you supposed to do if that is what you got. I see that you mention we should only pay taxes when we earn a certain amount per year, however the part time work I do never gets me that high, BUT the company I do the work for is an NPO and stated they by law have to take 25% from me each time I earn from them. Yes, I claim it back, but what is the point if now you get questioned for earning too little as well? Should I be getting taxed at all?...

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Request for Supporting Documents but I have not been employed for 3 years

SARS is asking for supporting documents related to my tax return but I have been unemployed and living abroad for three years! I don't have any of the documents they are requesting. I still pay provisional tax and submit that tax return dutifully. I read that I must swear an affidavit at a police station but I am currently not in the country and won't be back for several months - they need these supporting documents in 21 days. What must I do? (I did email them, asking them what to do, but they ...

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What are the tax implications & obligations to SARS of a doner and donee when a Donation is made?

If I donate R90 000 to my wife and R10 000 to my nephew, I have to submit and IT144 form. Is this in any way tax deductible, and what are the tax implications & responsibility to SARS on myself, my wife (say she earns R260k p/a) and nephew (under 18)?

Do donations to a Section 18A PBO count against the R100K pa amount that is exempt from donations Ta

Do donations to a Section 18A PBO count against the R100K pa amount that is exempt from donations Tax?
eg: say I donate R50k to a section 18A PBO (assuming my salary is more than R500k so R50K is within the 10% allowed tax free) then does this reduce my allowance from R100k to R50k left pa for tax free donations to say a trust?

Do you deduct the interest exemption plus tax threshold from interest income to get the total income

Only income earned is investment income thus interest on savings in bank account. Do you deduct the interest exemption of R23800 plus R70700 from the total to establish income e. G R96000 interest income - R23800 - R70700 = R1500 multiply by 18 % taxes due R270

What income do I declare on IRP6 now that I earn a salary too?

Hi. I have been submitting provisional tax returns (IRP6) for a few years but since December 2015 have entered full-time employment, and hence receive an IRP5. I still however earn some money doing approved work outside of my full time employment.

Do I declare only my extra earnings on my IRP6, and then the total earnings on my ITR12, or do I declare my total earnings, i.e. Salary plus extra earnings, on my IRP6?

Help! SARS has just informed that I need to submit a 2008 Tax Return

Good day,

Over the past three weeks, I have been in contact with SARS telephonically regarding a refund due to me for the 2015 Tax Year. I have just been informed that SARS has upgraded their system and I now need to submit a Tax Return for 2008 before they will pay the refund. In 2007, I was employed on a part time basis as a tutor whilst I was in my final year of study at University. After graduating in 2007, I started to work on a full time basis at a company from 1 January 2008. I...

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People who are still on probation pay tax?

I'm still on probation for 3 months. Should I pay tax?

No IRP5 -Can't claim Home office Expenses???

A Client of mine does freelance work via Paypal. She earns 3500-5500 per month. This income is not shown on an IRP5 and because there is no IRP5 on her tax return, she can't claim her half of her and her husband's Home Office Expenses as this option is Greyed out on eFiling if you don't have an IRP5. What to do???

Gross Salary earned with no deduction?

My employer only pays my salary on a gross basis, and does not deduct tax off my salary every month. He also hasn't given me an IRP5. How would I submit a tax return for this year? Should I approach SARS?

Commission UIF?

My partner and I have a CC business. We don't earn a set salary, we are commission only earners. It is just the 2 of us in the company. Do we have to pay UIF?

Does Pension Lump Sum Income get added to Normal Income for determining tax liability?

Do you get taxed twice when withdrawing early before age 65 from a pension fund? So the first tax is when the tax directive is issued by SARS, and then the second when you complete your tax return and declare the lump sum payout as an income. Does this pension lump sum income get added to your normal income to increase your total income when determining tax liability?

Forced to register with SARS.

What if I was registered to pay tax without my acknowledgement?

Do I submit irp5

I'm no longer working, I was earning R5285 a month

Comparatives for tax thresholds

What was the requirement for submitting tax return for the following years. In terms of the threshold. 2011/12
2014/2015 = R350000

Earned R43000 comm earner year ended feb 2015, travel & depreciation R17000 will I get tax refund

Earned R43000 commission only year ended feb 2015, have travel expenditure of R13800 with log book and depreciation of R4200 on my vehicle, will I get tax refund?
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