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Small business

I run a small business from home and make about R40 000. 00 a year. I only pay insurance and maybe cell. So what is my draw for provisional tax. And how much tax would business pay.

Does loan repayment affect tax calculation?

When calculating provisional tax, must your repayment on loan be deducted from the taxable amount?

Which package do I select for your service?

To use your service, I need to identify as either provisional or individual. I haven't yet registered as a provisional taxpayer on SARS (I'm meant to do that now), and have been earning income for about six months now, as a freelancer. If I want to use your service, do I select the provisional tax payer package, or do I have to officially register as a prov. Tax payer over SARS eFiling first?

First time freelance consultant from January 2016 - do I register for provisional tax?

I just started as freelance consultant in Jan 2016. I am not sure how much I will earn as it all depends on if I get clients. Do I register for provisional tax? From reading your articles seem I fall in the 2nd payment what do I do? SARS assumes taxpayer will be able to pay upfront?

When do I pay provisional tax per IRP6?

I have filed my IRP6 form via SARS eFiling,
Should I pay the amount payable now or should I wait for SARS to accept the form I filed?

Submitting and IRP5 and Provisional Tax

A company I was working for closed down in March last year and I started freelancing sometime after that and now need to pay provisional tax, but what happens with the IRP5 that was generated for me? Do I still submit that even though I'm submitting for provisional?

How to handle Rental Income when married in community of property?

Hi, my wife and I are married in community of property. We own a few residential flats that we rent out for extra income. When it is time to complete our annual tax return and we each fill in details of extra Income on the tax return, must we EACH declare the FULL income from the rentals OR must we EACH split it in HALF and declare that OR must we say we are in 50% partnership on the form where it allows for that? In the tax return it does ask how we are married so does SARS automatically split ...

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Questions on provisional tax

A second provisional tax payment should be made end of Feb of each year. Why would SARS effectively require individuals to submit a tax return before the last day of the financial year (28 Feb) when business related expenses and income might still happen?

Apart from wanting to know why this implementation, I also want to know how does the differences gets eventually settled when you do still have income or expences after you have filed late in Feb?

Do I include a provident fund payout (on resignation) in my taxable income on the IRP6 return?

Do I include a provident fund payout (on resignation) in my taxable income on the IRP6 tax return?

SARS Exchange rate tables

I am completing my IRP6 and I am earning a slary in GBP. Which table should I use? Table A or B?

http://www. SARS. Gov. Za/Legal/Legal-Publications/Pages/Average-Exchange-Rates. Aspx

Thank you!

Where should I declare my freelance income?

I am an employee, but also a Sole Proprietor. I am an artist. My business is not officially registered yet, but I have been trading for some time now. Do I need to declare the income I earned through freelance work in the same ITR12 that contains the information I received from the IRP5 from my employer, or would I need to declare the freelance income in some other form?

Disclosing interest on the IRP6

If a taxpayer earns 130,000 interest in the year, does he disclose the entire amount in the taxable income section of the IRP6 or just the portion of the interest income that is taxable. I,e 130,000 less R34500 exempt portoin. I see the form only deducts the primary rebate.

Does a 45-day old business still need to submit a provisional tax return?

I am a salaried employee, but since the middle of January 2016 I have been running a business. It's been expensive to set up, and business is slow - I've turned over R50K max and have about R40K of expenses. Do I need to submit a provisional tax return now, or can I carry that amount over and declare it later in the 2017 provisional tax year?

Should I register for IRP6 or IRP3?

I found two forms on the SARS site, IRP3 which states it's meant for freelance artists and IRP6 for provisional tax. I'm a freelance artist so should I fill in and resister for IRP6 or IRP3 or both?

Do I need to complete an IRP6?

You sent me a reminder to file my IRP6 Provisional Tax Return for 2016 however, I'm not sure whether I am still a Provisional Tax payer?

I did freelance work until Feb 2015, and from March 2016 I've been employed, paying PAYE through my employer. I haven't earned any additional income. Do I still need to complete an IRP6 as a Provisional Tax payer?

Freelance work while paying PAYE

I currently earn a salary and pay PAYE tax. I also take on occasional freelance work which isn't consistent amounts. What's the best way to be tax compliant?

Can invoicing several clients constitute a salary and not trade?

I privately tutor pupils at their homes and invoice several clients for this service. One of them pays me a monthly salary (but pays nothing to SARS) based on monthly invoices and the rest I invoice by the hour. Can I declare all of this as a single salary and pay it with my ITR12 or do I need to register as a provisional taxpayer?

I changed from being employed (normal IRP5 scenario) to self-employed during the last financial year so I am not yet registered for provisional tax

Business runs at a loss - do I need to submit provisional tax return?

Another question - what if the business has run at a loss? It's a medical practice, and turns out many of my claims will only be processed in March 2016 i.e Next tax year. That means my total income for the business so far has been R30 000, with expenses totalling R50 000. Surely I don't have to submit a provisional tax return?

Can you apply for a deferrment or make a payment plan with SARS for provisional tax.

Payment plan or deferment for Provisional Tax payers

IRP6: Additional Medical Expense Tax Credit & Taxable Income vs Turnover

I've got 2 questions for my IRP6 form for tax year ending Feb 2016:

I am: provisional tax payer; and an individual - no dependents. 1. Is my taxable income the same as my turnover if I don't have any other deductions?

2. Is the amount that I enter into the Additional Medical Expense Tax Credit field literally all the medical expenses that I incurred in the period, which were not covered by Medical Aid?

How much of a capital gain should I be including for provisional tax?

IRP6 2016-02: My income is trading income reflected through an IRP5. This year there is also a capital gain. On e-filing form I have to add the capital gain and fill in the total under "estimated taxable income". But then the full amount is taxed at my marginal income tax rate. How much of a capital gain should I be including in "estimated taxable income" for provisional tax?

Taking medical aid tax credits into account in provisional tax calculation

Hi there, I need some help completing my second provisional tax return. My employer deducts my medical aid tax credits (for myself and a dependent) each month on my payslip. Therefore, on my payslip each month is my gross earnings less my deductions (of which the medical aid tax credit is subtracted from the monthly PAYE amount due). However, at the bottom of my payslip, where it shows total tax paid to date figures, the amount here is the PAYE amount, BEFORE deducting any medical aid tax credit. My question is now when I submit my provisional tax return, do I enter the medical aid tax credits in the section provided for?...

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What type of tax for self-employed?

I am self employed by a british company that pays me directly into my bank account. What tax type do I fall into? I do not earn a large salary.

Am I a provisional tax payer if I am fully employed by a foreign Co but permanently reside in SA?

I have taken the test to see if I need to be a provisional taxpayer and it states that I should not. However, I am employed by a London-based organisation and am permanently resident in SA. I get a payslip every month and am on a permanent contract. I dont pay tax in the UK and SARS advised that I should do so as a provisional tax payer. Is this correct?

If I start a small psychology private practice after hours will I need to register for tax?

Hi there, I'm starting a psychology private practice to build experience. I am already employed as a psychologist by a company but I want to add to my experience. Would I need to register for additional tax if I only plan to a couple of patients?
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