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is a marriage by muslim rites included in the definition of a spouse regarding donations tax?

What should I select for marital status when filing tax return, religious marriage (married by muslim rites) usually muslim marriages are ANC however we have not yet registered our marriage?
Will my husband be expected to pay donations tax on cash he transferred to me for safe keeping? For tax purposes are we considered to fall within the definition of spouse and as such not be liable for donations tax?

Example: Husband transfer R500 000. 00 of his savings to wife married in accordance with muslim rites, wife invests the money with a Bank and earns interest on it...

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Donation tax between spouses

I receive a government pension, interest from investment and income from consultation work. My total income put me in the maximum bracket of the tax tables. My wife receive rental income of less than R10000 a month and pays very little income tax. I am 64 and my wife 60. May I donate an amount of my investment money to my wife (which she will invest). What is the maximum amount that I may donate to her, do I pay tax on the donation and must I declare the donation to SARS? (I struggle with the in...

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Wrong tax reference number on my IRP5

When I was preparing to submit my tax return I realized my tax reference number on my IRP5 was incorrect and its my first time submitting a Tax tax return, the IRP5 is from a previous employer and they are refusing to change the tax number on my IRP5 and SARS is charging me penalties for non submission.

How soon can you submit my returns after I upload it on Taxtim?

A few minutes ago I just submitted my 2013-2014 tax returns on your system. This is already overdue and I am facing penalties. How soon can you submit and what other information do you need me to provide you with?

Declaration of interest earned on Fixed Deposit investments for tax purposes

Good Day, my question relates to the declaration of interest accrued (but not necessarily paid) on Fixed Deposit investments for income tax purposes. I am a provisional tax payer and prefer to pay the tax in the tax year in which the interest is earned. For example, if I start a 24 month fixed deposit on 1st January 2016, maturing 31st December 2017, interest (simple) payable at maturity then is it permissible to declare the interest as follows assuming for simplicity that interest accrues at R100. 00 per day:...

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Private company that does not pay tax and never register for tax what are the penalties?

Private company that does not pay tax and never register for tax what are the pelnaties

What penalties will I incur if I do not pay my donations tax within the three month deadline?

What penalties will I incur if I do not pay my donations tax within the three month deadline? Is there a way around incurring any penalties if I was not aware of this deadline?

Treatment of rental loss and living expenses while studying

From Sep '14 to Oct '15 I temporarily left the employ of my company to study my MBA full time overseas. During this time I rented my primary residence in South Africa out. (a) Am I able to deduct the losses on the rental of my primary property (rent - levies - interest on bond - rates) from my taxable income?

(b) During the time I was away, I had to make use of savings to pay for living expenses (food, necessities, partial travel expenses, but NOT tuition, textbooks, accommodation, vi...

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Do I need to tick box on tax return for IRP5/IT3A for foreign pension received?

Hi there, was filing my tax return and got selected for verification. I think that it might be as a result of ticking the wrong boxes though - I receive a pension from overseas and interest on my Standard Bank account but I did tick the box for the IRP5/ IT3A saying that I got one such certificate. I then filled in the interest amount under Local Interest and noted the foreign pension under not taxable. Am I right in assuming that I should, in future not mark the IRP5/ IT3A box? (I always though...

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Should I provide SARS with an affidavit if the requested documentation is unavailable?

My previous employer refuses to provide me with my 2013 IRP5, which resulted into me paying an penalty amount. I was told that I should provide SARS with an sworn affidavit to prove that one cannot produce the document they requested. Is that true? I would also like to know if you provide SARS with the affidavit, do you still need to pay the penalty amount?


i am 70 year old, live in UK, 95%, earning interest from investments in the UK and paying UK taxes with a UK tax no. i also have 3 properties in South Africa, and pay local tax in South Africa
from rental income. also have SARS tax no. are there new laws which i am not aware of? I have been submitting tax returns on this basis for the last 20 years with no problem. will this be ok for the future. thanks.

Do SARS offer payment plans?

Do SARS have a payment option, I have been informed that I owe them an amount from 1999 and the interest is now more than what the original amount was. I cannot pay it all at once, so do they have payment options

What does a "manual audit" mean, what does it entail and why would I be trasnferred to it?

I have submitted my tax return and was triggered for audit verification. I missed the first deadline to submit and then received a final demand letter. I submitted all the supporting documents on the final due date. I have called 3 weeks later and they say I have been transferred to a manual audit. I was not informed that my audit was being transferred to "manual", which I don't know what it means. What does a manual audit mean and why have they transferred me to it?

What are the penalties and interests paid for provisional tax?

What are the penalties and interests paid for provisional tax?

Will I be taxed if I loan my brother money interest free?

Will I be taxed if I loan my brother money interest free. I am a South African resident but he lives in the UK.

1. penalty - delayed return. 2. submit returns for previous years 3. community of property/customery

1. What is the penalty for delayed tax return submission?
2. Can you still submit tax returns for previous tax years which were never submitted?
3. What effect does married in community of property or customary law

I started freelancing 3 motnhs ago, do I need to do my taxes this month?

I started freelancing 01 November 2015
I was still working until 31 October at a company that was paying my tax for me. Do I need to do my provisional taxes this month (February) or should I wait until August?

Penalty for late payment of vat

What is the penalty for late payment of vat?

How to practically offset an assessed loss

Hi Tim, I owe SARS R240,000 for income tax year 2012. However, when I checked my compliance, I had not submitted an income tax return for 2011. So I submitted this and obtained an assessed loss of more than R1m. How do I practically use this assessed loss of 2011 to get rid of the 2012 debt of R240k on SARS SARS eFiling

Slitting income when married in community

Can you please explain what amounts get slit 50/50 when a couple is married in community of property please? My husband is retired and I am the breadwinner. We receive rental and interest. Also what to do with the medical expenses, both membership & additional, in my name only?

Tax thresholds and married in community of property

I am a provisional tax payer 66 yrs of age & married in community of property my income is derived from an annuity & interest from fixed deposits, what is the maximum I can earn before I pay tax.

Give me an example please R500 p/m x 30 years

I have a retirement annuity with Momentum. I only pay R500 a month and want to know on the day I retire if 2/3 will have to be reinvested in a annuity (to pay me interest every month) or if there is a certain threshold whereby I get 100% out on the day I retire?

On SARS website the use the wording "annuity interest lumpsum" which tells me its on the "interest" part on where you might get something back.

Tax payable on unit trusts in us $ when converted to cash

Tax payable on unit trusts in US $ WHEN CONVERTED to cash

Living Abroad - nil return

I have been working abroad for 2/3years in April, and was unaware I had to submit a nil tax return to SARS. I logged on and received a notice dated (current date - day of login)
Could you please confirm, I am not a provisional tax payer - do I have to file a nil tax return if no income in RSA
Also, what are the penalties for a late submisison of tax return (zero to pay)
How long to I continue to submit nil tax returns, or can you de-register?

Vehicle Finance - should I be noting my monthly vehicle installment on tax return

Finance / Other Costs - Travel Allowance


just to confirm the vehicle I current use for business travel is financed - would this be where I enter my monthly finance installment or is this not supposed to be noted on a tax return?
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