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Too many documents

SARS has provision of submitting 20 documents only and I have more than 20 documents. SARS doesn't accept excel with more than 1sheet. I have bank statements, receipts, excels with car logs, medical expenses, donations, depreciation, donation and medical certificates, monthly credit card statements. Please suggest how to submit documents. Thanks

Medical expense claim from SARS?

I tried to claim for medical expenses that I paid out of my own pocket but did not receive rebate, instead I have to pay SARS?

Tax return question

If you pay medical aid close to R4k out of pockets, and within a tax year you have incurred additional medical cost of about R15k, you have monthly RA of R1k... And you still contribute towards your employers RA. How much roughly would one get for tax returns

Can I claim for Medical Aid and Provident Fund contributions at the TAX year end?

In my new job I am getting a CTC of which only income TAX will be deducted. Previously Medical Aid and Provident Fund was deducted from the CTC then the remainder taxed, as a result I paid less TAX. In the new job I will have to pay med aid and provident after my income has been TAXED. Will I am be able to claim at the TAX year end for this?

Will I be able to get the same amounts as if the amounts where being deducted from the CTC before being TAXED?

Can I claim back on disability for my child attending a remedial school?

My child attends a remedial school which was recommended by a psychologist. Can I claim back on these fees as a disability?

Document/records storage

If I change to SARS eFiling with your assistance, where would my tax records be stored. & who stores them -- SARS, Myself, Tax Tim??

Med Aid claims

I am 74 years old. What out of my own pocket medical expenses can I claim?

Will I be penalized for not filling in a tax return for last year and this current year

I have been working for 2 years now, I started 3 December 2013 and I never filled in a tax return before. I only became a permanent employee 1 April 2015 and only then started contributing towards a medical aid and pension fund. I have missed the 27/11/2015 tax return deadline. I am not sure how this whole process works. Will I be penalized for not filling in a tax return for last year and this current year. I will be more than happy to pay for your services. Regards

Can employer deduct medical tax credits from employees tax but the employee is paying the medical ai

Employer pays a basic salary to employee of R28 000,00 per month. There is no fringe benefits. Employee pays a medical aid scheme for himself his wife and 4 children. Employee shows proof of his medical aid to employer. Can employer deduct the medical tax credit of R1264 from the monthly employees tax. That is R5171 less 1264 =R3907. And then when doing the employers recon the IRP5 will only have the earnings of R336000,00 (under the 3601) and employees tax R46884 and no other codes except for u...

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Out of pocket medical expense for dentist.

I'm 25 years old, my annual income is approximately R264000 and I'm also paying my own medical aid at a rate of R1710 p/m with no other dependents. I'm considering the possibility of having severe dental work done on my teeth that will be a R150000 out of pocket medical expense. How much of this will I be able to claim back from tax?

As far as I know over the counter medical expenses cannot be claimed

As far as I know over the counter medical expenses cannot be claimed, unless it is on doctor's prescription. You say I may claim it?

Medical Aid Deductions

Can contributions to a hospital plan be deducted?

What does physical impairment include interms of expenses I can claim?

What does physical impairment include in terms of expenses I can claim?

Can I claim from my monthly supplement expenses, or only actual medicinal expenses?

Can monthly supplement expenses be included in the "medical expenses" I spend monthly as my medical aid is only a hospital plan.

Can I claim for med. Aid monthly contributions?

Am I allowed to claim against my monthly contribution to my medical aid even if my company pays its portion?

Do I still have to submit a tax return having emigrated to Namibia?

My friend lives in Namibia - she recently moved there about 2 years ago. She earns income there and pays medical aid and pension contributions there. She still has a bank account in South Africa together with investments so she is earning interest yearly. Would she still have to submit a tax return? The interest she has earned showing on her IT3b from the bank is just under R900. Would appreciate your help with this? Thank you

Are my medical expenses (besides contributions to medical aid) deductible if I earn R70 000 per mont

Are my medical expenses (besides contributions to medical aid) deductible if I earn R70 000 per month

Medical aid supporting docs

Hi. I have claimed for medical aid contributions and excess medical expenses out of pocket. SARS is auditing me, do I have to submit the actual slips for the out of pocket expenses (i. E. Every consult invoice and proof of payment)? Or is the summary from the medical aid (which shows claims and what was not covered - it has both full claim amount and out of pocket expense numbers reflected) sufficient?

Medical tax credit change upon SARS review, can you help?

I calculated that since my wife and kids were on separate medical scheme and that I was contributing towards this I would be entitled to a refund, which appeared on SARS eFiling as such. However SARS subsequently requested my tax documentation and reversed the same credit that was in my favor to me now owing them?

Can you help with this?

Do we need to submit a tax return

I get about R2000 /month from my living anuity and R900 / month from an investment. I no longer own property and my medical aid is about R1200/ month. I sometimes get about R2000 / month doing odd jobs and I supplement my income with the proceeds of the sale of my house. Do I have to submit a tax return
My mother is 92 and gets R8000/ month from one investment also has medical aid. Does she have to submit a tax return. Thank you

What is the amount that is medical contributions made only by me, not reflected in the IRP5?

On the tax return,there's a section that requires me to fill in any medical contributions made by myself that are not reflected on my IRP5/IT(a) however the total contributions are reflected on my IRP5 so am I supposed to deduct the employer's contributions from the total contributions to calculate contributions made solely by myself or is is another amount they're referring to?

Cash co-payment on medical procedure

Two questions relating to medical aid expenses:

1) I paid ~R5000 cash copayment for a medical procedure. Can I claim this medical expense on my tax return?

2) If I have medical aid gap cover can I use the total premium payments for the year as additional medical expenditure?

Medical aid premium

Where on your website do I enter my medical aid premium? I paid it myself not through my employer. Your website only asks for expenses that I have incurred outside of my medical aid.

What to do with medical slips if not member of medical scheme?

If I am not a member of a Medical Scheme; but keeping the slips of Medical Expenses, can I fill that amount to my Tax Return form. If yes; where to fill it?

Over the counter medication vs prescription medical claims

Why can I not claim for over the counter medicines that I have to purchase and is then cheaper than going for a doctor's consultation and still pay for prescriptions?
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