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Depreciation on office equipment

I am hiring office equipment such as chairs, tables etc. can I claim depreciation on it?

Legal tax deduction?

Good Day I would like to know who is right in this scenario: a SA resident and the SA company I work for received a construction contract in Sierra Leone, November 2015 we left with promises that there will be no tax deducted. Just before we left our SA employment was terminated and we were rehired by the newly established Sierra Leone company (same name, just now Sierra Leone ltd). We work everything according to the SARS 183/60 rule In the meantime, salary and tax deductions went on like norma...

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Rental Income Tax for Foreign Non Residents

Dear Tim, I am a foreign non resident and own a property in South Africa from which I gain rental income of about R6500 gross per month, or around R4000 after expenses. It has lately come to my attention that I may need to pay tax on this. How do I get started? I rarely visit South Africa.

Claim for out of pocket expenses

I dont have a medical aid but I need to see a physio every week after being in a car accident last year. Cam I claim this expense on my tax return?

travel claim

Can I claim for a travel expense from SARS if I was only given a travel allowance for one month in the last tax year?

Transfer a tuck shop in my name

I am buying a tuck shop but need to know how I can register it in my name, its a sole proprietor.

Donation to household family

Is monetary gifts to a spouse and kids a deductible expense and how much is allowed per year

Donation to family members

I gave my mother and sister R25000 each, can I deduct it as an expense against my income and how much donations tax should I pay on it?

Tax on donation

if I donate my clothes, and I get paid for it, can I claim a tax deduction for the expense?

CGT Calcualtion for Primary residence

CGT Primary Residence with a home office

Base Cost R3m
Proceeds R7m
I use 33. 33% of my primary residence exclusively for trade/business. I have claimed these expenses for the past 4 years when doing my IT12. I have owned the primary residence for 11 years. How do a calculate the CGT taking into account 7 of the 11 years were 100% primary residence

No refund received

SARS have not refunded me since I submitted my return 6 months ago, can I go into their branch and query this if I submitted my return on eFiling?

Is a monetary donation to my unemployed spouse tax deductible

My husband is 61 years old and unemployed, I support him while I am full time employed. Is this contribution tax deductible?

Do I have to pay additional tax for deducting my car from my salary before tax?

How does deducting your vehicle from your gross salary affect your tax. The vehicle purchased is for personal use however we have the option of deducting it directly from our salaries before tax.

How long before I get my funds owed to me by SARS

SARS used my pension lump sum to pay my administration penalties balance. I have however since this submitted the returns and SARS now owe me an amount. Do you perhaps know how long this could take, as I called them yesterday and they said that all queries on my account was finally resolved.

Never filed a return, can I still do it now?

I have been employed for 3 years and my employer deducted tax from my income. They however never gave me an IRP5 and I have no proof of the income I earned from them as they issued electronic payslips and I never printed it.
2 Months ago they closed their doors and all employees was left stranded, can I perhaps still claim the tax I paid back from SARS if they over taxed me?

Foreign medical aid

I'm a French citizen, resident with work permit. I pay a Medical Aid in France, for me and 3 other persons. Can I get a deduction?

Is it still important to keep invoices of one year if business will only be registered in February?

I have started a shop from home for one year and will register my business only now in February? Is it important to keep the receipts for goods bought in order to file for VAT? Or must I only keep it from the day I am registered? I have kept a book of all my sales for the past year? Is it important for later use once registered?

HOw can I get my refund?

SARS owes me more than R12000 and refuse to pay because I have not submitted a tax return for 2008, how can I correct this?

Is SITE from 2009 ever refundable?

Could I please get assistance with my query. In 2009 I earned R29000 for the entire year as I only worked for a portion of the year. SITE of R1064 was deducted over 6 months. I have tried getting a refund of this money by submitting my tax return however SARS is adamant that I am not due a refund as SITE is non refundable. They have informed me that I should request my SITE to be paid back to me by my employer. Can you please advise.

May I claim for travel from my home office to my office?

May I claim for travel from my home office to my office?

Commission tax?

If I earn commission, can I claim back personal expenses too such as rental of my flat even if I dont work from home?

Non-resident tax

I would like to ask if the following person is taxable in SA:

A German citizen worked in SA from November 2015 to January 2017. He is employed by a German company and his salary was paid into a German bank account in Euro's. The German company deducted monthly tax from his earnings up to December 2015 and then instructed him to start paying tax is SA. He registered for tax with SARS in January 2017 and received a tax number. He worked for a sister company of the German company in ...

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Can you check if I owe SARS?

I am an employee and have been working for 6 years. I have however never submitted my tax returns, can I still submit them and will I get a refund?

Can I deduct 27.5% retirement fund contribution from my gross income?

As a sole proprietor can I deduct 27. 5% retirement fund contributions from my total income before expenses? I render a professional service.

Can I claim the VAT on my purchases?

I have my own salon and wanted to know if I can claim back the VAT I paid on products I bought for the salon? I am not a registered VAT vendor.
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