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Commission Posts in Tax Q&A

SA pension taxed in Mauritius

According to the SARS website if you are a resident of Mauritius you can apply for a directive to have your income from a South African pension to be taxed in Mauritius provided you supply proof of being a registered tax payer in Mauritius (part of the DTA agreement). Please can you confirm this as the difference in tax rates between the 2 countries is huge.

Source Code Travel Allowance

Can a company included both tax codes 3701 and 3702 on the IRP5? How will this affect the tax payable on the income?

Tax due on ccma award

Hi there I am due to receive R97000 from my ex employer for unfair dismissal was awarded from the CCMA how much tax would one pay on this amount thank you in advance.

Taxation Rate of Retirement Benefit Lump Sum

At the age of 58 - if I retire from a provident preservation fund and receive the benefit as a lump sum - at what rate will I be taxed?

Over-taxed on pre-retirement preservation fund withdrawal

I started working in Jan 2012 for company. In Dec 2014 I was retrenched and paid a severance package. I preserved my provident fund contributions in a preservation fund and haven't touched it since(about R100k). I started working for company Y in Apr 2015 and ended my employment with them on 31 Jan 2016. I again preserved my pension fund contributions in a pension preservation fund (about R35k). In March 2016 I ran into some financial trouble and decided to withdraw the entire pension preservati...

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deductions on salary increase

My company would like to offer me an increase. I have the choice of a straight bump-up or I can choose if there are specific benefits I would like that will have a benefit for me (additional money in pocket) and that will be beneficial for them (perhaps less tax they need to pay). I earn a straight salary without any travel allowance or any other benefits that is deducted. Please advise on what would be the best for me and for them?

Independant Contractor - deductions

Can I, as an independant contractor, pay my unemployed spouse a minimum wage salary and deduct this from my monthly taxable income? I do have a payrol service provider and get issued a payslip with my income, travel allowence, UIF, medical aid and Tax after the deductions from them on a monthly basis.

Supporting documents for capital gains tax deduction

I have sold my primary residence which was bought in 2002 and there will be a profit of more than
R2 000 000 subjected to Capital Gains Tax. There were a few small improvements (not maintenance) done over the years which I believe can be included in the base cost for example Paving, Blinds, Towel and curtain rails, cornices and garden landscaping. However, I do not have documentary proof for some of the older improvements anymore. (Improvements still form part of property)
My question...

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PAYE on a salary below the tax treshold

I am currently working at an NPO and earning R 6000 per month. Currently the organisation is taxing me R300 per month (although this often fluctuates randomly). There are no further deductions, apart from UIF. As far as I am concerned, and according to all research I have done, I am not meant to even be paying tax on this amount. Could you please clarify if this is correct, and if not, who can I approach with regards to this money that seems to be going missing?
Thank you in advance.

Do I have to record all kilometers travelled?

Does my travel logbook have to include private kilometres travelled? Do I need to write down KM's (business and private) every time I get in the car for the rest of my working days, while claiming?

What is an effective logbook method for tax?

I would like to know what is the most effective way to log your work travels in order to be able to claim it for tax?
Is it really necessary to write down every destination I go to and who was seen, etc? Or do they need to have an odometer reading every day and night (opening and closing?) Or as some say, can it just be based on the reading from 1st March to 28 Feb?

I have downloaded an app which acts as a log book (feulio), would that be sufficient?

When do I charge VAT?

As a VAT Vendor, can I charged vat to a recreational club for services rendered to them, even if they are a non profit organization?

May a sole proprietor have travel allowance and must retirement or providend fund be deducted monthl

I would like to know if a sole proprietor may allocate a travel allowance to himself?

In regards to a retirement or provident fund may I do payment once a year up to 27. 5% of my earnings or must I do it monthly?

Your help will be greatly appreciated


Full time salaried employee or Independent Contractor?

I work part time ad hoc shifts as a doctor at a private hospital, where I am paid an hourly rate and my hours of work are between 0 and 30 a week. In terms of tax deductions (specifically MPS - medical malpractice insurance, travel expenses, training course fees); would my work be classified "full time salaried work"?

I understand this is important in terms of which items one can claim back.

How to calculate the Doubtful Debts allowance

If provision for doubtful debts balance in 2015 was R120,000 (2014: R60,000) relating to a specific debtor. In 2014 income tax return the taxpayer claimed a doubtful debt allowance of R15,000. What is the income tax adjustment in 2015?

Maximum Tax deduction for retirement fund under new tax dispensation

I am a government employee contributing towards the GEPF. I and the employer make contributions based on my pensionable salary which is 70% of my total cost to company. I contribute 7. 5% and my employer contributes 13% of my pensionable salary. Under the new streamlined retirement savings dispensation, I want to know the per annum value of my remaining tax deductable allowance, should I choose to contribute towards a RA in addition to my current GEPF contributions.

CGT on sale of business

What CGT will be payable if you sell a business that you started in 2004 with a R3,000 loan, you now sell it for R5. 5 mil and pay a 10% commission.

Travel claim against commission income /vehicle claims

Can you claim depreciation as well as finance charges on a travel claim against commission income?

Must commission earners register for provisional tax?

Hi Tim,
I earn a basic salary and a commission. The total commission earned is more than 50% of my total earnings. Do I need to register for provisional tax?

Employee tax - earning R 6773.76 per month

I have recently employed 8 people, who each earn R5376 basic salary R 1397. 76 overtime allowance per month. When I enter these figures on the payroll system that I'm using, tax is calculated at R 94. 28.... I'm confused - Is this correct? I thought only people earning above R120 000 pa pay tax?

SARS mistake or are refunds done per assessment

I was audited and asked to submit supporting docs for logbooks, vehicle ownership/invoices and medical expenses. My assessment was calculated at R49k refund initially. When submitting medical exp I realized I had entered some expenses incorrectly so made changes to the ITR12. This resulted in a refund of R58k. In the new assessment SARS deducted the R49k under source code 4102 in the line "Previous Assessment Results", with net refund of R9k. Will my refund be both assessments ie R59k or are the...

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Net pay determination

If I have a R3000 petrol allowance added to my salary, will the provident fund contribution be deducted as well, e. G. If on 10% contribution, then the net income before tax will be R2700?

Section 10(1)o - Any 12 month period

I started a job out of SA on 1 August 2014 and traveled regularly from SA to my place of work out of SA on rotation up until the end of the job on 29 February 2016. For the 12 month period 1 Aug 2014 - 31 July 2015 I exceeded the 183 and 60 day requirements. I therefore claimed my tax exemption on my 2015 tax return (for the income earned during Aug 2014 - Feb 2015). For the period 1 August 2015 to 29 February 2016 I exceeded the 60 day requirement but not the 183 days. However, if I calculate 1...

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Please clarify if I can get a tax directive and how they work

My estimated gross income R670 114. 00
My estimated expenditure R306 081. 00
Estimated taxable income R364 033. 00
Please show me the calculations to get a tax directive of 20%

Section 10(1)o - successive tax years and overlapping 12 month periods

Hi Tim,

When working successive years out of SA on a rotation basis (regular travel to and from SA) am I able to overlap my 12 month periods I use when calculating the days worked out of SA?

Section 10(1)o makes mention of the 183 and 60 day periods being part of any 12 month period which may start or end in the financial year in question. There is no mention of not using periods 'twice' ie If I do a 60 day period out of SA in June and July 2015 I could use this sti...

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