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Change of details after been audited

I have submitted my return and my medical aid which I pay for my wife and child was disallowed. After carefully looking into the notes I found that I had incorrectly stated on my IRP that I am married out of community of property instead of in community of property. Please can you advise me on how to change this as I have already been audited and I cannot request a correction?

Tax on allowance from ex husband?

Where do I declare the monthly payments my ex husband sends to me?

Can I claim for all 3 vehicles I used on my tax return?

I've changed cars during the tax year, how should I handle my travel allowance calculations and log book?
1) How would I should I go about maintain my log book? should I keep a different one for each vehicle. 2) I have also leased a vehicle whilst waiting for my new vehicle, how should this be recorded?
3) How should I cater for my new Vehicle in my tax return if the new vehicle cost is greater than my old vehicle?

I need more information on the service you offer for company returns.

I am a small PTY and would like to know how much you charge for tax returns and if you can provide audited financials too. If so, how much do you charge?

2016 audit and provisional return, does this delay my refund?

SARS is busy auditing my 2016 return, if I only submit my IRP6 for 201702 at the end of February 2017 will this delay my refund for 2016 being paid out?

Medical problems

I forgot to claim my medical expense I had in 2015, can I just add this to my2016 medical expenses?

Can I adjust my ITR12 once it has been submitted?

I have submitted and received a refund for filing my ITR12 (due by end of Nov 2016). I have been made aware that I could have claimed back on a loss on a property (rental not covering the bond) and wondered if there was a way I could adjust and resubmit this form?

How can I submit my documents if eFiling constantly reject them?

SARS asked me to upload documents, 3 of them they said cannot convert even though I could read them and they are normal pdf files, what should I do now?

Refund paid into closed account, how can I get it paid out again?

I have submitted my tax return a few weeks ago, but unfortunately did not update my banking details and refund went into the closed account. I've since updated my banking details at the SARS offices, but when I've contacted the call centre, I was told there's a stop on the refund, that I have to go back to the offices to lift the stop. I have done that, I would like know, how long does the whole process normally takes?

How do I calculate the depreciation on my office equipment?

I have completed my 2016 tax return via TaxTim. On the depreciation of office equipment I indicated that I am depreciating my laptop which was bought for R20 000. The amount I came up with was R3 333. 33. SARS requires me to indicate to them how I got to the figure. Can you please assist so I can explain myself to SARS?

Medical Aid contributions, am I due a refund?

I am on the Government Medical Aid Fund (GEMS). My employer contributes a portion and I contribute as well. Both amounts go directly off my salary as a lump sum monthly. How does this affect my tax refund?

Can I stil register with TaxTim?

I have already completed the tax return but only saved it, not submitted assessment, can I still register with you and you help me?

Can one change banking details on eFiling?

Can one change a business banking details online instead of having to go the nearest SARS Branch as stated in a message sent to me from SARS?

SARS ring-fenced the loss on my rental property, can I request that they revise my assessment?

I had a property that I rented out to tenants for the last 4 years. In the 2015/16 tax year, I made a loss on this, due to the expenses exceeding the rental income I received. I reflected this loss in my tax return. SARS then audited my tax return, and they ring-fenced the loss. However, at the end of the 2015/16 tax year, I sold the property, and have obviously not been receiving rent or incurring expenses relating to the property since then. What now happens to the ring-fenced amount? Am I entitled to ask SARS to re-assess given the circumstances? Or do I just accept it as a loss?...

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How do I get SARS to acknowledge my expenses?

I sent through all the supporting documents but SARS ignored my expenses and redid my tax return and are now saying that I owe them?

Travel Expenses Code 4015

I did my SARS eFilling tax return through TaxTim and I completed the Travel Expenses Section, 4015, as R72902. I am being audited and I am not quite sure anymore what that amount includes, they only thing I can think of to get to such a high figure would be my car payments per month? Please advise what deductions are allowed under this code and what proof I need to send SARS to support this?

How do I submit my returns, TaxTim is asking me to pay again?

I paid TaxTim earlier and received a payment confirmation, but whenever I try to complete my return I am requested to make a payment?

Can I claim for my business travel?

I submitted my tax return and answered yes to having a logbook, I however cant locate it right now and was wondering if I can resubmit my return and just click the No option on the logbook question instead of yes?

What happens if I use TaxTim already but want to make use of the free Sanlam Reality service?

I have been using TaxTim for many years, and now I see that Sanlam Reality is offering TaxTim as a free benefit to its members. How can I start using TaxTim for free if I have already registered?

No logbook but partial spreadsheet, will SARS accept this?

I've lost my logbook but have compiled a spreadsheet containing most of the information and trips from memory and other sources. I have my km for the beginning and end of each month, but not for each trip separately. I need to submit my documents through to SARS for audit, but I'm not sure if this will be acceptable? Will they decline my travel claim?

Can I claim if I only worked for 3 years?

Hi,I've only been working for almost three years which means ill only be claiming for two years and I'm a contractor can I still claim

Would I be able to get my tax refund?

Good day,I was employed for 3 years,and I was dismissed last year february. So would I be able to get my tax fund? And I was supposed to get 40 000 from pension fund but I got 33 000 so I would like to know if I would be able to get my refund?

I can't authorise tax tim

I am registered as an organisation rather than a person (it seems) and I am unable to verify Tax Tim in the way you suggest as a result. Can you give me another way?

Can I get refunds on my bond repayments?

Can I get refunds on my bond repayments?

Bond repayments on a rental property

Rental income which I have declared. The bond repayments, is that part of expenses? What about the extra R1000 which I put towards the bond repayment? Where does this fall? I did not enter it at all. Please help
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