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How to declare other income, if when combined with interest income is still below the threshhold

I resigned my job to study. I have an income on an investment of - R7000 pa and I did some adhoc consulting for a company for which I earned R30000. My wife's tax adviser told me that I still need to submit a tax return as I have income from two different sources. He also said that I don't need to register as a provisional tax payer as I am not actively generating an income that will exceed the tax threshold. (I understand that should I consistently do more freelance work and if my income increases that in future I may have to register as a provisional tax payer. )...

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How do I pay tax as an independent contractor

I am an independent contractor. I started working part-time but have since progressed to full-time. Previously I did not earn enough to qualify to pay tax. However, from the beginning of this year working full-time I would need to pay tax. I have been onto the SARS website which shows my ITA34. I submitted this to SARS and it came back that I don't owe anything, which I am not sure is true. I don't want to have any trouble with SARS for not paying. What is the best way to go about in this situat...

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Registering for tax

Hi, im working now as a temp for only two months. However in the past I have never had the need to pay tax because I have never earned that much per year to pay. I used to earn between 3500 to 6000. Now the company want a tax number? Do I need to register or how do I go about? Thx

No IRP5 received yet

I started working for an employer in April this year. I have been informed that my IRP5 will be issued end of next financial year. How will I submit my tax return if I haven't received this yet? I was self employed before starting at the new company and income then was below the threshold to have to submit a tax return.

If I started working full time in March 2015, when am I required to complete a tax return?

If I started working full time in March 2015, when am I required to complete a tax return?

Tax on Dividends received by Share Holder

I have a EME Company registered for turnover tax. The profit is under R200 000, thus exempt from Dividend Tax. When I pay dividends to one of the two 50/50 share holders, must that share holder pay any tax on the dividends received, and can I pay all dividends to only one share holder?

Does a foreigner with a 5 year contract to work in SA need to file a tax return?

If a taxpayer from Germany has a 5 year contract to work in South Africa for a South African employer (of an international company), would that taxpayer need to file a tax return? The employer registered the taxpayer for income tax and is deducting PAYE on a monthly basis. The taxpayer earns more than the threshold and will be tax returning to Germany after the contract.

How much should I be taxed?

I am employed as an independent contractor working 6 hours a week for R5625 monthly before tax. I only work 8 months of the year and have been told by law I should be taxed 25% as PAYE. Is this correct?

Should a freelance scriptwriter working from home pay tax as an individual or as a sole proprietor?

Should a freelance scriptwriter working from home pay tax as an individual or as a sole proprietor?

Is a sole proprietor a business?

If I earn income as a sole proprietor for doing admin and accounting work am I considered to be running a business?

Is it Mandatory to File the Tax if Taxable Income is below R350,000 ???

My Employer issued me the IRP5 and my total Taxable amount is about R96,000 for 12 month period. SARS published that the individuals who earn less than 350,000 are not required to file the Income Tax. Http://www. SARS. Gov. Za/TaxTypes/PIT/Pages/default. Aspx
Top tip: You don't need to file if your total salary for the year before tax is not more than R350 000, provided:
I filed my Tax last 2 years. Please advise me will it be a problem if I don't file the Tax this year as my total...

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Minimum threshold for tax deduction and applicable rate

What is the minimum threshold for tax deduction and the applicable tax rate

What is the tax definition of carrying on a business.

I have been unemployed for the 2014 / 2015 tax year. For income, I have been getting casual work here and there. By casual I mean I worked on some events, did some technical drawings for a company and then helped with a school magazine. I was paid for all these jobs, for which I had to invoice and naturally I incurred expenses to do these jobs. Two events were overseas. There were a few months when I had no work at all. (My taxable income is less that the R70700 threshold. ) My question is, does...

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Must I submit returns for previous years when I earned very little? (single income, no claims)

After phoning SARS about an eFiling problem (presently 2015), I was told by the consultant that my tax return for 2013 was overdue. I responded that I hadn't been making anywhere near the tax threshold that year, and that various SARS website material, tax-consultants & SARS consultants over the years had confirmed as much (single source income, no med-aid, no R/A, no travel, no NPO-PBO donations, etc). He responded that everyone had to submit a tax return every year, regardless of how much they...

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Do I submit returns for the years in between a full-time job where I studied and worked for myself?

What happens if I started my first full-time job at the beginning of 2012 and submitted my tax return correctly (getting no refund, of course)... But then I quit the job in January 2013 and went back to study for the year of 2013? I assume I didn't have to submit for that year off? (I didn't). I then started freelancing and working for myself throughout 2014. Do I need to submit a tax return for 2014, even though as a freelancer I made less than the threshold?

Can I claim gap cover on my tax return?

I had depleted my savings last year on my medical scheme and had a self payment gap to cover and then annual threshold benefits would kick in. Can I claim the self payment gap on my tax return?

Pay income tax

I pay tax from my salary, that's what it says on my payslip, do I further need to pay income tax this year if I only started worked under 6 months and earned R58330 as a whole (without deductions)?

What is tax return?

What is tax return? and how do I benefit if am paying tax

Do students need tax numbers?

I am a 18 student. I've just matriculated and I'm planning to do casual work over the holidays. I was told I have to have a tax number on my CV in order to get work. Is this true?

Unfiled taxes

I have not filed a tax return for three years even thou I have been employed and did previous tax returns however I do earn below the 350 000 threshold. What do I do to be compliant and what kind of penalties would I expect?

Tax when earning R6000

How much in Rands tax do I pay for earning R6000

SARS Threshold

Hi Tim,

I have just received a notice of assessment from SARS yet again. What is the threshold before SARS actually audits you? I've heard its anything above R30k. Is this true?

Clarification of record of donation

Does the R100 000 free donation between spouses have to be an actual transfer of funds or is it purely a paper transaction and or are there any SARS forms to be completed.

Do I need to file a tax return and pay tax

My question is whether you need to submit a tax return if you are not permanently employed and don't have an employment contract and your income is less than R300 000 per year but more than R100 000? If you do not have to submit a tax return do you then have to pay tax?

When must I pay income tax?

Hi. I started helping people in gardens doing gardening jobs 4 years ago. It was very still in the beginning doing about 8 jobs a month and just surviving. I now have more clients and want to know if I must register a company and what about the previous years of earning something. Must I pay a penalty.
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