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Please clarify if I can get a tax directive and how they work

My estimated gross income R670 114. 00
My estimated expenditure R306 081. 00
Estimated taxable income R364 033. 00
Please show me the calculations to get a tax directive of 20%

Why aren't I getting tax rebates on all my work expenses?

I contract for a UK based company and and paid in Rands each month - a salary, and all my expenses. Currently I pay a tax person in SA to do my tax (I am paid in full and then it's my responsibility to sort my tax out), however I haven't received any rebates from SARS for 3 years despite all my expenses, including travel, office rental, parking (all business related). Wondering if you can help? Would TaxTim be able to deal with my provisional tax?

Wear and Tear claim for home office equipment for sole proprietor

Can a sole proprietor claim wear and tear on home office furniture, equipment, computers? What is the allowance?

Please explain provisional tax

I know that I have to pay personal tax 3 times a year but I don't understand for when I am paying or being calculated for.

Do I qualify for Turnover Tax?

I work as a sole proprietor in the travel industry where I earn commission. I work from home and have to look for my own business but I work through a travel agent who collects the money on my behalf and they pay over my commission monthly. Can I register for Turnover Tax? My income is below R1m per year but I am worried that I may be classified as a personal service provider as more than 80% of my income comes from one source namely the travel agent and not the individual clients.

If I am a provisional tax payer, do I still pay PAYE?

If I am a provisional tax payer, do I still pay PAYE?

Are bond initiation fees, legal fees and valuation fees deductible for tax?

Hi, I have registered as a provisional tax payer and did my tax return in August. My rental expenses (levies, interest and taxes) are greater than my rental income I earn. Do I still need to file the provisional tax payer tax return now and see if any payments are due?

I have paid for your services for my personal income tax, but haven't received any of my tax information yet (for investments, medical aid etc). Must I just wait until those all come later in the year and send them thro...

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How to calculate the IRP6 and ITR14?

My company was registered with CIPC last year in March 2015 and when I went to SARS to submit my ITR14 they say I must register online but before I submit the ITR14 I must firstly submit the IRP6. I would like to know firstly as to how do I calculate my IRP6 and when do I start to calculate since as I said my company was registered last year?

Should there be a PAYE deduction from my sole proprietor invoice?

I operate a sole proprietor providing services to various companies on an "in need" basis on short and medium tem basis. I operate at my client place of business however the latest client has started deducting PAYE from my invoice at a rate of 33. 3% although I am not on a fixed contract and will not derive more than 80% of my annual income from them. Are they entitled to do this and how do I reconcile these deductions as a provisional tax payer?

PAYE or Provisional Tax

I own a small business - registered with CIPC as a private company. I am the sole director of this company and currently get paid a salary by the company. Should I be registered for PAYE, UIF and WCA for the income in the form of the salary or are provisional tax payments sufficient.

Sole Proprietor - PAYE - IRP5

If I am a sole proprietor and am registered for PAYE/UIF, as I employ one individual, and have paid PAYE for myself during the 2015-2016 tax year so that I don't get hit with a big Income Tax bill at the end (this is over and above the two provisional tax amounts I have paid) - how do I declare this tax paid on an IRP5? Do I declare an income amount even though my accounts have not been finalized or do I leave the income amount blank but complete the 4102 PAYE code on Easyfile?

Will I receive a penalty if my second provisional tax payment is late, however I make a third top-up

Good day, I have not paid my provisional tax that was due on 29 February 2016 due to very little money coming in and low on funds. Will all be in order if I don't pay, but can make the full payment on or before the 3rd optional payment?( September if I am correct)

Employing a relative

I pay provisional tax and have 2 contractors to whom I pay FEES (commission) on sales leads that they generate for me. My question is: I wish to use the services of my daughter-in-law (same surname as mine) in a similar capacity so will SARS see this as shifting my tax burden to avoid a higher bracket or will I be allowed to book this family member as a legitimate earner in her own right?
I would maintain a payments register and her fees would be paid over periodically to her banking accou...

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Do you get an ITA34 when you submit provisional tax returns

Do you get an ITA34 when you submit provisional tax returns manually. All I have is my provisional
Return I completed at SARS office stamped by them.

Medical practice tax return and deductions

If you have a sole proprietorship, a medical practice that provides wound care for patients at home. There is only two employees. The owner (the nurse that does the wound care) and one person doing the financials and administration. The business is not registered, but the nurse has a practice number. How would you submit the tax return (as personal tax return/business?) and what deductions could you claim?

Should I register as a provisional taxpayer for freelance work even if I have a contract position?

I have a contract with an employer for a minimum of 40 hours per month from April 2016-September 2016. They should be paying tax for me on this. I will likely be doing some other freelance work during this time (and for the remainder of the tax year). Will I have to register as a provisional taxpayer for the freelance work? And as a provisional taxpayer, when do I need to register for the 2017 tax year, and will I only have to pay tax twice per tax year, or still a PAYE amount per month?

What are these company returns for?

What are the following forms for:


Capital gains tax on primary residence

I want to proceed with Tax Tim to complete my tax return for 2015 as it seems I have a penalty of R 1215. My question is, my tax practitioner did not complete my last tax return and I have managed to gain control of my SARS eFiling and changed my status from a Provisional Tax Payer to Ordinary Tax Payer, do I submit my tax return as a Provisional or Personal Tax Payer. I did not work in 2015, sold my jointly owned property in JHB, moved to CT and bought another property from the proceeds. I have...

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MInor - tax liabilities

If I need to register my child (minor) for tax due to interest and or CGT earned from their investment - do I register them as a provisional tax payer or as an individual tax payer? If my child earns less than R 75,000 through interest/CGT do I still need to register them for tax even though they have no tax liability?

The pricing on your website for individual tax - would assume that this is per tax submission?

How to cancel provisional taxpayer registration?

How can I deregister as a provisional taxpayer. I was erroneously registered.

How should an online freelancer pay tax?

Hi there, I need some advice. I currently work full-time, but will be going freelance from April. I have already started some freelance work on the side, and wanted to know how I should go about paying tax for this? Most of the Freelance work I am doing is on an online website (for countries all around the world) and I transfer the funds into my bank account each month. No tax is taken off of this by the website, so I wanted to find out how I should go about paying tax, would it be a monthly or yearly thing etc? Should I just put money aside for it? I am clueless abut this sort of thing...

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PAYE vs Provisional Tax

I have a permanent job which caters for roughly 65% (660k) of my total gross income the other 35% (335k) is obtained by a business I run. Should I apply for provision tax and should my company be paying PAYE for me or should I be paying two payments as a provisional tax payer? How do I go about this if it is the case?

How do I complete my provisional income tax form

How do I complete my provisional tax form

How to deal with long overdue tax returns

I am a B&B owner and have not submitted tax returns for about 6 years.. What should I do? I also had a job last year for extra income, how will this be treated by SARS as I am a sole proprietor.

Are training courses and related travel expenses tax deductable?

Hi Tim,
I am a provisional tax payer in the health sector- I am not salaried and work for myself. Am I able to claim back on fees for training courses and the travel costs(flights, car rental)?

Secondly, I occasionally rent out my flat and wondered if this money is declared regardless of the rent earned or if there is a minimum amount from which earnings should be declared. Thanks!
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