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What to do if SARS penalises me?

I was working freelance for 2 companies. My salary was plus minus R15,000 a year. SARS penalised me because I don't fill in forms. They say I owe R10,500. I don't have that money - what can I do?

I have received an ITA88 - what can I do?

Hi, I earn under R125,000 a year. I have not filed my tax returns for the past 4 years - recently a huge amount was deducted from my salary (SARS ITA 88) what do I do? Can I get that money back?

Tax number for late father

I'm asking for my late father's tax number?

Capital gains tax on primary residence

I want to proceed with Tax Tim to complete my tax return for 2015 as it seems I have a penalty of R 1215. My question is, my tax practitioner did not complete my last tax return and I have managed to gain control of my SARS eFiling and changed my status from a Provisional Tax Payer to Ordinary Tax Payer, do I submit my tax return as a Provisional or Personal Tax Payer. I did not work in 2015, sold my jointly owned property in JHB, moved to CT and bought another property from the proceeds. I have...

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Outstanding tax returns and arrears for commission earner

I have outstanding tax returns for 2012/2014/2015 and the subsequent penalties outstanding PLUS an arrears amount of just short of R20 000. I am registered for e-filing but find expenses I can claim for and their relevant codes very confusing so have saved the tax returns without any expenses claimed. I am a commission only earner in property sales and have IRP5's for the relevant periods. I have not kept a log book for petrol and kms but have slips for petrol, car expenses, data costs, client ...

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PAYE penalty calculation

How do I calculate interest on penalty for PAYE? the amount is R1,856.18 and it is 2 days late.

MInor - tax liabilities

If I need to register my child (minor) for tax due to interest and or CGT earned from their investment - do I register them as a provisional tax payer or as an individual tax payer? If my child earns less than R 75,000 through interest/CGT do I still need to register them for tax even though they have no tax liability?

The pricing on your website for individual tax - would assume that this is per tax submission?

How to deal with long overdue tax returns

I am a B&B owner and have not submitted tax returns for about 6 years.. What should I do? I also had a job last year for extra income, how will this be treated by SARS as I am a sole proprietor.


I received my late husbands provident fund and invested it into a five year fixed deposit i receive r10 780 a month on the fixed deposit i am 44 years old and unemployed how much tax will i pay at the end of the year

Offshore investing tax implications

What are the tax implications of investing in offshore unit trusts and shares and how does one disclose it in your tax return. Thank you

I need clarity on what is viewed as non-retirement income for purposes of the 27,5% calculation.

As pensioner, my annual pension amounts to R784 672, in addition I receive taxable interest of R18 000 and tax free interest of R115 200 as well as a consultation fee income of R100 000. I want to invest the maximum of 27,5% in a retirement annuity. How much can I annually invest in a retirement annuity?

How to handle Rental Income when married in community of property?

Hi, my wife and I are married in community of property. We own a few residential flats that we rent out for extra income. When it is time to complete our annual tax return and we each fill in details of extra Income on the tax return, must we EACH declare the FULL income from the rentals OR must we EACH split it in HALF and declare that OR must we say we are in 50% partnership on the form where it allows for that? In the tax return it does ask how we are married so does SARS automatically split ...

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Questions on provisional tax

A second provisional tax payment should be made end of Feb of each year. Why would SARS effectively require individuals to submit a tax return before the last day of the financial year (28 Feb) when business related expenses and income might still happen?

Apart from wanting to know why this implementation, I also want to know how does the differences gets eventually settled when you do still have income or expences after you have filed late in Feb?

Disclosing interest on the IRP6

If a taxpayer earns 130,000 interest in the year, does he disclose the entire amount in the taxable income section of the IRP6 or just the portion of the interest income that is taxable. I,e 130,000 less R34500 exempt portoin. I see the form only deducts the primary rebate.

What are taxable items?

What are taxable items

Does a 45-day old business still need to submit a provisional tax return?

I am a salaried employee, but since the middle of January 2016 I have been running a business. It's been expensive to set up, and business is slow - I've turned over R50K max and have about R40K of expenses. Do I need to submit a provisional tax return now, or can I carry that amount over and declare it later in the 2017 provisional tax year?

Do I need to complete an IRP6?

You sent me a reminder to file my IRP6 Provisional Tax Return for 2016 however, I'm not sure whether I am still a Provisional Tax payer?

I did freelance work until Feb 2015, and from March 2016 I've been employed, paying PAYE through my employer. I haven't earned any additional income. Do I still need to complete an IRP6 as a Provisional Tax payer?

Tax deduction on provident fund

What will my payout be on the following for my provident fund when I resign. I am not retirement age yet ( 52 years old ). On resignation from the SATU provident fund you are taxed on the full employer share and interest earned on the member share. (not on the member contributions)
My member contributions amounted to R170,585. 44. My current statement shows member and Employer share:

Member share Employer share Total share
R706,779. 50 R689,136....

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Donations tax on member's interest

Must I pay donations tax if I donate 49% of my members interest in a CC?

Is interest income taxable?

I have a money market account. Is the interest taxable?

No tax returns since 2010?

My husband still owes his 2010 tax return to SARS. His employer never furnished him with a IRP5 and also never paid over his tax for that year or supply him with a payslip. Up to today he did not supply him with an IRP5 and I am worrying myself sick about the penalties and stuff. What must he do? Will they keep my husband accountable for that money? Thx this is a great website. Wish I knew about it earlier! Will definitely do my tax return via you.

The dates to submit irp5 forms for 2015 if not submited last year

I didn't submit my IRP5 form last year 2015. I need to know when can I submit it this year. Like when is the closing date. And if I don't submit IRP5 forms how will this affect me.

Loans on my tax return?

Do I need to reflect loans and repayments when capture income and expenses?

How much of a capital gain should I be including for provisional tax?

IRP6 2016-02: My income is trading income reflected through an IRP5. This year there is also a capital gain. On e-filing form I have to add the capital gain and fill in the total under "estimated taxable income". But then the full amount is taxed at my marginal income tax rate. How much of a capital gain should I be including in "estimated taxable income" for provisional tax?

Exempt amount of interest

What is the Interest exempt amount for year ended Feb 2016.
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