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Deductible company expenses

For many years I operated as a sole Proprietor. Early 2014 I registered a PTY Ltd and duly traded as the PTY LTD. As executive director, by choice I did not draw any salary, the idea being that this would help the company cashflow by saving more working capital. I paid for all vehicle expenses ie fuel, maintenance, privately out of my savings, but approximately 90% of the vehicle use and expenses are attributable to the PTY LTD business. Is there any way that these expenses can be recovered from...

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Why do high earning individuals get a refund from SARS?

Why do high earning individuals get a refund from SARS?

Can you apply a tax directive issued to a different employer?

We have a temp employee that we would ordinarily deduct 25% tax. She has now come with a tax directive from SARS in the name of another employer that she also works for on a commission basis & ask us to apply the tax directive of 20%. Question:
1. Can my company apply this directive even if it is in the name of another company
2. Can my company apply this directive even if it is a photocopy & not the original

Tax on travel allowances

Pls explain the difference between the 80/20 and 20/80 tax principle for travel allowances and when can it be used ?

Is it for company cars or travel allowances?

Documents required for tax returns at SARS

What do I carry along when I am going to SARS?

Tax on Medical Aid

I currently work for a company where the medical aid is paid in full by the business, however my tax is killing my net. I work on a gross of R29 537. 08 PM but only net R20 042. 21 which means I am paying almost R10000 a month in tax. According to my company, they say nothing can be done to reduce the monthly tax as it would be unlawful. I want to find out if that is true or if anything can be done to help the situation?

Domestics child's education

I donate/pay for my Domestics child's education. Can I claim it back?

Would a R3000 per month ongoing payment to me from my son ave any tax implications?

I am 68 years old. My son has offered to gift me R3000 per month on an ongoing basis to help me out with my living costs. Will this have any tax implications for either him or me? Do either of us need to declare this amount on our tax returns?

Are churches seen as Public Benefit Organisations?

Are churches seen as Public Benefit Organisations?

I donate at kfc R2 everytime I buy there where can I get a proof must I submit my slips at SARS

When I buy at kfc I pay R2 donation how can I have a proof that I support charity org must I keep my slips

How much is my PAYE from a salary of R45000 per month.

How much will be deducted as PAYE if I earn a gross salary of R45000 per month. Put it in cash not percentages. Eg. . . U will be deducted 5000 not 20%. The simbler way. Thank you.

Loan from UK - treatment for tax purposes?

My brother in law is a UK citizen, and wishes to gift his brother, my husband, a sum equal to R1.2 million rand. My husband is not South African, but a permanent resident here. It is his wish then to pay our mortgage bond here in SA with that money. What are the tax implications if any? The bond is registered in my name only. Do we have to declare the money?

Does pocket money count towards the R100,000 donations threshold?

I am giving my son R100,000 and putting it into a fixed deposit account to save. I know this is the maximum donation I can give to him without me paying tax. If I also give him an allowance of R1500 per month for pocket money into his current account and this is obviously spent every month on necessities does this count towards the R100,000 allowance?

Can my retirement annuity and charity contributions paid by my spouse be claimed by my spouse

Unemployed for past financial year and spouse paid my retirement annuity contributions and donations . Can he claim my retirement annuity contributions and donations against my spouses tax

Rules regarding donation tax - R S A

What is the rate of tax in South Africa on money donated by the donor to his/her son? Are there Tax free amounts? Thank you.

Do you need to fill in IT144 if you are making a donation of R100,000 or less to your child?

I and my husband both want to give each of our children (who are both under 18 and not earning any salary or interest) R100,000 each. Will we need to fill in a form IT144 for the donation even though it is at the limit where no tax is payable? Must we declare it on our provisional tax forms?

Is it possible to be an independent contractor to a company where I am also a director?

Is it possible to be an independent contractor for a small SA business at the same time as being listed as a director for that same company? I contract my services to a private SA company which 100% owned by a London business. The SA company has no full time staff and contracts work out to highly skilled consultants on a job by job basis in order to complete the work. The reason the company has no full time staff is that it operates in a niche market where work is not always regular. I conduct ...

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Tax implications of giving a gift to my wife / child?

I am married by Anti Nuptual Contract (ANC) without accrual. I would like to give a gift to my wife of R500k. Is this taxed? Do I have to make any declaration to Sars? If so, when must this be made?

Can I give a gift / donation to my child? Are there limits, and what is the procedure?

Self employed income

I was full time employee for the first six months, and then changed to self-employed contractor issuing an invoice to a seperate but related entity. What are the deductions I can claim against income invoiced?

How do handle monthly donations made?

Sole proprietor, when do I handle donations made monthly?

If I buy educational toys and build a structure for a community creche will I still get taxed?

I''m working for government for about 5 years and I do pay tax. I want to know that is it true that if I help my community with something will I not get taxed? example , let me say I help a community creche with building structure, and buying of educational toys for them. Will I still get taxed?

Public Benefit Organization rental income tax exempted?

If a Public Benefit Organization that is tax exempt wants to lease a part of their property for the Establishment of a Telecommunication Basestation, will they loose their Tax Exemption and will they have to pay tax on that rental income?

Does cash donation receive included in tax income calculation?

If I receive a cash donation of R45000 from my uncle. Do I need to tell SARS about this and what this will means for tax purposes?

Gift/ Living inheritance - tax consequences?

Hi. I am purchasing a property for R1m. I have obtained a loan from the bank for R800K, and my dad will be giving me R200K to pay the difference of the purchase price. Please advise what tax implications there are on this- it is a living inheritance, payable to him only IF and WHEN he requires it. Or basically I dont have to pay him back. Thanks.

Informing SARS of Inheritance or donations received from overseas?

I am a SA tax resident. What is the process regarding informing SARS if I receive inheritance or a donation from an offshore relative into my offshore account? Also do I need to pay any tax other than CGT going forward?
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